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Goldfish are fun to watch... just look at all the different colors of these beautiful fish!
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augrie - 2007-12-11
Hello, I'm Augrie and I live in brazil. I have 2056 fish.

harlie - 2007-11-30
Hi all, I won 4 common (feeder) goldfish at the Bureau County fair this past August (2007). 1 died the following day and I figured that they all would within a week or so, since I've never had any luck keeping the ones from fairs alive. Suprisingly the other 3 had been very healthy and active. I just lost 1 more about a month ago, it was a fighter, as it took roughly 22 hours for it to give in. I felt so bad but there wasn't anything I could do :( The other 2 are doing fine and I am getting them a larger fish tank soon as well as some new companions. I'm not real sure what is going on with them but the bigger of the 2 fish keeps nudging the smaller one in its stomach area. I was wondering if it is trying to mate with the other but I don't think they would be old enough for that yet but it is hilarious watching them do this.

I - 2007-08-06
My friend has two goldfish and loves them. One's Fishy and the other is Pretty Eyes. She loves them to death but sadly the two goldfish are stuck in a tiny (maybe 1 gallon)bowl. They are crammed and are always asking for food. When they dont see any on the bottom, here they come to the top!

Anonymous - 2007-08-06
I breed all types of gold fish and my favorite to breed are the black moor gold fish. I love them because the are easy to keep clean but you should always have a filter unless you have a betta. But get the fancy black moor goldfish

seaweed - 2007-06-06
i have a fancy calico gold fish that i'v had for three months now. i seem to be thee only person in my family who has been able to keep a fish alive this long and in a fish bowl! a couple days ago i setup my 40 gal and bought three common gold fish to test it. today I put my fancy calico in. they are getting along great. im going to get a black moor next and some live plants. having fish is fun!

MACKENZIE - 2007-05-31
My name is Mackenzie and I am the proud owner of two new goldfish! I think one is a shubunkin because of its calico color and forked long tail and i believe the other one is a common goldfish. they are both fairly small and i have them both in a triangle shaped one gallon tank with a plant and those little rocks for scenery. i feed them one or two pinches of goldfish food every morning! They swim up and down the sides of the tank and try to eat the bubbles at the top like they think the bubbles are food for them!

Hannah - 2007-05-19
My names Hannah, I'm 15 and live in Oregon. I have been raising fish since I was 6. I won my first fish (a goldfish) at a fair. I took better care of that fish then I did my room (or so my parents said) It died a year later on my birthday. After that my dad got me 3 regular goldfish, 2 lived for 1 year and the last one grew to be 11 inches (in a 5 gallon tank) and lived for 7 years. He ended up getting sick and I "nursed" him almost practically back to health, (it couldn't breath properly so I put a hose next to his mouth (gills) so he could breath) but he only last 3 more weeks. During the 7 years I had my goldfish I got some Guppies, bug eyed goldfish (or so I call them), and a algae eater who never showed it's face. the guppies had babies and I saved them. but after a year I had a sickness go around my tanks and all my fish died. So it wasn't for another year or so that I got fish. I got different types of tropical fish. But just this last year my cousin had a wedding and for decorations on the tables they had feeder goldfish in little vases with fake flowers. Now after everything was over they said that they were going to just flush the fish (there were 50 fish) so I said I would take them all, now seeing as this wasn't the place to find bags for the fish to go in we put them in sandwich bags and took them home. at that time they weren't even an inch big. I had a disease go through the tank but I contained it as best I could. I still have those goldfish and I now only have about 20-30 so several died, and some that died had been eaten so some just kind of disapeared with out me knowing. But all my fish are up and swimming and that's the way I plan on keeping it!

Catie - 2007-04-28
Thanks for all your help, my fish thank you too. You saved 'em, gracias! (Thank you in Espanol)

Anonymous - 2007-04-01
I have had fish before, but only for pets. This time I've got nine fish for a school science project yet they keep dying so I have to start all over. I think I've started over at least three times now so my experiment is getting less and less accurate by the week. But when all of the fish died they were in plastic rubbermade containers because the containers are big and that was the experiment. Once we started for the third time I was given glass fish bowls to put them in and only three have died in three weeks. That's actually pretty good for me!

Sheep - 2007-03-23
at first i had 13 comet goldfishes and 2 minnows. all of them stayed in a 1 gallon tank at first, for 2ish days, when i cleaned and assembled all the components of our 50 gallon tank.
during the two days, all the fish survived, including the minnows.
some seemed extremely lethargic though but I attributed that to the tiny inhumane tank rather than any sicknesses.

so, i put the goldfishes in the big tank and kept the minnows in the small tank. one of the minnows died half a year later from getting stuck under bits of gravel and the air pump. how it managed to do that i do not know. the other died after a year from my sister spilling the contents of the tank while we were moving.

but enough about the minnows. so, after a month or so, about half of the gold fish had died from disease or from being eaten by other goldfish. YES FISH ARE CANNIBALS! at first i thought the patches on the skin and the missing tails were just further signs of disease but then one day, i witnessed the "Gang of Four" chasing around this other fish and nipping bits off its tail. i was horrified! so i would guess that possibly 6 fish died that kind of horrible death. probably 3 died from disease. one died from getting stuck in between some rocks. so, after a year, i only had 3 fish left. and then, i had just replaced some of the water in the tank and i put some extra inside because it was dry and the water evaporates really fast. I left a ledge of about 4 or 5 inches though so the fish wont jump out. when I got back home, i actually STEPPED on a dead fish. somehow, it managed to jump out of the tank. this teeny 4inch long fish against all odds managed to jump out of the tank.
Now, its been 3 years. I still have two fish. they have gotten quite big since they have a 50 gallon tank all to themselves. i used to be very diligent in cleaning the tank and everything but i havent cleaned it in 3 months now. the fish are fine. only they look very lonely. I would get them some friends if i weren't paranoid about getting a sick fish that would kill them.

well, I was staring at my fish again. i thought they deserved a biography. and the dead ones deserved this special tribute. GOOD LUCK FISHES!