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The Lionhead Goldfish develops a fleshy growth that looks somewhat like a lion's mane... hence the name "Lionhead"!
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sumguy - 2004-09-06
I wish I had 1. they are so freakin cute.

Lianna - 2004-07-30
i never knew that my goldfish was a lionhead goldfish, till i read this article thanks! and all this time i thought he was just fat. lol

Jeanne - 2004-07-13
I have 2 lovely lionheads and they are currently trying to breed. I really enjoy them so much. They remind me of manatees!


sue - 2004-05-18
They are the cutiest things you ever saw I love them amd have 5 tanks filled with them they are so cute

April 3-22-04 - 2004-03-22
I have one lionhead named Krunch, a celestial eye named Pegasis and a bubble eye named Milo. they are so great. the lionhead is so cute when he swims. they each have there one personality. I recommend goldfish to everybody.

Tam - 2004-01-15
I have gotten 2 lion head fish and 2 black moore. They are so cute and I love them a lot. When I bought them they were in the same tank so I figured it would be fine to keep them together. They are all very active and seem to enjoy each other. Their names are (lionheads) R2 and D2; (black moors) Yoda and O-bee. They make great entertainment for everyone who sees them!