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The small but very territorial Desert Pupfish is just like a puppy dog 'nipping the heels' of intruders, as he staunchly defends his home!
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Jay - 2010-05-21
Easily bred in a small tank eh? I bet we can try and get this fish off the endangered species list. Just a matter of getting a male and female fish...

LingLong - 2009-11-10
Wow pupfish are awesome! Where cani buy them ? and also can i buy 20 of them and put them all in one big tank? Please tell me! From Ling Long

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  • Anonymous - 2010-03-03
    No, no, and heck no.
Clayton in AZ, USA - 2009-10-01
Am I wrong in thinking that if there was ever a fish that could thrive in the Aquarium trade, this is it? They are superior in their resilience and adaptability. They could very easily thrive in just about any type of aquarium setting. They'd make a perfect "starter fish" because they could tolerate the changing conditions and rough water chemistry of a new (uncycled) aquarium... And they are really good looking fish with loads of personality. Has anyone tried to raise some of them in captivity to see if we can get them off of the endangered species list and into the aquarium trade?

Chloe - 2008-10-18