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Goldfish are fun to watch... just look at all the different colors of these beautiful fish!
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Brendan Wong - 2005-01-19
Today I bought a medium sized comet and a medium sized blackmoor. I added them to my tank which was already home to a redcap and a shubunkin. My comet which is yet to be named is very crazy as he was jumping around in the bad desperate to be free. He/She is really slender and beautiful. I enjoy watching my 4 fishes swimming around.

Cassidy Jones - 2004-10-22
I have had up to 30 Comet goldfish at a time, and I love them! Contrary to popular belief, they live longer than a week. Ive had my feeder comets for a year, and they are still going strong! I do not believe they are a good beginner fish, because they require a lot of cleaning. they have fast metabolisms, so they are constantly eating and extricating. I have two undergravel filters and one power filter in my ten gallon tank, and that seems to be the minimum to keep the water clear for two weeks. Then I do a partial water change. There are currently ten small comets and shubun comets in there. I do not believe in keeping them in "goldfish bowls" either, unless you are willing to clean them out every other day! That would be hard on the fish, so I dont suggest it. Those of you who keep healthy goldfish, enjoy!

Lauren Rechelle - 2004-09-19
I am a college student and I decided that my room needed a goldfish to brighten up the place, but due to Toxic fumes from a fire my roomate caused he only lived for a day. I went out and got two new ones, and they are doing great. Many people dont agree with where I keep them, but I think their homes are festive. One is in a Martini glass and the other is in a Wine glass. But dont worry, they each have a pebble in there for scenery!! So its just like the ocean....They both love their homes and I am just about ready to name them, I am thinking Pixie and Nixie!

Sian - 2004-09-07
I have a common goldfish named Sam. I have had him for eight months and he is really beautiful. I originally bought 3 fish but the other two died.

Shay - 2004-08-26
I hate when you see those games at the carnival where the prize is a live goldfish. I mean most people just throw it in a cheap plastic bowl when they get home and then they forget about it and claim goldfish only live for a few days.

Marcus Barber - 2004-07-16
I first bought 15 feeder goldfish at 5 for a dollar 3 years ago. The nice lady at the pet store gave me one extra. They were only about an inch long. In the past 3 years 3 have died but the rest are between 5 and 6 inches long. They seem to be growing too fast but that is probably only because I have kept them in an outdoor tank. I guess you could call it a tank it is actually a huge tractor tire that is approximately 450 gallons and is directly hooked to a well and has water available anytime. There is a faucet thing underwater that is tied to a plastic float. All I have to do is push the float down and water comes out. The tank is about 4 foot across and 3 foot deep. I keep them there all year round even in the winter. It freezes about 2 inches solid every year about every day in the winter. I am only 14 years old so I`m out of school during the winter because of snow so I have this sledge hammer to bust the ice gently so not to scare the fish. The tank doesn`t have any sort of filtration just when I dip out about 10% of the water every day.

Dick Henry - 2004-06-21
My goldfish has grown past your average. My goldfish has grown to be about a foot and a half long in my 150 gallon tank.

Jill - 2004-04-30
My goldfish, Poko, is 11 years old and over 10 inches long. He is a really cool fish (although I am not sure if Poko is a he or a she, but I have always assumed it is a he). A while back he started getting a growth on his eye, and it keeps getting bigger. He will bump it on something every once and a while and it will fall off, but it will grow back, even bigger. I think it is some sort of tumor or something, but I have not found anyone who knows what it is for sure. I have tried different medications, and it will seem to get a little better at first, but it stops working after a while. A read in one book that things like this would need to be surgically removed... But I do not know anyone who would perform surgery on a fish!

Elysia - 2004-04-30
I have five fish, the common goldfish is my favorite!!!!!!! He always puts on a show when I go to the tank. I think my fish can feel the vibration fo my voice through the water when I speak. haha.

BigSquid - 2004-03-24
Goldfish are fabulous, but just be careful what breeds you put together. My recommendation (from personal experience) is DO NOT put Common and Bubble-eyes together! Pick one or the other!