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The rounded body of the Pearlscale Goldfish appears as if adorned with rows of luminescent pearls!
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Anna Rega of Virginia - 2011-04-20
Well its spring time and my fish are back in the deck ponds. Thanks to this website and the information it gave me all my fish are fat, happy and healthy. I didn't lose any fish over the winter months. 5 of the 10 fish in my home are now back in their large deck pond. Today, I cleaned my other deck pond, and filling it with water as I type this note. My 5 pearlscales are still in the house. they are so pretty, I don't think I can put them back outside. The sound of their fliter water fall puts my to sleep every night and I have become use to it. I would like to take this time to tell everyone at Animal-World for having this website. It saved all 10 of my (3yr old fishes) lives. From Ick, fungis and airbladder dieases, this website gave me all the signs and symtoms to look for, then it gave me the treatments/cures for all the problems my fish had. All the treatments were successfull and all my fish recovered. Remenber I had 5 large pearlscales, 4 large Koi, and 1 super large fantail shumbunkin all 3yrs old. Plus the ten regular goldfish in my out door tank. This is my
"Go To" website. Animal-World, thank you for all your help in teaching me how to keep my fish healthy.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-04-20
    I am happy that all worked out well for you and the folks at Animal World thank you for your wonderful enthusiasm.
Anna Rega of Virginia - 2011-01-13
Hi, It's me again! I keep coming back to this Website for all my fish needs. The information on this website is awesome and very helpful. All ten of my fishes are doing great. I will use the info on this website to reconstruct my deck ponds. If you have a fish problem, like I did, then this is the website to read. It was a huge help in treating my fish problems. Now I am going to use the information on here to build a better and healthier eco system for my fish. I have large pearlscales, shubumkins, and Kio and about 10 regular goldfish. This will always be my "go to" Website and I keep it in my favorites for easy access! Thanks for all your help Animal-World....Anna Rega

Anna Rega of Virginia - 2010-12-23
This website has really been a huge help in treating my fish. I now have ten fish in my home for the winter. They were all sick with just about everything. This website told me the symptoms to look for and the product for the cure/treatment. And it all worked! I don't have aquarium fish, My fish are outside pond fish (pearlscales, Koi, regular goldfish, shumbumkins) I couldn't bring them all inside but the ones I had for over 2 yrs are in. My 5 goldies (pearlscales) 1-super large fantail shumbumkin and 4 koi are doing great even tho they are living in much smaller tanks(tubs) for right now. I have successfully treated and cured fungus, parasites and swim bladder diseases. Next spring they will go back into the outside deck ponds which are much bigger for them to live in (230gallons in each pond) I just weigh my pearlscales and the largest one is over 5 oz and the smallest is 4 oz approx 5 inches long, and almost 3 yrs old. The time, work and money is well worth the enjoyment they give me. They are my pets and they depend on Me to keep them healthy.

Anna Rega - 2010-12-03
It all started Nov.8th and now it's Dec.3rd. All five of my pearlscales are doing just great. They are going to live in the house for the Va. winter. Spring time I will return them to my deck pond. For the air bladder problem I used Quickcure, Epsonsalt & peas to make them poop, lots of water changes. I will do one more treatment for parasites with a different brand. I am treating my super large shubunkin and 2 other koi types as well. I now have 3/25gal.tubs in my bedroom with airstones and filter running 24/7 "sleep what is that"

Anna Rega - 2010-11-19
Well I have all 5 goldies in two plastic tubs, in my bedroom. The two floating upside down are right side up now. I found a healthy poo line in one tub. I was treating them for almost everything. Swim bladder and flashing and something else. I used Quick Cure and most of the symptoms are gone. The 3 in one tub is eating peas and flakes but the other two are not eating at all. They are in the house for the winter. Next spring I will clean the deck pond(4by4by4 24inches deep) and I will get rid of the other goldfish and koi, by placing them in the other deck pond(3ft by 6ft by 24inches deep) I think I had too many fish, about 50 between the two 2 largest Koi died last week and its saddens me, because I had had them for 2 yrs. I am going to devote my time to maintaining my 5 pearlscales and the five left in the big pond if the servie the winter.

Anna Rega - 2010-11-15
I bought my 5 pearlscale fish when they were very little and now 2 yrs later they are the size of tennis balls. They were living in my home made ponds on our deck. We also have a wide range of other gold fish. We are having a fish tragedy. Two of my large Koi in another pond died. Big Daddy was over 2 yrs old and 22 inches long and Cali was just over a year and 16 inches long. Then one of my goldies (pearlscale) was floating upside down. I brought her in. Treating her with Quick Cure, epsensalt and steam peas, and lots of oxygen. Brought in 2 other pearlscale, they too have something wrong but not as severe. I just found this website and love it. But I am very low income and cannot afford to take my "5 goldies" as I call them into a Vet. How long should I treat for parasites and bladder problems and when should I try antibiotics? I made sure the treatment tanks (buckets) are clean with new bubble bars. Trying not to bring parasites back in from old pond.

kirsten - 2010-08-07
I got a red and white pearlscale goldfish today, and I love it! He seems to be swimming well, and I'm planning on feeding him a mixed diet of flakes, deshelled peas and cucumber - hopefully he will be happy with this!

Anonymous - 2010-03-13
My pearlscale goldfish is a little too fat so what's the matter?
I've been feeding it and it won't eat.
And strangely it gets fatter and fatter.
Someone said it might've swallowed air but i'm not so sure.

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  • arena - 2010-06-19
    Hi there... I love goldfish! I have 4 goldfish,minus one.. I think your pearlscale have dropsy..if it is dropsy it is bad... because dropsy spreads quickly in the fish body.. I have a bubble eye fatter and spiky scales afterwards it is called dropsy and died a few days is awful. I researched in internet a medicine in fish store anti bacteria or so to feed it if it still wants to eat can cure,.. but the medicine does not have in my place. Thus it's better to prevent the disease... it mostly because of dirty water tank.. =( but I do hope I'm wrong & your fish is not having dropsy..I try my best now to have clean water for healthy goldfishes..
Ashley - 2010-04-25
What can you do to make these fish eat? I've had mine for a couple days and then are the cutest things but they are always hiding and when I feed it just sinks to the bottom and then ignore it. The food I'm feeding is a Dainichi colour max krill and spirulina (small pellets). They are in a ten gallon tank with a fifteen gallon filter on it with live plants. Could my filter be on too high and be scaring them? As well there are only two of them and they are the size of a dollar coin, so itsy bitsy still. I'm waiting for them to grow bigger before the join the ones in a very large pond, but they can't really grow if they never eat! Please help!

kirstie - 2010-04-13
My pearlscale has red looking sores but seems to act her usual self. What's wrong?

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  • Danna - 2010-05-05
    The cheapest way to cure any type of goldfish is to add salt but it depends on how large is your tank but I don't know if that works on your fish. And I don't know if it is a disease.