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The Chinese Hillstream Loach is a most unique looking loach that is gentle and non-aggressive!
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Glan - 2011-02-25
They're not THAT peaceful. We have a male & female and the male will chase other fish regularly. He'll actually fight with a BN pleco in the tank.

They LOVE good water circulation - without it they will die. Lesson, get a powerhead!

Nigel - 2008-03-16
They love running water. Try pouring water down the side of your tank while changing water and they'll scurry up well above the water level! I got two for $2 here in Singapore. They're quite hardworking at algae after they adjust to the tank. So far I've not fed them much and they seem to be doing alright in a bright set-up.

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  • Nina - 2010-11-30
    Ahh my borneo sucker fish is swimming frantically up and down the glass of my tank. Will it jump out? I just got it today...?
MIKEY - 2008-07-11
I have two Chinese Hillstream loach fish in a 100 gallon community tank. Soon after I got them I noticed several groups of grayish eggs laid on the side and back aquarium glass in groups of 6 to 15 eggs each. The first groups hatched and I assumed the fry got eaten. The second time I tried to suck the eggs off the glass with a siphon hose but they were cemented so strong to the glass that they could not be removed without destroying them. The third time I watched them like a hawk as right after they hatched I siphoned the gravel directly below where the eggs had been laid. The result was two orangish gold fry with very long tails. They were free swiming at once and could move fast. Unlike many other fish fry these didn't lay in one spot while they absorbed the egg nutrients. They stay on the bottom of a white plastic cooler into which I placed well aged water and frozen baby brine shrimp. Now, I'm not saying these are baby Chinese Hillstream loaches, but no other fish in the aquarium breeds like this except maybe cory cats, and they seem to prefer laying their eggs on plants. Hopefully they will live and get big enough to I.D. Interestingly the adult Hillstream loaches seem to like hanging out together IN THE SAME TWO AREAS the three batches of eggs have been laid. If this happens again I will try removing the eggs with a razor blade and see if that works. Oh, by the way, half the eggs turned bright white which I take as an indication they either were not fertilized or were infected with fungus. Wish me, and the fish, luck.

Oh, by the way, I got one of the Power Glo T5 lights (double 48")and my plants have just about taken over the tank. I've had to do 5 or 6 drastic harvests in the last 6 months. At this rate selling my extra plants back to the pet store will pay for the light system in about a year. The system with bulbs set me back about $150 but both the fish and plants love the result. I do two, except for the required duckweed removal work every other week.

TED - 2007-11-30
I purchased two at $10 dollars a piece. After the first month of living in a 30 gallon tank, I transferred them to a 55 gallon and shortly thereafter one died. The other appears to be doing fine and is active. I intend to purchase several more after reading about their social habits. I have a box filter hanging outside the aquarium - you know the one. I spotted several slivers on the side of the box that look like zebra danio but they haven't moved, so I'm wondering if they are loaches. EXCITING!

Annie - 2007-08-04
I have a hillstream loach and he has black fins with blue-ish white spots.

Danny Sinclair - 2006-09-14
these fish are amazing creatures but they do grow so slow, you can have them for a few years and not realise they've grown at all.
there are also so many different types of this fish.

Danny - 2006-09-09
my hong kong loach is great but i am a bit scared of it dying because my filter has broken and the person who sold it to me said it will die because it needs oxygon. but it is doing fine. i wish it could be a bit more attractive in looks though, im not keen on the colour

Brackley - 2006-08-28
I have a chinese loach and Ive had it for a few months now. it is very beautiful and entertaining. Its never hiding, always out.

jess - 2006-05-18
These fish are simply fascinating and are great to watch in the evenings when there are active

Luke - 2006-05-06
I have just bought a new Chinese Loach and they are the most sweet and gentle fish. I recommend them to any beginners!