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The rounded body of the Pearlscale Goldfish appears as if adorned with rows of luminescent pearls!
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wishes4fishes - 2008-12-14
I have two adorable little pearlscales, they are about 1 1/2 inches long including their tails. At first, I kept them in my large 260litre(UK) tank with my larger orandas, but they seemed to be struggling somehow. I moved them into a smaller tank (60 litres) and they seem much happier. I think perhaps the water pressure in the big tank was too much for them. Only thing is, it meant I had to go out and buy yet ANOTHER 60 litre tank to have on standby as a hospital tank, lol! Costly experience! Never mind, they are well worth the expense and at least I know if any of my fish get sick, they have a 'hospital' ready for them!

Danii - 2008-06-15
I got a Pearlscale Goldfish yesterday & named it Mr. Bubblebutt. I love it & think it's so cute! I'm feeding her flakes and I have dried bloodworms & shrimp pellets that I'll give her sometimes too. I love their personality. How they just wiggle in the fish bowl. I read on here that peas are good for them, so I'll give some to her once a week. I plan on taking good care of him & having him for a long time.

James - 2008-05-03
I just got two baby pearlscale goldfish yesterday. Both are solid bright orange. They are adorable. I love how they wobble around in the water. I plan on taking great care to keep them from developing bladder problems. I hear sinking food pellets are the way to go. As well as canned peas as a treat. I am so happy to see them swimming around. They are also very responsive to me when I get close to the tank. They love feeding time!

kathy - 2007-12-07
I got a Pearlscale Goldfish today! She's pretty. Orange and white. Her name is Pearla. She's so cute. She swims around. I love the Pearlscale Goldfish. I'm going to enjoy her.

Emily - 2007-12-07
I have 2 pearlscales, Delilah and Kallie. They are so adorable. Delilah is a red and white crowned and Kallie is calico. Deli is about 3 inches long with long beautiful flowing fins. I've had her for over a year and she was about 1" long when I bought her. The bigger she gets, the more golfball-shaped she gets. I just got Kallie a couple weeks ago. She is a little baby, not much bigger than a small bouncy ball. She wobbles when she swims which I find absolutely adorable. I don't know if she is crowned or not but she has short fins (a characteristic of the non-crowned variety). They are some of my favorite fish in my tank (they live in a 90 gal with 7 other fancies) because they are unusual looking and very elegant. Make sure you either soak their food for about 5 minutes before you give it to them or feed them sinking pellets. Because of their shape, they are prone to SBD. Feeding peas about 3 times a week (with covering of pea removed) is also good for goldfish so they don't get swim bladder disease.

kathy - 2007-11-26
I've had Pearlscale Goldfish before. I think they are neat. Right now I don't have one, but I would like to get another one soon.