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The Telescope Goldfish is a bizarre looking fish, with eyes perched on stalks sticking out from its head!
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Amy Bannister - 2014-09-09
hi, i was brought 2 telescope eye goldfish the other day in a bowl.. i know thats waayyyy too small for them but the guy in the shop said they'd be fine. I'm looking to upsize for them but really can't stretch to a 10 or 20 gallon tank at the moment. they are only about an inch ling each. will a 15L or 20L be enough for the time being, with a filter and airstone put into it. also could you suggest the best food for them a few people have said sinking pellets but they don't seem to be finding them very well

Emilly - 2011-09-10
Hi I got my telescopic eyed Goldfish and her name is Bow, last night just before I went to bed I checked on her and she seemed to be resting in the bottom corner? Was she just resting or sleeping or is something wrong with her ..... she seems to be fine when I feed her and then she is fine ..... I hope she is okay?

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  • Clarice Brough - 2011-09-12
    Well, if she seems fine most of the time, she probably is fine. But I would keep and eye on her just to be sure. Staying in a corner all the time would indicate something's wrong, like the water quality is bad, or another fish picking on her.
  • Anonymous - 2013-06-26
    I have a similar problem with my little fish, was slim like a shark, now has a big belly, rests in the corner. We have had our horn snail laying eggs and I think little fish has eaten some! I'm really worried about my little fish. Is there anything I can do? I changed the water and two days later he has a big belly and resting on the bottom. It takes little gulps at the surface, but not eaten food!
  • Anonymous - 2013-07-07
    Your little fishy may have swallowed some air when eating food, considering he/she has a big tummy. You should feed your fish frozen peas, not flakes or pellets, which may make the fish's stomach fill with air. Hope I helped! =)
  • Gary - 2013-08-11
    Hi, I have had a few globeyes and 1 has died. My 1st fish 'Horatio' had his problems at the start but he got through them. With regards to your fish resting on the bottom, they do rest from time to time and do sleep for a while, so don't be worried about that. The fish's belly will grow large due to its breed. Make sure the water quality is good and do regular changes with the recommended solutions.
  • Anonymous - 2014-06-03
    Hi, I have the same problem too I think. My goldfish is fine most of the time but when I get home from work it's in the corner. It's not fat or anything though.
  • John - 2014-07-31
    I have the same problem but they don't rest in the corner they rest at the bottom is there something I should be worried about and yes I have 2
Brenda - 2014-07-13
I have two telescope Goldfish & was wondering if I can use well water & what solutions are best??

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  • Clarice Brough - 2014-07-22
    The advantage of using your own well water is there won't be any chlorine or chloramine, so it can work well without adding the typical water conditioners. However I would check the hardness range and make sure it's between 5 - 19 dGH. If higher or lower, you may need to adjust it.
ted - 2013-11-09
I have had a telescope eye goldfish for about 9 days now and it seems to have grown a penis, can anybody help me on this? Is this normal? It doesn't seem right.

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  • Clarice Brough - 2013-12-10
    Goldfish are susceptible to anchor worms, that may be the problem.
jackazell - 2013-06-21
try cutting up little bits of lettace or spinnich. it worked when my goldfish was sick and dying.

ananya roy - 2012-11-27
My goldfish is floating upside down and stays in that way all the time on the bed of the aquarium. It cannot get right. I have tried feeding it, but now it is drifting around like that, unable to eat, for like five days. The aquarium fish expert is suggesting to put it to sleep. I don't like this suggestion but I cannot bear it's suffering anymore. Are there any other options for me to ease its suffering? If not, what is the most humane way to put it to sleep? please help me!!

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  • Jeremy Roche - 2012-11-27
    This is a common issue with goldfish.  May be a digestion issue that is affecting the swim bladder.  Some times a few day fast will correct the issue.  If able to feed fish try some frozen peas which will help get the digestive track moving.

    Adding salt to the water will kill off any parasites. It will also help to remove air and water from the swim bladder.If that does not work fill a 10 gallon tank up just about an inch above the fish's dorsal fin. Use water from original tank to not stress the fish any more then needed. This will sometimes make it easier for the goldfish to swim in more of a controled manner.  If that isn't effective try adding aquairium salt.  Feed the goldfish a variety of frozen foods, this will help pass any food in the digestive tract and frozen food will fal faster to the bottom making it easier to eat in shallow water.  So if it is a constipation issue this should cure it.  Once fish seems to be swimming stable more water can be added slowly.

    Hope this works.  Let me know!
  • Jeremy Roche - 2012-11-29
    Maybe try lowering the water a bit and add a little more salt!
  • Jeremy Roche - 2012-11-29
    Try some frozen peas when it is eating.  Could just be VERY constipated.
  • ananya roy - 2012-11-29
    I added one teaspoon of aquarium started moving and was trying to get straight vigorously,it even ate some of the frozen food,but then again it has become lethargic like before.the only difference is that earlier it was lying upside down on the gravel bed,now it is floating upside down at the upper surface of the water level. the improvement is that,it is trying to get up,and it is moving around a bit(in its upside down position).
  • ananya roy - 2012-12-02
    i have discovered the truth behind my goldie's 'illness'. it floats and swims upright all night and whenever not observed.but whenever i monitor the tank,and watch it closely,it decides to play 'sick'. it eats and does everything normal when not watched.i woke up at night and watched the tank in dim light. it was absolutely normal!! swimming normally and eating and playing around. but when i turned on the light to see more clearly,it quickly turned upside down and started floating around.i turned off the light and after a few minutes it was normal again.i never imagined that goldfishes are capable of such mischief!!i know they are very intelligent,but this one has been playing trick with me!! i have observed and watched it's behavior and i can firmly tell that it is playing 'sick' and is apparently enjoying all the fuss and attention.
  • Jeremy Roche - 2012-12-02
    Some fish are light sensitive.  Is it only when lightrs are on??
bettybloop - 2011-11-15
I wanted to name our little friend xray because you can see right thru his eye and out the other side. Cool little buddy. bloop bloop bloop... :) hunnys daughter named him col. sanders.? these fish are cool!! We're down to 2 (had 4) that are doing very well. New tank and just's not quite as simple as we thought it would be. Buy tank, add water, add fish. Learning that there's a little more to it than that. Sorry lenny (fish 1) and wigga (fish 2). And RIP Red. (poor little betta..learning curve..oops. and where can we buy a panda telescope? Anybody know? :) bloop bloop bloop...

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-11-17
    X-Ray is a great name.
Madison C - 2009-03-16
They're SO cute! *Look at there baby EYES!* They have a BIG head too.

Emilly - 2011-01-29
My friend's is swimming upside down... oh, he ran into the wall... that's a bad thing right?

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  • NOM NOM - 2011-05-04
    Yeah, if your friends fish is swimming upside down then it is probably dead. No offence.
  • cheyenne - 2011-07-07
    It probably has swim bladder, if it is still alive. This can result in floating upside down or head down swimming. He or she probably swallowed to much air while nibbleing at the food at the surface of the tank and it caused his or her stomach to float. This can be reversed by presoaking your fish food befor you give it to your fish and by feeding them skined peas, perferably frozen, not canned.
  • Anonymous - 2011-11-15
  • Alex Burleson - 2011-12-04
    This is commonly seen as a bad oman...when a fish swims upside down. The fish, could potentially have a swim bladder disorder. The fishes' swim bladder allows it to balance itself in the water. Similar to an air valve in a submarine. If the fish is eating properly, and returns itself to swimming normal, you can let your 'guard down' as this may have been a one time experience. Best of luck!
  • george - 2011-12-04
    i found out they are a needy fish for copanionship find another one or a friend or mate or stick your hand in tank everyday and play with her or him company of the same breed works wonders
  • Erica - 2012-11-14
    Your fish is fine. My fish is like that too. While he may have a swim bladder issue, he can still live a nice happy life. I'm convinced mine actually enjoys being upside down. Besides, now he can stare at the pretty pebbles until I get home. You can always feed him mushed, unsalted, unpeeled peas. Don't worry too much about this, but try to feed him frozen foods instead of flakes or pellets. The last two tend to absorb water and expand in your fish, making it difficult to digest. P.s. Good luck from both me and my upside down fish =)
  • Jeremy Roche - 2012-11-14
    Try some frozen peas may be constipated and messing with swim bladder.
Mich - 2012-08-20
Guess wot! Carlo my dragon eye was missing today! wtf how does a fish go missing! Well it seems he jumped out and was hiding under the fishbowl leg for at LEAST 2 hours, he musta kamakazed. I was at work, lol I CANT BELIVE HE IS ALIVE. Michael did a bit of rescues, he wasn't breathing when he saw him in a pool of water so he prodded him and he jerked. Michael put him in the water and moved the water through his clever hubby saved him xoxoxxo AMAZING Carlos is even eating................I hope he survives!!!!!Michael took water out of the bowl so hes not tempted to do it again, he is a little quite down the bottom of the tank hmmm :(.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-08-20
    Amazing - takes a little creativity, smarts and some reaction and all things are possible.  Hope all is well.  Pat Michael on the back for me.