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The Ryukin Goldfish is a captivating novelty with a very round body shape and pretty colors!
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steve - 2005-11-03
Hi my name is steve and i have my freshwater goldfish tank, 75 gallons, and have 8 different varieties of goldfish. One of them is the great spectaculer RYUKIN who i bought from a pets at home retail pet shop. and YES HE WAS THE LAST ONE IN THE STORE, so u could only think twice about his condition. i decided to buy him because he was the coolest little goldfish ild ever seen. he is small at the moment so i put him in the medium tank for 8 weeks and then put him back into the community tank. I must say they love a good current in the water just so they can dance, and they tend to weave in and out of the larger goldfish. he doing great awesome stuff. { @- }

Lynn - 2005-10-21
Please believe the experts when they tell you that you need 10 gallons per fish. I've had my Ryukin for 3 years now and just upgraded him from a 6 gallon to 12 gallons. I'm not sure 12 is really even enough. Not if you want a happy healthy fish anyway... They love to swim and forage, and he thanks me every time he sees me by meeting me at the side of the aquarium to say hi...

Delores - 2005-08-05
I have a Ryukin calico goldfish we call Greta (for Greta Garbo) because she has eyes that seem to have a blue shine to them and black lips like she's ready for Hollywood! She's a real beauty and quite a charater. We got her around Christmas and she has totally doubled in size. What a fun fish!

Ann - 2005-06-02
All goldfish need room to swim. 10 gallons per fish is ideal, it breaks down the ammonia /nitrates, and cuts down the risk of ick, and other parsites! I love my ryukins they are so funny to watch. they have alot of spunk!

Jose Peralta - 2005-02-17
I am from Lima Peru, have 6 goldfish ryukin, one of them is a female calico, very beautiful of 8 cms of body and is hunchbacked well. I wait to reproduce her to share the babies with other fans.
Thank you

DebiG - 2005-01-15
My tank is 40 gallons and is inhabited by a Ryukin ("Bling-Bling"), an Oranda ("Potbelly") a Fantail ("Fanny"), and a Mystery Snail. The Ryukin used be completely calico colored but now only her fins are black, orange and white - her hump and belly are almost entirely gold and white. She was the same size as the Oranda but when I got her last April but is now double that size - about the size of an orange. She is also "personality plus", and makes loud smacking noises to beg for food when she sees me come in the room !!

Diana - 2004-10-27
I have a 35 gallon tank and have a nice Red and white Ryukin who went from the purchase size of medium to a nice 8 inches now!His buddies in the 35 gallon are a calico telescope named Big Eye and a calico pearlscale named Fatso. I also just bought a medium calico ryukin in my twenty gallon high tank, and his/her buddy is a nice all white with orange fins ryukin who is almost full size (6 inches now). I recommed the Ryukin goldfish not only because they are beautiful and peaceful, but they have alot of personality!

mark - 2004-08-24
I currently have 3 Ryukin Goldfish. The largest is about 5 inches long now and still growing. They are my first fish and now Ive moved into keeping a warm water tank also with some Tetras, Corydoras and an Angel. The Ryukins started in a five gallon tank and then moved up to a 10, then a 35 gallon tank. A Betta became the recipient of the five gallon tank. Altogether I currently care for 24 fish and am about to undertake a River Tank setup.

Aaron - 2004-04-17
In my tank i keep 2 Ryukins and they are great fish to have. Mine seem to love eating flakes and benefit a great deal from each other. Ryukins also look great too.

Rod - 2004-03-06
I have one Ryunkins. It loves to eat flakes. I have it in a big tank because he grows very fast.