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This pretty little goldfish, the Redcap Oranda Goldfish is totally white except for its cherry red hood!
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Matt - 2007-06-08
I have 2 medium sized orandas in a 55 gallon tank. They are great fish. They both have great personalities and always follow me around the tank. I have spent over 100 dollars on fancy meds for them since I got them a few years ago. Their wens (head growth) often get white fungus patches on them that seem to be uncurable. Never over feed Orandas their stomachs are too small . Feed them 1 time a day and sometimes don't feed them for a day. Make sure you get a really good filter for gold fish. It will save you money in the long run. I have a cheap one that came with my tank, the water is full of floating algae particles because of this, water changes only do so much. If your fish seems sick, laying on the bottom. etc. try to not feed for a day, mine usually recover. I highly recommend these fish for people that like fish with alot of personality.

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  • daev - 2010-11-13
    You should get rid of the algae problem asap as the wen of the red caps are highly could get an armored catfish or rainbow sharks (I have 2 and they are excellent algae hunters...and cute too).
  • Denise - 2011-02-20
    I have a red cap oranda goldfish and he keeps getting these white spots
    on his wen that looks like pimples. I'm guessing it is fungus. What can I do?
    You said your fish get this. Does it kill them if it does'nt go away? How long
    have you had this problem with your fish?
Taylor - 2010-12-26
My fish has a hole at the top of his fin like it was connected and it's growing apart now. I'm just wondering is that normal?

anupama sharma - 2010-09-07
My redcap's tail seems to be red from the past 2 months, and she is active also. What shall I do for her tail.

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  • vicki - 2010-12-11
    She must of had fin rot when I got my first fish after 3 days he got fin rot and my dad got treatment but then he died.
Amber - 2010-09-30
I recently purchased 3 red cap orandas and 1 algae eater. I didn't (and still don't) know a lot about fish and didn't know which kinds I should get. The orandas seemed the most active so I decided on them. And there was also algae eaters in the same tank at the store so I decided to get one of those also. I love that when I come home from work, they all seem to run to the side of the tank closest to me. They seem to be very friendly. The only problem is, after a few weeks, the algae eater disappeared! I looked in the tank to only find 3 fish and small chunks floating around the bottom of the tank. I believe the 3 orandas ate the other fish! Is this normal?

anisaa - 2010-09-17
hey, i really need some help with my fish. i have one redcap oranda and two goldfishes.

1st: my oranda has like black stuff on the enda of its tail. :/
2nd: it has a black dot on its cheek
Lastly: it has sort of skin coming of its head.
what should i do?
im worried :/

i separated my golfishes and the oranda into two different tanks bcos i thought they wernt allowed together but then they didnt move in their tanks at all when i did that?
is it a good idea to keep them apart?

help, please ...

Lara - 2010-04-26
Can I touch my red cap fish, if not, what could happen?

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  • Jen - 2010-09-01
    I would strongly advise against touching goldfish of any species as they are known in some rare cases to give humans tuberculosis. It can also be very dangerous for the fish, as your hands could carry harmful contaminants that could cause them to become very ill.
Aobubble - 2010-08-28
I have a red capped oranda fish and it's huge! About 8 inches long. However it's red cap never seems to have stopped growing, so now it is so large it covers his eyes and he can't see anymore. Is there anything I Can do for it?

Charlie - 2010-06-22
Hi there...can someone help please? I'm a bit concerned with my younger gold cap - The body I have noticed is starting to have a red tint appearance and it appears to be wider than it that its actually a she and carrying eggs? Or something serious? I'd appreciate the help!

j - 2010-06-18
How long can the oranda split tail live?

Rita - 2010-04-03
Hi, I'm new to fancy goldfish, I always had tropical and decided I wanted to try golds, I have two orandas and one ryukun[?] I need all the info I can get, I've read so much now I'm afraid my fish will get sick from something, they are in big aquarium, now I know not to feed them flake food dry, should I put a little aquarium salt in their tank to prevent disease, I did in my tropical tank but did not know about goldfish, need to know. THANKS EVERY ONE.