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The Fantail is a show goldfish with its distinguishing feature being a split, or double, tailfin!
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ashley - 2008-03-16
I just got two fantail goldfish. Their names are Phil COllins, and Harold. I'm keeping both of them in a 4L tank but I don't think that's big enough, so I think I'll get a bigger tank. They're so cute, and getting used to living in their new home so quickly. Harold is white with an orange spot on his head, and Phil Collins is orange with a white tummy. =D
I loves my goldfishies.

daniella - 2008-01-12
I have a fantail, his name is commet, so cute and big.

Brian - 2007-11-17
I have three fantail goldfishes and 1 weather loach. I feed them twice a day at 6:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. I always show them the fish food can and they get happy. I taught the biggest one (it is about 3 inches long) a trick with it. I hold a flake on top of the water and he jumps out of the water and gets it. When I feed them they are always at the top of the aquarium. The small and medium size goldfish are changing colors. The small one is turning red and the medium one is turning white. The weather loach always steals food from the goldfishes mouths.

Quint L - 2007-10-31
I have one exotic named "Jessie" and one plecostomus "Heckle". They are 2.5 yrs. old now. They play tag all day long and dig in the stones at night. Sometimes the pleco will pick up a stone swim over the top of the air skeleton and bomb it with the stone, causing it to fall over. Jessie has now caught on to the game and is doing the same things Heckle does. These breeds of fish are very intelligent.

Sarah - 2007-07-14
I got one and I named him Bubba, he is my Dorkfish, He loves to eat rocks and will swim the length of my 55 gallon tank spitting rocks the whole time. I make sure I say good night to him every night

Elise Reed - 2007-07-13
I love my fantail fish. Joshua

Christian Anthony Llyod Rose - 2007-06-30
I bought two fantails, so cute. One is black, white, and orange and his name is Bubbles. The other is black and white, I named her Tina. They are only 1 cm long. I love fantails!

Meggan - 2007-06-24
Unfortunately i lost a fantastic goldfish named george a couple of months ago. he was about a year old. I was very very upset, but today my fiance's mother bought me the most beautiful Fantail. I cant think of a name though. Maybe Mariah. I am so happy to have another fish in my life.

Anonymous - 2007-05-16
hi my 2 fan tails are amazing yet one of them is changing colors from an orange to a lighter white colour :S, weird.

mandy - 2007-04-29
I just got a fantail this morning named bubbles. He is an orange cutie with big brown eyes, and likes to stare at people!