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The Shubunkin Goldfish have a wild calico patterning set on a blue background... a color which is quite rare in goldfish!
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mariah - 2004-08-29
i have 2 subunkin goldfish, mary and jary. they are so cute i love them! they get along with my fisrt goldfish kyle

Anonymous - 2004-08-22
I have 2 Shubunkins called Tidus and Rebound. They are beautiful fish and get on well with my other fish1

Gabriel - 2004-04-13
I just had a 700 gallon pond made and I bought 3 shubunkins (3" long). With the little time I spent at the pond, I get tremendous pleasure out of it.

Andrew - 2004-04-11
You say that they only grow to about 6" or so i have now in my tank 2 that are about 10"-11" that ive had for about 2 12 years and are kept in a 500 gallon pond during the winter and in a 200 gallon tank in the winter

Summer - 2004-03-05
His name is Spaz, I love him!

Sharon - 2004-02-22
I love my Shubunkins. They are outside in an old minnow vat that I have converted into a water garden. I still have the original 8 that I bought approximately 2 years ago. I just discovered a new addition this week.

Natalie - 2004-02-06
This time of year their courting rituals are quite amazing to watch!

ami segal - 2004-01-23
i love this fish