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The Lionhead Goldfish develops a fleshy growth that looks somewhat like a lion's mane... hence the name "Lionhead"!
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Kim Parker - 2007-05-04
I have read two articles on lionheads and both have said there is no dorsal fin and they are very delicate and not for beginners. Yet mine has a dorsal fin and is the least bit delicate. It is very spunky and active, pretty much the bully of the tank.

christine - 2007-01-02
I was in PetSmart shopping for my dog and parakeets went passing the fish area I saw a lionhead chasing another lionhead ruthlessly. I felt sorry for the one being chased so I bought it. I have had tropicals so I had no fear to take on his care. Nemo has been a great fish. I have to watch his diet because he likes to eat way too much. I found a excellent brand of goldfish food made in Canada. He is a good choice, glad I was in the right place and the right time.

Derek Johnson - 2006-06-21
when I got this fish, I had a bad gut feeling. And, of course, my gut feeling was just a sign of bad things to come. I paid 79.00$ for it and was not worth it. Oh, no, don't get me wrong, I still have the beautiful darn fish, but it aggressively attacked all my other prized fish as soon as I dropped it in the tank. The results, a mess that I had to clean up. So before you even consider buying one of these little terrorists, just reconize all of the other fish's lives are over if you do. Also, watch your fingers when feeding it if you still want to get your five finger discount at your local convience store.

Tuesday Neuman - 2006-04-04
I have a Lionhead goldfish named Bubbles, and I don't know how old she is but I have had her for about 1 month and I absolutely adore and love her to pieces!!!! She thinks that she is a little piggy because all she wants to do is EAT! She is about 2.5 inches long, but I can't wait till she gets bigger!! :-)

B.J. - 2006-02-25
My Lionhead is Named Jose, and I've had him for about a month. I love having him around, and out of four fish I bought, he is the only one to survive. I accidentally bought a diseased fish, and it spread through out the tank. But he got better, and is real active. But yesturday, I noticed his fin just split, and today he's showing signs of Fin-rot again. So, although a great fish to have and keep, these really aren't for beginners. I just hope he gets better again, since he brightens my grandmother's and my days everytime we see him.

Michelle Bob - 2006-02-24
We have a Calico Lion head named Colossus. He is an awesome pet and always at the glass to see us, probably because we are always looking at him. He loves veggie wafers. He is easy to look after. I think that we would buy more of this type of goldfish in the future. Enjoy your lionhead gold fish where ever you are

Dyvid - 2006-02-21
I have never had coldwater fish before. i have always had tropical fish because i just thought they were better to be honest. I was in the pet shop with my brother (bad idea) and he flicked this poor lionhead. i felt so sorry for this fish i bought it and put it in my hospital tank (an empty tank i keep set up incase i get any injurys). he cost me

Carol & Dave Sebers - 2005-12-22
We have 4 of the most beautiful Lionheads ever born, Larry, Curly, Moe & Shemp. They are in a 55 gallon tank we keep in the kitchen nook area. First thing in the morning while having coffee and waking up, we just sit and watch them. oohh so relaxing. Anyone thinking of a fish to purchase should get a Curly, Larry, Moe, or a Shemp, and your day will start out a lot better.

Amy - 2005-12-11
I think you need to change your max size in your FAQ. I have a calico lion head whos now 10 inches. LOL I can provide photos.

phillip matz - 2005-11-23
hello people. i have a lionhead named sparky. he is about six months old. he loves goldfish crisps and he is a pedigree goldfish. he is very active.