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Goldfish are fun to watch... just look at all the different colors of these beautiful fish!
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goldfisheringman - 2007-02-24
My dad bought these a while ago for my 6 year old brother who didn't take care of them well. Had 4 2-inchers in a 2.5 gallon tall tank that saw rare partial water changes, at least two complete water changes, and a week long summer heat wave! Since then, 2 of them died and now they are in my care. I used one of them to cycle my first 5.5 gallon tank for guppies and it lived with some ammonia burns that are now gone with the use of "stress coat" water treatment. That marked my entrance into this wonderful and addictive hobby- i went from a 2.5 g tank to a 5.5g, then a 20g, and now a 55g for cichlids. I've grown fond of goldfishes all because I like of their behavior and because they are hardy fishes. Now they are a fat 3 inches and are smarter than before, very cute and nice fishes. One day i'll have a pond with goldfishes:)

Leslie - 2007-01-11
My name is Debbie Ekkels and I love my goldfish so much that I named him Dekkie Ekkels. I am planning on getting Dekkie some companions (he seems very lonely) but I'm not sure what type of fish he would get along with. I was thinking guppies since they seem easy to care for - I'd like my tank to be diversified.

Becky - 2006-12-29
Um, I just bought like seven goldfish to add to my tank of 2 blue mystery snails.. they were named Larry and Gary, BUT I found out my tank was a little TOO small, so I split them up. 3 in the one tank with the snails and four in the other (alone). I really hope this FIRST experience of mine with the goldfish will be a good one.. I read a bunch of stuff about goldfish and came to find out that they are very sensitive animals, which shocked me because the guy at the pet store said they were EASY to take care of, which makes me wonder how difficult it must be to take care of TROPICAL fish...but yea... um, so hopefully it wont be too crowded given the fact that they are only babies... They're not big at all, so that might be to my advantage of disadvantage... IDK!

Sally Kerr - 2006-12-19
I just bought a shubunkin today (19/dec/06), and he's gorgeous.
But i've had a common goldfish for about 2years now, my family bought HIM (Gomp) as a welcome home present along with another smaller fish who was unfortunatly sick when he was bagged.
I've read that goldfish are great because they don't fight, but my goldfish is bully. He killed off his "room-mate) probably because he saw the other as wasting food and oxygen.

When i added my shubunkin today Gomp was in for a shock, i purposefully bought a fish about the same size or slightly bigger than my goldfish because my other half's brother is a fish doctor and he said once a fish is a bully he will always be a bully. 4hours after i added my shubunkin they were like best friends.

I reccommend not having a single fish for any length of time, I kept from getting another fish for two reasons; one - he was a bully, and two - i needed a bigger tank, luckily the small tank sprung a leak and so i was able to go buy a larger tank for a reason! My goldfish actually forgot fish live in shouls and kept freaking out when the shub wanted to shoul and be close to him... its was funny but a bit sad :(

jessica - 2006-11-19
I have 1 common goldfish in a 1 gallon tank.Her name is haley and I love her alot.You should get one!!!

Leigh - 2006-10-26
I love my comet goldfish so much that I built a special room in my home for them!

debbie - 2006-09-25
I love my comet goldfish Junior. He's the cutest thing I've ever seen

Samantha - 2006-09-07
I have 4 goldfishes in my aquarium. I love them so much. They are perfectly nice and peaceful fish. They are the only fish that don't fight. You people have to buy goldfish.

Duncan - 2006-08-20
I've had two common goldfish and two comet goldfish for quite some time now and they have acted normal. I've noticed the one of my comet goldfish is pregnant. I'm Very exited to see the newbornes!

ena4fish - 2006-06-22
Hi, i love the gold fish very much and this fish is very charming. so i go to buy two of this fish today. my tank has 2 red caps, 2 black moors, 2 fantail, and 2 oranda.