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The Golden Wonder Killifish is a gorgeous variety of the Striped Panchax and hardy too!
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Lindsey - 2010-02-19
I have Golden Killi and he has been quite interesting since i've got him. I named him Lucky and his name quite litterally suits him. When my boyfriend first got him for me we had him in a temporary tank with a lid until we were able to set up our ten gallon tank. We had the tank sitting on the counter and my purse was like two feet away from the tank. When I left my boyfriends house to go get the other tank I grabbed my purse and left. When I got to my house my boyfriend called me and asked me if I had a fish with me and I was like uh, no why? and he told me that there was one missing and that he had looked everywhere. I checked my purse and there he was! my fish! I hurried and got a pan with water and put him in there and started pushing water into his gills and slowly, he came back to life, first moving one of his gills, then the other, and then finally his fins. It took him a while to get right side up but he finally did and now I think he has brain damage or something because he doesn't swim around much and all he does is float at the top of my aquarium and eat (he sure loves his bloodworms). The ride from my boy friends house to mine is about 25 minutes and we're not really sure when he made the jump. Lucky, lucky fish!

Alex - 2009-09-04
I have now had these killis for a few years now. They do require a tight fitting, gapless lid, as they are jumpers. I initially lost a few from jumping, even having them swim up the filter and jump from there. They also require a careful planning of the fish put into the aquarium. They will eat just about anything they can fit in that big mouth they have... Including any offspring they may produce. After about a year with my killis I was cleaning gravel when I noticed a pair of big pair of black eyes swimming around my bucket. On further inspection of the tank, many little eggs were attached the plants, and a few more fry were found. I soon had about 15 - 20 in a net nursery, and of them, the largest ate his way to solidarity. I had another that I released into the tank at about 1 inch long, but he vanished from the tank in under 5 minutes, so I would recommend waiting until they are about 2 inches long if you have other killis in the tank. Other than that, they are fairly hardy and they do love a good meal (I fed mine dried baby shrimp). Good luck and much fun with your killis!

Mitchell Romanowski - 2008-08-18
Hi, I've got a couple. They have great colour and love to eat blood worms. Mitchell Romanowski

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  • steve - 2010-03-30
    Hi I have 2 trios and they spawn regularly I've just hatched my first few eggs the fry are minute I'm going to raise mine up in tubs till they get to a decent size they are the golden panchax variety.
dom - 2008-06-29
These fish freaking rock! i got 2 a week ago for my planted 30 gallon tank and they love it. My lemon tetras are about the same color as them so they school together.
its actually pretty funny looking.

cynthia - 2007-07-26
Hi! I have a Golden Killi neamed Killer for 2 years. Heres how he got his name. I have two tanks, one with 23 guppies, and another with a gold killi. I went on vacation and my sister was watching my house and the killi's tank got dirty so she put it in the guppy tank so she could clean the other tank. When I got home she was cleaning the tank so i went to check on the other tank. When i got there there was 1 guppy left and a fat killifish. Well then he chased the guppy into a corner and ate him. Now he was lying on the bottom of the tank, I could feel his pain! So I turned off the light and laid a towel over the tank so he could rest. Two days later he was back to normal and ever since he wont eat guppies. Now I feed him a minnow a day.

dz - 2007-07-10
I love my golden wonder killifish. He is the most charismatic of all my fish. I catch random small insects for him and he goes after them with relish. He's incredibly fast and has a beautiful golden/green sheen. He's starting to jump whenever I open the top of the tank though, in anticipation of bugs.