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The Fantail is a show goldfish with its distinguishing feature being a split, or double, tailfin!
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wendu - 2010-01-12
What sized tanks are you people keeping these poor fish in? If you read the article they need alot of space - a minimum of 10 gallons EACH and that is the MINIMUM and you'll have to do large weekly water changes at 10 gallons each. These fish can get to half a foot long people - you can't house them in bowls or tiny tanks.

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  • Lana K. Nilges - 2010-02-17
    Yes you are right! if you want to watch your fantail grow, purchase a small one. Feed a good variety of food. Do not put any thing else in the tank but large pebble rocks. They like to move them around. Ornaments are cute but they make their tails and fins ragged and jagged. Change from a 10 gallon to a 20 extra long. Burchenell, my fancy is 2 years old, 6.5 inches a calico and his friend is an orange betta. A beautiful fish, I would like to show him.
  • Nico - 2010-03-03
    I have a 55 gall. tank, and luv the fan tails. How many do u recommend?
mark - 2009-11-17
Bought a plain white fantail goldfish which was

Emily - 2009-09-30
My brother's fantail (Sharkie) died last month. Sharkie was about 2 inches long! I don't think a fantail is supposed to grow that big. Another one, (Sam) died this mornig. She was suffering from a disease. It made her bleed on the inside. It was gross and she was completely pink. We don't know what it was so I was searching and stumbled upon this site. We miss our babies!

Hector Lo - 2009-04-02
Hi! I had 1 fish, but i cant tell whether its a Fantail or a Ryukin? What's the difference between them?

Anonymous - 2009-02-19
I had just bought 2 fantails and put them in the kitchen and when I came back home the male died from heat. So an advice, keep fish at a cool temperature.

nic - 2009-02-11
I had a tankful of very happy healthy fantail fish the most hansom being My Nemo, he was probably the most beautiful fish I ever seen and was alpha leader, all the other fish had his respect. But only this morning I found my Nemo floating dead in the tank, soon one by one they all died until all 6 were dead. I was devistated, but on closer inspection I notice Nemo had Slimey white gunky stuff over his scales. We had recently bought a new fish (one of the others) and we fear it was him who may have been diseased and brought an Amen to my other little fish. What is this disease?

Magenta and Eileen - 2009-01-20
My roommate and I recently bought two fantails. One of them is so huge we named him Goliath, the other is smaller and gorgeous and loves to dance so we named her Esmerelda. We originally had them in a fishbowl, but Esmerelda kept doing this thing where she wouldn't move or she would swim upside down. Quite frankly there were several times I thought she was dead. This behavior stopped immediately when we moved them into a larger filtrated tank. If your fantails are looking down, chances are you need to get them a bigger tank so they have more room to flip their fins! Oh, and remember, accessorize, cause that is the key to a long, happy life for your fantails!

Nikki - 2008-12-22
I have three goldfish, 2 common and one fantail. The common ones are called Frank and Gerard and the fantail is called Nero. I have had Frank and Gerard for 1 year and 4 months and both are still very happy and healthy, they always seem to know when its time for them to be fed as they always race to the front of the tank when they see me! I only got Nero today but he/she is gorgeous. I fell in love with him/her as soon as I saw him/her. He/she is orange, black and white and is still a little shy at the minute but I've told frank and gerard to make him/her feel welcome and to look after him/her, so fingers crossed they will all get along. I highly recommened them as pets as they are so friendly and easy to look after as well as being entertaining and for me they add a little fulfillment.

kat - 2008-09-02
In 8 days from now it will be a year since I bought my goldfish. When I bought them I started out with 2 fantails a calico named george (who I now think is a girl) and an all off-white one. At first the white one would chase and seemed to batter george and within a couple of days the white one passed away. I'm not too sure what happened so I waited a couple of weeks and bought george another playmate and just as soon as before, I woke up and the second one was belly up. It was then I decided george was my one and only! Although I would have loved to have 2 fish it seemed 1 was enough for now. George has grown so much and has become a family member. He is absolutely beautiful and so friendly. He knows who I am and goes all crazy when he sees me, it feels great when he/she does that. George's tail is very long, I think show quality, but I'm not too sure how to get into that. I would say they make wonderful pets with proper care and nutrition. George is a wonderful little fish and I hope I have him for at least a little while longer. I would highly recommend them and think they do make people very happy!

Darien - 2008-08-21
I got 2 new fantail goldfish and they are AWESOME! One was red, orange and white and the other one was plain orange. The orange one's name was Goldy and the colourful ones name was crystal. It was about 3 months into me getting my 2 goldfish, and I went to my Grandmas house. I went over night. I came back and Goldy died! I was very very very upset. Two months later my cousin came over and we went on my trampoline, we came back in and crystal WAS STUCK TO THE BOTTOM OF THE PUMP! I don't know how it happened. The good news is my cousin bought me 2 new fish and they are happy and healthy.