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The Shubunkin Goldfish have a wild calico patterning set on a blue background... a color which is quite rare in goldfish!
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Renee E - 2005-05-08
Oh my gosh! I have two more shubunkins in my 1 gallon tank! Their names are Dandelion and Ruben Studdard! They are so cute together. Happy Fishin my fellow Shubunkin Lovers!

Kris - 2005-05-08
I personally dont like these goldfish b/c this type ate my other fish (silver mollies...and their fellow goldfish)!! Not the kind of goldfish I would recommend for ppl to get.

chris - 2005-04-05
I have a shubunkin who is a year and a half old, his name is Nemo (not very imaginative I know, but my friend named him).
He has so much personality and charm, and he is a very strong acrobatic swimmer. I am thinking of breeding him if I can find the right female!

joe - 2005-04-05
built a 9 x 4.5 x 2.5 pond last summer, bought 6 shubunkins, 5 survived, pulled or sunk the plants and put in a stock tank heater for winter (-20 f. usually coldest temp.) everybody is happy and hungry this spring. pond, fish and plants cost about the same as a tv, but much more enjoyable.

renee - 2005-03-08
I have two shubunkins in a 1 gallon tank! I love them! Their names are Raven and Tiger. They are so cute together! I am so happy!

EB - 2005-02-08
My shubunkin is called Edward and he is wonderful! He lives with a common goldfish named Murphy. They have two bubblers that they like to swim in and out of. It is pretty funny to watch. They are both charismatic, lively, and adorable.

pooh - 2005-02-03
gold fish are so pretty i love them

ROSIE - 2005-01-23
I have 3 Shubunkins- Bijou, Draca and Kaia.I love them to bits!

stephen - 2004-10-26
i have 13 shubunkins, 1 plain goldfish, 5 plecostomus, and 1 other sucker fish in a 3x1x1.5ft tank, all in cold water, and they are all very lively.

sony4u - 2004-09-30
I have 4 sunbunkin goldfish Nicola, Stallion, Phonex, and Dragon in a small tank and they are wonderful i love them heaps