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The Ryukin Goldfish is a captivating novelty with a very round body shape and pretty colors!
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TAbatha - 2006-09-19
I have had my Ryukin for 3 years now . It is beautiful and easy to care for . I bought it when it was smaller it was about an inch long . I enjoy watching it swim . I have it in a 10 gallon tank now . I hope to enjoy it for many years to come . I recommend for anyone.

Lancii - 2006-08-29
i love my ryukin! i bought him two days ago, and he's really really tiny, about an inch + 1/2. i'm keeping him in a 2.65g tank right now... and he seems very happy! =D

donna - 2006-08-23
I have two in an outdoor water garden. This morning I found I now have three! What a surprise. They are growing well and I am looking forward to bringing them into an aquarium as they weather gets colder. I'll be able to see them better.

J Johnson - 2006-05-25
I have had my Ryukin for several Months now. I had him with two other goldfish, one of which was a Black Moor. He started nibbling on the Moor's tail so I had to move it to another tank, but he does not bother the remaining fish. Not hard to take care of at all!

Kellis - 2006-04-17
These fish are horrible fish. I recommend that no one purchases them. It's very hard to take care of them.

~Rebekah S.~ - 2006-03-27
Hi, i just got my Ryukin goldfish today. I have him (her) in a 10 gallon tank with a black moors goldfish. they are so cute together. I named the Ryukin fish jughead and my moor fish sam. i just love them. they swim around happily. i hope that the tank will be big enough for when jughead grows. well got to go. bye

Sarah - 2006-03-09
I just love my fish! She is soo sweet and loves me to watch her all the time! i am soo glad that i have her!

Amy - 2005-12-11
I have a female choclate breeder who at last measurement was 11 inches and still growing quickly.

daniel - 2005-11-17
I got 2 and they have got to be one of the most spectacular things to watch. they are swimming in a 48 gallon hex tank with 2 more fan tail and believe me they can grow pretty fast. im thinking in going for a 60 gallon so they can keep growing. feed them some bloodworms, they love it, and get good filtration because they are a little messy

Peter - 2005-11-16
Goldfishes can get by with less space if you don't mind severly stunting their growh and health development. You'll never see those extra long glowing full of colors finnage, scales and eyes.

The bottom line, if you want to keep "golds" in peak condtion they require more space than any other aquarium species. My personal minimum formula is 15 gallons per healthy, 5-7inches, goldfish.