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The Ryukin Goldfish is a captivating novelty with a very round body shape and pretty colors!
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Stacie - 2010-02-11
I have one Ryukin with a normal fantailed fish. I've had to separate the pair of them from my other fantail because the Ryukin started attacking my gold fantail. He's never bothered attacking the white fantail. To be honest him and the white fantail follow each other. I also have an apple snail that I've had to move to another tank because both the Ryukin and white fantail attack the poor thing.

So The white fantail, the cali ryukin and a cory all live together in peace...for now any way >.<

These fish are lovely allthough I won't be buying another one due to this ones agressive nature.

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  • Nicole - 2010-10-25
    I am happy to get a fish like this.
John - 2010-03-17
I Have 4 Ryukin Goldfish 2 of them I noticed today they have something going on with the end of their tails and fins like as if they have been rubbed against gravel and they have a white outline, what can I do for them? I also noticed that today they are spending most of there time on top .
thank you

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  • betty - 2010-07-26
    Sometimes when the weather warms up the goldfish get to chasing each other. They get really excited {normally warmer weather would be breeding time} and can get banged up and be exhausted. This occurs very early in the morning, so you might not see it. This happens with my fish friends in the spring and was perplexing until I saw them. It was funny to watch as they "threw" themselves into the vegetation over and over. they were a little ragged in their fins afterwards and resting on the top for a while. I hope your fish are alright and this may be something to consider.
ann - 2010-05-29
I have a Ryukin goldfish one day I noticed a large black head so you would call it in the human world this black head was behind the eye after a few days it seemed to go away then in the same spot under the skin it looked like an empty hole as if it had been an infection of some kind, as the days went by all was back to normal. A month has passed today I see the same thing just behind where the other one was, it seems the old hole has filled with clear liquid all of this is before the gill. I have two other ryukins and one kio all fish get along great. Can someone help me figure out what this is? I'm afraid for all the fish in the tank.

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  • FishFriend - 2010-06-15
    Don't worry! It's not contagious or deadly. But it is quite rare in goldfish to get it.
Gemma - 2008-12-12
Hiya! I've got 4 beautiful Ryukin Goldfish. My favortie has got to be my Orange and white one called (Marvin) and a tri-coloured one called (beauty). Two of my new ones, which I got on 11-12-08 :), are grey with extra colours called (Spot & Dot).
And I have a Baby Choclate Oranda called (Kia). I love them all, hehe!
They are really active goldfish. I love watching them :P
Hopefully I might get more soon ;).
Bye! <3

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  • star - 2010-05-03
    I want some gold fish of this breed basically they are so beautiful!
Peagreen - 2008-03-08
I've had my Ryukin for about three months now, and I love him to death! He's so fun to watch, and always busily looking for food. I had always heard that goldfish were difficult to keep, but as long as the tank is kept clean, I have found they are very low maintenance fish! The only thing I would recommend for a new goldfish owner would be to get a filter rated for up to twice the size of the tank that you have, and to change the carbon cartridge at least once every two weeks or so. Also, siphoning the gravel once a week is an excellent way to keep your fish happy.

Leigh - 2008-02-03
I bought my 1 in. ryukin several days ago and already my 1 in. oranda has been trying to spawn with it. :P ....he's so cool

Nicholle Rodriguez - 2008-01-14
I got three Calico Ryukins this Friday (1-11-08) and I am really starting to enjoy my 42 hex tank! They have really brought it to life! My children all named one so we have: Boo fish (2year olds), Shark bait (10year olds), and Fire or Bubbles (5 year olds). They are really fun to watch and I love that they will eat the food that drops to the bottom. I've always heard negative things about goldfish and was worried about getting them, but went ahead and took the plunge! Apparently goldfish can increase ammonia levels faster than other fish so keep an eye on your water, checking it often. :) Happy fishing everyone!

cody - 2007-01-27
Hello, I just got what I think might be a ryukin goldfish, It looks alot like the one in the picture but Im not sure! I wish I knew, anyway its doing really good in my octagon tank that has 3 other smaller fish in it! Im really happy with my fish, thanks for the info!

debbie - 2006-11-24
We just got a ryukin calico. We have gotten Tiger a 29 gal. tank, so he can grow big and be happy. He is gorgeous, mostly orange with some black around his eyes and on his back; some black stripes. He has white fins outlined with black. We hope to have him a very long time!
Debbie and son Joel

MsJacobs - 2006-10-31
my golfish is beautiful. I have had it for three years. bought when it was about an inch and now it is now about 6 inches long with beautiful silky fins. i enjoy it very much and recommend them to anyone