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The Shubunkin Goldfish have a wild calico patterning set on a blue background... a color which is quite rare in goldfish!
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Levi Madison - 2007-04-15
I bought a Shubunkin and named it Lex Luther. They're pretty neat fish and I like the little fella a lot.

Lindsay - 2007-03-28
i have a calico goldfish named Turbo. He currently resides with another goldfish at my boyfriend's house. Turbo is really cute and pretty however, he isn't very fast. So his name doesn't really suit him but whatever.

Christine T - 2007-02-11
I got a new Shubunkin 2 days ago. I named him Shurby (short for his full name - shubunkin) Because I think it is a cute name. I am going back to the pet store to get 2 more shubunkins to live with him. I plan to name them Kirby and Furby.

jessica - 2006-12-28
my mother has a beautiful shubunkin calico gold fish. we all call her goldy. the fish has the most beautiful swim and shes just a friendly fish. i want one my self but i have to find the right place to get it. i have a koi in my tank now that i want to trade in for a shubunkin but dont know where to go. that dum fish ate my only two danios i had in there. thats why i want to get rid of him

Kim - 2006-06-23
I can't believe how easy it is to get wrapped up in a fish! Our betta fish recently passed away and we've gotten a Bristol Shubunkin (although I didn' know that's what he was until I started looking into goldfish!) - his name is "Jack Shubunkin" - and I have to say that he's a hoot to watch! He just seems so happy and peppy and my son, who's fish he really is and who's room he stays in, enjoys just watching him as he drifts off to sleep each night. I think though, after reading up, that I need to upgrade from our little 1 gallon tank to maybe a 5 gallon or so. He does seem a bit cramped compared to the betta! Thanks for the information to help us get to know our newest family member better and make his life as great as possible!

Popss - 2006-05-26
I have 4 goldfish in my 30 gallon fish tank, they have been living in this tank for the last 3 and half years. I started with 6 goldfish (4 Shubunkin Goldfish, one oranda and one oranda red cap) but 2 died. (One shubunkin & one red cap oranda) The remaining 4 are really healthy now, I am changing 25% of the water each week. Now my fish don't have any kind of problem. They seem so happy. My 3 shubunkin look so beautiful, their fins and tail are so long, they look like a colorful butterfly.

Stefanie - 2006-05-07
I have one Calico Shubunkin(tsumnami), a Red Capped Oranda(sushi), and an orange and white fantail goldfish(calimari) in my aqarium. Its a 15 gallon. I think Goldfish are the best fish to have because they come in all kinds of varieties and they are peaceful and very social fish. Plus they keep their own tank clean, lol. I love watching them, and if you've never had a goldfish, I would advise you try it out.

angelndskyz - 2006-01-22
I have two bristol shubunkin's {blue & sofie}and 3 fantails. have had them a year. they live in a 30 gallon tank and love it. [blue] is blue and black, very friendly. sofie is very shy and hides when i pet my fantails. yes they come to me and kiss my hands daily. very social. they don't lie when they say they are friendly and sociable. all my friends trip out on how they do that. sofie has red in her, shes beautiful. i just love them. i recommend them to anyone. pet stores have told me to not keep goldfish because they are dirty fish, i disagree.

Sarah - 2005-12-14
Hey! I am doing a science fair project for school on if feeding among goldfish (particularly the Shubunkin) is a learned behavior. I can't wait to do my project and get my Shubunkin Goldfish!

Nik - 2005-11-27
I have two bristol shubunkin. I bought myself a small five gallon tank (on sale) for my birthday, and four little feeder goldfish to live in it. A year latter only one survived. Jean my blue shubunkin. His head is white so it looks like he is wearing a pair of jeans. Right away I noticed how little he would swim and how sad he appeared(for a fish). Off to the large fish store I go looking for a larger shubunkin for a friend. There I picked up fire, my orange coloured shubunkin. Three years later my two are now upgraded to a twenty-nine gallon and are mates to the ended. I love they way they swim around and play with each other. they are my cat's personal television.