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This pretty little goldfish, the Redcap Oranda Goldfish is totally white except for its cherry red hood!
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fiona - 2009-03-23
I have a red-cap oranda named Stella and she lives in a simple spot: a bowl with jewels and water! I clean her bowl about twice a week because she does not have an air stone and needs fresh oxygen. She is beautiful and seems quite happy and extremely easy to look after. I love GOLDFISH!

Emanemz - 2009-03-20
I have one Red Cap Oranda, I believe she is a girl, but won't know until she gets a little bigger and doesn't develop those nodules. She lives with 3 other fancy fish, which two of them bred and I now have 10 more in another tank. My Red Cap which I call Bobble or Bauble, she has some fuzz in her wen at the moment, which I just dabbed with blue. I've also added salt to the water. I have had her for a year and at one point she did flip over and lay upside down on the bottom of the tank. I fixed that problem by feeding her two peas (Thawed and de-shelled) a day for 5 days and then every second day from there. She got that problem because she got constipated and her swim bladder got pushed out of shape, therefore losing balance. She now only gets two or three meals a day (Small amounts - all food soaked in their water first) and a pea at lunch time every second day. Although every time she sees me she gets excited and I could feed her more, I just have to remember that I want her around for 20 years, so by not over feeding I am loving her better. She also loves to go to the top of the tank and just gulp at the water surface, looking for food, I also fixed that problem by soaking her food and not putting anything on the surface anymore. She has plenty of air, as it is a big filtered tank and she has an airator. She is definitely the light of the party in my tank other than my Lionhead called Puff.

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  • George DeNeen - 2010-04-12
    I am new to the oranda. I have one that looks black,and I have heard of them in blue. Can you give me any info on where to look for care and help. I got one baby that was calico and she turned white(not Eyes). Thanks for your help. mmd
Happy girl - 2009-03-16
I have 1 Red Cap Oranda that I got 5 days ago. His name is also lucky. He is so beautiful and full of life. He also got a fish friend the Siamese fighter named Sushi with the most beautiful blue, purple colors. I love my fish, they're great!

Yagnesh - 2009-03-08
Ms Julia Burch this is Yagnesh Vaze from India. I am the proud owner of all the tera varieties. I have around 26 fishes and a Flowerhorn Fish. The best thing you can do about an oranda is add terramycin-250 capsule in ur tank and add some salt and change half the water continuously for 2 days.

shadman - 2009-01-19
I have 1 Red cap Oranda, it's very cute and good. His name is Lucky. Lucky has a partner and his partner's name is Goldy, and Goldy is a Red and White Fantail. I love watching them playing and having fun. I feel very proud of myself because of my two fishes.

ROSIE - 2008-10-08
I have been the proud owner of Ronnie for 8yrs. His beautiful long flowing tail looked mystical, and as he got older he went completly white, which made him look even more beautiful. But this morning he wasn't himself I put him in a smaller tank but sadly my Ronnie died at 6pm (GMT). So sad.

kathy - 2007-11-16
I have a Redcap Oranda. Her name is Rana. She's so cute and she's a happy fish. I love the Redcap Orandas. Rana has tank mates; Marty a Black Moor, Calico a Calico Fantail, Zippie a Blackskirt Tetra, and 3 cory cats. They get along fine.

Julia Burch - 2007-10-16
In my Koi and goldfish pond is my favorite fish - my redcap oranda. I bought him because he looked so ugly with what I thought looked like an exposed brain on the top of his head. My children thought he was deformed. His redcap is huge - like the top of a pizzaria man's hat.
His white body has turned completely orange. He's 3 years old and has recently been lying on the bottom on the pond. When he tries to swim, he goes sideways. I am so sick and upset about this. I know this may sound goofy, but when you read this, will you please say a prayer for him to recover. I am feverishly changing the water to clean out any possible bacteria. Thank you so much.

Janine - 2007-09-09
I have a red oranda in a 30 litre tank but I am on the outlook for a bigger one since it seems a little crowded in there. He has swim bladder problems and I really struggled to keep him from floating at the surface, but now I have found the cure! I now feed him peas without the shell and a pet shop advised me to raise the water temperature by a few degrees. This seems to be the answer since my oranda is doing really great! This is a fish with personality and it is quite strange how attached you can get to a fish!

Stacy - 2007-07-19
I have one fully grown Oranda, Princess Fiona. She is so beautiful and just lovely to watch glide around in her 12 gallon tank. She is an amazing fish, very lively. I love to watch her sleep - she will just float about in the center of the tank, and when she see's me approaching her she swims about as happy as can be. This was my first fish ever and I havent had any problems with her. Initially I had trouble establishing a bio-filter in my tank so I had to do water changes daily, but once that was established things have been fine. I feed her twice a day, a.m. and p.m. I know she would eat forever if I allowed it, they do seem to be chow-hounds. When I first purchased Fionia (I paid $20.00 for her) she was orange with a lot of black markings - her fins were all black and she had black polka-dots on her belly and a black mustach on the top of her mouth. After having her for 5 months, the black has faded away on her body and the black on her fins has changed to white. I thought she was quite striking with the black and orange and being a novice to Orandas, I didn't realize that her color would change. Although I was dissapointed that the black faded, I still think she is the most beautiful fish I ever did see.