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The Fantail is a show goldfish with its distinguishing feature being a split, or double, tailfin!
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Peter - 2006-07-26
I have 3 fantails. I haven't given them names yet.
I have 2 gold ones and a small multicoloured one which is scared of the 2 gold ones.
I did notice that fantails have a social interaction with each other.
I did have a black fantail but sadly it died a few days ago, it was my favourite too.

ashley - 2006-07-02
I have a few fantail goldfish and some of them swim upside-down.

kyle - 2006-05-29
i bought three fantails last night and one is solid gold and the other are both calico. the biggest calico is butch..... the other calico is happy gilmore and the last and smallest is shooter mcgavin.

Analiese M. - 2006-05-09
I bought two fantails a couple of weeks ago...One is a solid gold male, I named him sushi...The other is also a male, and is silver...He's named anchovy...

Meagan - 2006-04-28
I just bought two fantails last night. They're quite happy together and seem to have adjusted well. (I just fed them breakfast.) :-) Their names are Phantom and Nexxus. Phantom is solid white all over, not a trace of color on him anywhere. Nexxus is a nice, vibrant orange all over. They complement each other well. :-)

Amit Wagle - 2006-04-27
I have two fantails, I bought them 10 days ago. They were really looking like small babies then but in the last ten days they have grown nicely. They measure about 3.2 inches from tail to nose. One of them is fully golden, so we call him Goldie. The other one is golden too but has black marks at the end of his fins. He's called Sunny.
They're both so cool... I'm so happy that I have both these fine fantails. They're in my tank along with two redcap orandas and two black moors.

Paban - 2006-04-03
I bought 4 fantail goldfish from my cousins back yard pond. they were living in a pond so i kept them in my 45g rectangular tank. they seem so happy now. they are so big (6 inch), and they are dark orange. their fins are white. all four of them seems so similar to each other. Wish i could show you their pics.

Louise - 2006-04-03
i have 3 fantail goldfish i bought yeterday. they are called corey, chris and charlie

Darlene - 2006-03-30
My two fantail goldfish have lived in our backyard pond for almost eight years. Their names are Aphrodite and Sanchoyama. Hard to tell whether they're both girls or boys - no fry that I've ever seen. They love to feed from my hand in the warmer weather!

Kris McDonald - 2006-03-29
I got my first fantail Sunday. He or she ( too young to know yet) is beautiful) He is all white on one side with a little orange at his head and on the other side he is half white by his tail and orange by his head. His fantail is white. I named him Sushi. Out of all my goldfish ( I also have 3 shubunkins) he is my favorite.