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Goldfish are fun to watch... just look at all the different colors of these beautiful fish!
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Bergedorfer - 2011-06-24
I started with 14 Gold Fishes since 2005. Till now they have grown huge. I have also bred of course in my aquarium. Tips always use the best canister Filter,Water conditioners,Chlorine,Nitrate, Broad spectrum medicines, Ph/Kh Neutralizer. Use ultra violet bypass in the water outlet and give them plenty of oxygen via pumps. Change water after every 15 days. Feed the baby frys after the eggs have hatched with crusts of dried up small shrimps and add them back to the aquarium after they are year old till then keep them separated in another tank running on medium speed outside filter and of course oxygen with water treatment drops. Always add the collected eggs in the right Temperature Tank 25c will do till they begin to hatch. I feed my adult Gold Fishes with small shrimps soaked in water before feeding about half a small cup 2 Times a day. And when I add broad Spectrum Medication right after water change I then turn off the Ultra Violet bypass for a day or so. Filter cleaning is also necessary during the change of water in the aquarium. Make no Compromise with Maintenance and I bet you will be rewarded. LOVE THY NATURE and BE BLESSED!

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-06-25
    Wow, you are doing great but sure have your hands full. You must love it. Congratulations.
  • Bergedorfer - 2011-06-26
    Thanks :-)
Elizabeth - 2010-01-26
I must say I have learned a lot with "Lucky" my goldfish. He was my starter fish. Well him and two others. But two died. They got sucked up into the filter. Yap...learned my lesson on that one. And truth be told that is how Lucky got his name. He was the only one left. So he was.... lucky. We started him out in a 20 gallon tank. He has had filters, heat and bubbles from day one. Now he is in a 120 gallon tank all by himself. He is about 8 to 9 inches long. Lucky is almost 13 years old now and on January 10th 2010 we noticed he was not his normal self. It is now January 26th 2010 and we have done and are still doing EVERYTHING we can possible think of to help make him better. His symptoms are: laying at the bottom of the tank, pop-eye, trying to swim but he ends up on his side. He was bloated, his scales where protruding and had not went poop in sometime. So we have went from Constipation, to Swim Bladder Disorder, to Dropsy, to Septicemia. And NOW I am at a loss. We have done so much, water changes of 20% or more, at one point we did a complete water change removing all the old rock with new. (He really loves new water)It has been a roller coaster ride with him doing good and then he goes back down-hill again. We added Aquarium Salt to his tank as suggested by a pet store to help pull out the fluid that was causing the bloating. That worked cause now he is skinning. Scales are much better he looks normal again rather than a pine cone. He is starting to now show black spots on his scales. I forget what it was called, but they stated that it is a sign of the fish's body healing itself. He still is very weak. Not swimming around and not beinging able to stay up straight. We have been hand-feeding him for about a week now. It was to the point to where he was laying on his side and we where having to pick him up by hand and lean him againest something, because he couldn't get up by himself. And today was the first day that he has actually trying to chase my hand. (it's cute) it acts as if he is starving. Tonight he has been able to sit up by him self for short periods of time and is becoming more active. He has also got on his side and got his own self up quite a few times tonight without our help. But he is still no Normal Lucky. He swims slowly, and only a inch or so at a time, then he stops and takes a break. He is always at the bottom of the tank. He hasn't tried to swim up in a week. Also I seen about 2 days ago a clear like string about an inch or so long with almost hair like things on it floating in the tank. The tank was just cleaned 100%. And then tonight he was resting against his ship and I went down to feed him and there was this long string like thing that almost looked like feces, but it was red and brown. We have treated him and his tank with Maracyn-Two and also a Gel-Tek Medication Food with Tetracycline. That treatment was completed almost 36 hours ago. At that time it called for a 20 % water change, but with the tank water beinging a yellow color and Lucky doing VERY bad, I decided to do a 70% water change. It has been a little over 24 hours since his water change out. He is showing an inprovement tonight, but I hate to get my hopes up because his health is always changing. Tonights testing showed the Nitate levels at 20ppm. and the Ammonia leavel now is 0.25 ppm. We are trying to get them back down to 0.0 ppm. We have been checking for PH levels as well. Ph Looks good. But does ANYONE have any sugguestions??? Is there something I am missing? Lucky is our pride and joy! With his very own personality! This fish has been through a lot over the years, putting up with us as newbie fish parents. I have to do all that I can to help him. So please if you know of anything, Please help.

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  • angie - 2010-02-26
    I just read your post. I hope your goldfish is doing ok. I think it is awesome that there are people like you who care so greatly about animals. You have done alot more than most...including the person that posted right after you. Good luck to you and your little pride and joy.
  • Alexi - 2010-03-01
    I am an owner of two common goldfish. I want to help you. Even though I am 12. Are you putting water conditioner in your tank regularly? If not, you should start soon. 13 years? Dang he's old.
  • Anonymous - 2010-06-17
    Too much water, lonely?
  • Laura - 2010-08-01
    Check out anchor worm... if he has it it's easy to treat :) Good luck
  • david - 2010-09-15
    Go to and see if anyone can help there.
  • Robert - 2010-09-29
    Try buying another goldfish. That might help. Maybe he's lonely.
  • Erika - 2010-10-02
    I looked at the part where you talked about him swimming on his sides! This mostly happens because when fish eat pellets, they expand in their body, this blocks their bladder, making them unable to swim correctly. If I were you, I would soak the pellets in water for about 5 minutes before feeding them to Lucky, that way they don't expand in his bladder. Also, constipation are signs of the pellets expanding in his body. Do not pick him up by hand, if you don't have to! Picking them up by hand can cause infection! Since he is pretty sick right now, his body wont be able to fight off infection as easily. The hair like things could have been caused by mating season. Males get hair like things over their fin and head. Long feces can be caused by over feeding. Good luck with Lucky! :) Please, reply back and tell me how things are going with Lucky! I hope my reply hasn't been too late. :( Try taking him off pellets, or soaking the pellets in water for about 5 minutes before feeding him, and don't feed him too much! Goldfish are the type of fish that, if you put food in the tank, they will eat it whether hungry or not! Too much food causes long feces, and make them more prone to sickness or infection. Try these things for a few months, and if they aren't working, tell me and I could give you a few websites to look around on. I hope things turn out okay with Lucky!
  • Lucky - 2010-10-03
    I wish I knew a way to help your goldfish. It might be dying, or it may have some kind of disease. Have you checked with a veterinarian to see what the problem is?
  • \"Violet\" - 2010-10-10
    What food are you feeding Lucky? Grains or Flakes. We had a fish for 17 years, and we didn't even have a filter, or an oxygen thing. We fed him the little grains. I recently got another fish, after our old one died, and I fed the new one flakes. He died 2 weeks later. I don't have a scientific reason, but since then, I have had 10 fish, fed on Grains, and they are all still alive.
    Good Luck.
  • Nick - 2010-10-12
    I hope Lucky is doing well, I have had this problem a few times, overeating I think was the cause..
  • Mary - 2010-10-26
    Keep trying Elizabeth .......I wish you best of luck. Mary.
  • John - 2011-12-25
    You say you changed all the rocks and water you probably got new tank syndrome which won't help an ill and weak fish
Jimmy Thai - 2011-06-04
I have 4 common goldfish, 2 shubunkin, 4 comets, and 6 wakins in a 1000g pond in my backyard. they're about 7 in. hope they can survive for 20 yrs+

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-06-04
    Me too - that must be some tank. Enjoy.
  • Lalit Patil - 2011-09-14
    There is a fungus on my goldfishs tail?? What to do for it??
LagoonPirate - 2011-08-27
I spent my early childhood on a floating logging camp in a large ocean and river fed lagoon. Most of the fish I saw as a kid were strange crosses between ocean and river fish. The next door neighbor raises koi, and gave me two large goldfish for my aquarium. One is about 7" long and one is about 5". I am going to experiment with compatible fishes, because in the wild, all fish are multi-type social. If they work out, that's OK. If they don't I would like to have somewhere I could send them to a good home. If anybody might take a fish off my hands if they are not compatible, I would be very happy. I will post them here when they are available. Thanks a lot for all the real great input.

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  • Anonymous - 2011-08-29
    Awesome thoughts and sounds like interesting life.
Bergedorfer - 2011-06-26
You can use Either of Canister Filters EHEIM, TETRATEC or OSMOSIS & as for water treatment I am using Tetratec Products, Ultraviolet lights comes in many different watts & Brands the wattage of the light depends on the size of your aquarium. I am using Jbl. Use Siphon vacuum pipes for water changing and run thoroughly through the gravels in clockwise and anticlockwise gentle motions, CHANGE ABOUT half of the aquarium water depending upon how dirty the water is & when adding fresh water make it 100% sure that its in proper Temperature with water Treatment drops added in advance & let the water settle down for a while in room Temperature, Sounds Cumbersome but this way you will have less causalities. Always ensure that the filter pipes and medium is rinsed clean after every water change Including the rotor of the Filter. I am not growing any plants in my aquarium but instead have a creeper spreading its roots in the gravels on the back side of my aquarium this creeper is growing outside commonly known as (Money Plant) The roots of this plants helps to reduce pollutants & the Gold Fishes cannot Devour it either, While vacuuming the dirty water out scrub the slime from the aquarium glasses inside. Never keep the aquarium near the window because sunlight can encourage algae growth & those who are living in Cold Climate must use a Heater in the aquarium either internal that can be stuck to the sides of the aquarium corner or the best is the BASE under gravel Heater, Hope these Tips will Help those who care for Gold fishes.

donkey - 2011-05-18
I used to have 3 common gold fish that grew to be about 6 inches long. I had a red and white one named Charlie, an orange one w/ a black lip named Hitler (I mean come on, what else are you gonna name a fish w/ a little Hitler stache?) and then a solid orange one named Sadaam. Hitler was the first to be named because of his markings, Charlie came second and I figured since we were going w/ war names (you're always looking for Charlie in the jungle, Hitler was a mass murdering tyrant) I decided Sadaam (an extreme terrorist) was appropriate. That was several years. I have recently set up a new tank after years of not having one and my water is ready for some tester goldfish. And given the recent events in the world I have decided to look for fumbling idiot ( and name it Bush), a hidey-hole sneaky fish (name it Osama) and an aggressive trigger happy fish (and name it Cheney).

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-05-19
    I like those names. Keep on going. Good for you.
  • donkey - 2011-05-20
    So here's an update. I got 6 feeder gold fish from Petco. By the time I got them home I had 2 casualties. So that sucked. It wasnt a long driver either. So yesterday my husband went to the store and got the duds exchanged. He brought home two new good ones. So I've got a silver one that just lolly-gags along that everybody picks on (he's Bush). I got an orange one w/ lots of black on him (that one's Osama) and a solid orange one that keeps trying to harass everyone (so he's Cheney) I also have a mostly red w/ some white one that my son named Shrimpy. (he's 8.) then we have an orange one that has like a black mohawk. (for the moment we are calling him Mr. T until we think of something better) and then a mostly white w/ some red that we haven't named yet. So I am open to suggestions. Feel free to reply and throw out some names for Mr. T and nameless.

    Ps. All six fish are very happy and active.
  • donkey - 2011-06-02
    So now I'm down to 2 fish, Osama and Shrimpy. My water is perfect. My filter rocks and I feed them regularly. I've never had this problem keeping gold fish before. Needless to say I'm not happy with the quality of the stock from the PETCO in Bastrop, TX. I went in the other day to pick up a few more and of the dozen or so they had and only 2 were swimming. They were supposed to get more yesterday so I might go back today and look at the fresh stock. Otherwise I may pick some up the next time I'm in austin.
  • donkey - 2011-06-02
    So now I'm down to 2 fish, Osama and Shrimpy. My water is perfect. My filter rocks and I feed them regularly. I've never had this problem keeping gold fish before. Needless to say I'm not happy with the quality of the stock from the PETCO in Bastrop, TX. I went in the other day to pick up a few more and of the dozen or so they had and only 2 were swimming. They were supposed to get more yesterday so I might go back today and look at the fresh stock. Otherwise I may pick some up the next time I'm in austin.
Jessica - 2011-05-12
How do you know when there is a difference in a goldfish gender?

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-05-12
    Although is it impossible to sex Goldfish when they are young and not in breeding season, the male is usually smaller and more slender that the female. In the breeding season the male has white prickles, called breeding tubercles, on its gill covers and head. Seen from above the female will have a fatter appearance as she is carrying eggs.

coree - 2011-04-20
I have 2 common goldfish. Their names are Stripey and Mr. White. I use to have 10 but they died from ick.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-04-20
    I am glad you have Stripey and Mr. White. Having fish is not easy at times and there is always a learning curve. Stripey and Mr. White are great names.
Britany - 2007-01-22
You know, I used to have 2 Feeder Goldfish; AKA common goldfish. I had them for a good 5 months. they'd grown to be about 5 inches long. they were both so adorable. I also had them with an Oranda, and 2 Calico Fantails in a 20 gallon aquarium. I thought that they were lonely and needed a friend, so I got them a little comet. He was so adorable, but I didn't think he would do any harm to the tank and the rest of the fish. Well, this is what happened. He was sick. The newbie was sick with ick and soon died. And then my other fish had gotten red stripes down their tails as if they were really stressed out and then had little white specks. I didn't want them to die and neither did my mother, but crud happens. They all died. That was one extremely tragic night for me when the last one that had survived for 3 days; (the others didn't last as long), which was a feeder, died. OMG, I was crying so much. It taught me a huge lesson, never add any fish to the tank when it has already been established. (ESPECIALLY if that fish is from Petco). I'd never buy my fish from there ever again. Such sick fish they have in those feeder tanks, boy. The only fish I'll be getting from there ever again is the betta. I got 2 of my bettas from that place, and 1 from Scuffy's Pet Center in Wayne, NJ. The 2 that I got from Petco are great, but the one from Scuffy's seems to be sick. And I got him a long while ago. I trust Scuffy's, I just don't trust Petco. Anyway, Feeder Goldfish (Commons) are great fish. They rock! I love them ever so much. Very strong fish. If you don't have one, get one! They rule!

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  • Josh spear - 2011-03-09
    Petco is the WORST place to get fish I had a saltwater tank setup and had been running for a month and had cycled and they sold me a grouper that wouldn't touch it's food and died so I took it to the store and they said I didn't take good enough care of it I feed it all the food they recommended for it I was pissed off.
kat - 2011-01-03
Gold fish is about to die, seems they have too much slime coat on them, they have a fog over their eyes, what is it and how can I save them? Help.