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Of all the Japanese Rice Fish colorations, a school of Moonlight Medakas is one of the most eye catching attractions in the aquarium!
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Bill Greig - 2011-07-17
Further, to my last the group of small fish are growing, but every few days I see 2 or 3 more threadlike fry, in the tank: 9 fry have increased to 12: WITH NO ADULT FISH PRESENT. I urgently need to be told by an expert in the medaka field what is happening: success is nice, but what have I got here???

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-07-18
    You must some some adult fish without.
    The only other thing I can think of is you brought in additional plants and eggs had been depositied on the plants and they take 10 - 12 days to hatch.
  • chin7602 - 2011-12-08
    My Medaka were 40.after 1 week I saw there were 90
  • Celia - 2012-04-10
    Any requirements of environment should be provided for the eggs?
Enda - 2012-05-14
Yes. I didn't hope for the fishes to grow mold on their eggs. I have kept the eggs for two weeks and most of them have grown mold and it is pretty mournful. Though I added aquarium or kosher salt to the eggs in the dish and I see that the eggs are looking fresh and resistant. They are inhibiting mold. Is using the salt a good thing for the medaka fish?

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  • Jeremy Roche - 2012-05-14
    The eggs really should have hatch before 2 weeks. Adding salt is fine as they are brackish. Maybe they were not fertalized.
Bill Greig - 2011-06-03
I had a schoal of 20 blue eyed medaka.
The tank got overgrown with one of the plants, a fine leaved weed.
Suddenly the top was alive with tiny fry: I netted c 8 int a sidetank; feeding them with liquifry, and finely ground fish fkake ( Mortar and pestle)
They do not seem to be growing a week in: is this normal??

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-06-03
    For the Rice Fish Animal World recommends "The newly hatched fry should be fed infusoria, a liquid fry food, or newly hatched baby brine".
    Also, realize these are not big fish and it is hard to determine if they are growing and at what rate. Try th baby brine as you are already doing the liqufry. Good luck and let us know what is happening. Honest.

  • Alex Burleson - 2012-01-09
    Yes, depending on the water quality, and how much food they're being fed they may not grow as expected. As you stated, it has been a week, so simply be patient. Fish are quite exciting, but do require a great deal of patience. Additionally, you could try feeding them baby brine shrimp. Simply research how to breed/harvest them.
Bob Meyer - 2011-12-06
A few years ago, I had hundreds of gold medaka rice fish. Oryzias latipes. Then I lost them and most of the fish in the fish room during an ice storm last year. If anyone has a lead on a reasonably priced place to buy these, please post a comment!

amanda simms - 2010-07-11
This is the best information ever! Thanks a lot!