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Goldfish are fun to watch... just look at all the different colors of these beautiful fish!
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Jim J - 2006-04-19
It is remarkable the varied experiences that I see in the list here. My own goldfish experience is mixed, not so much due to what I did, but what I did NOT do.

Never leave your fish with your 3 year old. He tore the tail of one and ate another... After that, the NEXT three year old manage to poison the one that survived. These were 11 cent comets that managed to get to 4 and then 6 inches in size.

Fortunately no more three year olds and Zipper our latest goldfish is doing rather nicely after a bout with some parasites. She is about 8 inches in length after about 18 months. I think however I will soon need a larger tank.

Contrary to what I have read, when I use de-ionized water, I NEVER clean the gravel or change the water. Tap water is an entirely different kettle of fish. Zipper constantly cleans the bottom gravel so it is remarkably clean.

However I do find that I need to keep up with algae...

That is about it.

beef - 2006-04-14
hi, i bought 2 goldfish yesterday to go in with my 6 white cloud mountain minnows. so far they seem fine, i thought the goldfish may attack the white clouds, but the white clouds are the ones that nipped at fins. this is my second attempt to keep goldfish, i tried a couple of years ago but left the lid of my tank one night and they both jumped out. hopfully these ones will live a bit longer this time.

Jenny - 2006-01-13

i have five of these fishys they are very cute... thankies for the information. my last fishy commit of the suicidal acts. made me cry.

Amy - 2005-12-11
With propper care they get MUCH MUCH larger than 8 inches. I have two that are only 3 years old and who measure out at 17 inches.

I can provide photos. They are so large now some people would readily mistake them for koi, they are not. They are simply grown up 'feeder' goldfish.

andre - 2005-11-11
I have owned goldfish all my life. I have an 800 gallon pond with a filter. My current load is 15 comets 7 feeders. They are doing well especially the feeders. They were in my friends dirty green goat drinking tub which was round and small. When I asked them if they even wanted the fish anymore and they said no, so I took them. The comets I bought from petco, actually I should call it operation rescue from petco. the tank was horrible where they lived how can fish live like that.

Kaitlin - 2005-10-29
I have 2 common Goldfish named Titus and Goliath.(Believe it or not there are plenty of people like me who name every animal we get.) I have had Titus for a record setting (for me at least) FIVE, count them, 5 years! I used to not have very much luck with goldfish. My very first goldfish was a big mistake. I had it for two days when I had to clean the bowl. well i did everything normal while cleaning it except I put hot water in after I was done. (I was 6 years old at the time and it was cold outside.) I put Goldie in his bowl and he swam for two seconds and floated to the top. I was standing in the kitchen poking my fingers in the bowl saying swim fishy, go down fishy! My Older Brother came in and stuck his fingers in the bowl then shouted, "Mom! Kaitlin fried the Goldfish!"

tashfiq - 2005-10-19
I love my fish, they are so cool. They are 23 months. There are also 3 tetras, 5 algea eaters, and 4 angelfishes. They are the coolest of all my fishes. They are 8 inches. They love it when I give them food, they eat it in 10 seconds. They swim everywhere in my 40 gallon tank. They are the oldest and biggest of all the fish I ever trained. They onced tried attacking my tetra. They sometimes bang their heads in my tank. I bought 13 but two died in 3weeks, but the others are living well. I would recommend them for u to. Tashfiqfarjaf

tashfiq - 2005-10-17
I have 6 goldfishs, they are at least 8 inches and fun to watch. they are 6 years old and they share the tank with 3 algae eaters. I recommend you to buy this fish.

tashfiq - 2005-10-17
I love my fish, they are are so cool. They share the tank with 5 other fishes, they are 8 inches, and are 8 years old. They are fun to watch. They were 15 cents at the store, all orange, and were 2 inches when I got them. We then got some guppies they played with the goldfishes. 2005 october

Lauren - 2005-10-07
Hi :)

The goldfish is one of the most misunderstood aquarium fish. Comets and commons need at least 15 gallons EACH. They need that space because with proper care, they can get to be 16" or more, and they are one of the messiest fish. You should get a filter that filters at least 10 times the gallons per hour (ex: If you have a 10 gallon tank, you want to buy a filter with 100 gph) and do 25% water changes weekly. Goldfish simply are not meant for bowls.