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This pretty little goldfish, the Redcap Oranda Goldfish is totally white except for its cherry red hood!
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Christin - 2006-02-12
I adore my red capped goldfish, Lefty! People are right when they describe this fish as having BIG personality--Lefty, who is named as such because he only has one eyeball (and normal scales where the other one would be--most people find him a little surreal!), is quite a character. He loves watching through his tank: wherever I am in the room is the corner of the tank he hangs out in, and he's always got his eyeball pointed at me! He's quite happy to be petted, and his favorite hobby is "bowling"--we have several decorative figurines in the aquarium, and any time we set them upright, he makes sure to have them knocked back over within the hour. We've had our one-eyed monster for more than three years now, and we couldn't be happier--in fact, we've just found him a new tankmate, another fancy one-eyed goldfish named Starboard!

unknown - 2005-10-28
I got my red capped oranda at Tropiquarium on Sunday. It is my second fish. I had a betta, but it died a year after I got it. I love my new fish!!!

Patricia Ramirez - 2005-10-15
I recently lost all of my fish to huricane Katrina, except for one large(7") goldfish. So when I went to restock, decided on nothing but goldfish. Now have a redcap oranda, and 2 telescopes. Hope they do as good as my comet, which likes the company.

Kimberley Jenkins - 2005-09-23
I've had my Readcap Oranda for about 2 months now. i used to have a comet with it but it died. im not so sure that it likes being on its own so im going to get aother one because she is so easy to look after

Megan Vestby - 2005-08-29
i just got my Red cap Oranda and its one of my first fish. its actually my 4th and it seems to like to nibble on my other goldfish's tails i'm not really sure what to do, but i love how he looks and he'll eat anything so i'm happy

Carianne - 2005-05-11
I've had a red capped oranda for almost 8 months now. Her name is Livingston and she is gorgeous. I think she's about to lay eggs again because she's getting fatter every day. I personally have found her really easy to take care of - I'm currently in University and travel back and forth quite often and she always handles the trips quite well. I'd love to get more, but I'll need to get a bigger tank first!

Jube Jube - 2005-05-03
i have a really cute red cap oranda and his name is pokey. he is really gorgeous and has a really pretty tail, it humungous! well...gotta go, ciao bella

DeBorah - 2005-03-27
We have just purchased two beautiful red cap oranda and named them Jensen and Jason. We are a little nervous about looking after them properly as we are newcomers to keeping fish. However we are keeping our fingers crossed that they survive and grow into strapping lads.

Deborah and Mark

Suzette - 2005-03-26
I bought a Redcapped Oranda about a month ago and meticulously cleaned his tank and properly adjusted him to the new water temperature, but one morning I awoke to find my poor fish dead. He was absolutely beautiful and I was heartbroken to not be able to watch him grow.

Chelsea Ratterman - 2005-02-12
I just got a red-capped oranda today and I already love it. The last fish I had was a Betta.