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The Comet Goldfish is much like the common goldfish, but is a more reddish orange color and has a much longer, deeper forked tail fin!
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Lily Mae Flynn - 2011-07-15
I bought my fish yesterday and all its done is go to the toilet I've had goldfish before and none of them have done this can some one please help me?

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-07-16
    Yeah sometimes you canjust get a goldfish and he is in the time where all he does is empty. Goldfish produce a lot of waste - it is normal. They don't really have a stomach so what goes in - comes out. Feed him a little a few times a day - not a lot once a day - that might help.
Negative response - 2011-05-18
I just bought 3 either sarasa comet goldfish or comet goldfish (can't tell difference) about 5 days ago and it doesn't eat the food I gave them. My tank is extremely clean and is 100 gallons. Their tankmates are all goldfish. 10 tankmates and the biggest tankmate is 2.5 inches. My 3 sarasa/comet is about 3.25 inches long. I feed them floating pellets for goldfish and tropical fish. And it said on the brand, only for ornmental fish anyways the won't eat. But if they do they spit it out. They are small pellets. Somebody plz help!!! And btw I learn that fish don't eat in their new aquarium for a few days but it been almost a week! What can I do?

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  • Anonymous - 2011-06-02
    flakes should do the trick
jay - 2010-04-24
I just bought my two first comet fish do they have to have a pump? The pet store said they don't?

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  • Sara - 2010-05-10
    Yeah they need a pump. They told me I didn't either and 2 of them ended up dying within a couple days . It would be best cuz they use a lot of oxygen and poop a lot!
  • David Brough - 2011-04-09
    Although people often keep them in the proverbial "goldfish bowl" it is much better to keep them in a larger aquarium with filtration.
Michael - 2011-03-27
Just got back from a business trip. My comet tail is upside-down, has very shallow rapid breathing and has what appear to be white-ish "veils" on her belly and, possibly, in her gill slits. What can I do quickly? She's about 7 years old and is about 9 inches in length.

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  • David Brough - 2011-03-31
    Make sure there is enough aeration in the aquarim, check the temperature (too hot?), check for ammonia or nitrite and do a large water change (say 50%) if they are detected, and put in a dose of ich medication like aquarisol, rid-ich, etc.
Taylor Sharp - 2011-03-13
HELP! again...

I just got back from spring break and I put him back in his 10 gallon tank with distilled water (my college has really bad water problems. Students aren't even allowed to drink or do anything with the water without boiling it. I've had fish die because of the water, even when treated). I put some stress coat and aquasafe in the tank. Then once I turned on the filter it started smelling like sulfur. I took my fish out again and have him in his traveling container, but I don't know what to do about the filter and stuff. I read some things about water smelling like sulfur. All I really got out of it is that something is wrong with the filter, some peoples fish died, and the water got cloudy (which I took my fish out before anything could happen). How do I fix the smell and will the water be safe for my fish if I just take my filter out? He's not exactly happy about being the traveling tank, so a fast reply would be greatly appreciated.

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  • Taylor Sharp - 2011-03-13
    I'm going to redo the tank with brand new water again. I'd still like to know if it's safe to use my filter or if it's the chemicals. I never had this problem before when it came to this.
  • Justin Brough - 2011-03-22
    Here's the fast reply - NOT (sorry). What kind of filter is it? Can you just change the material in the filter and any carbon or other resins in it? The problem with starting over is the biological filter will be wiped out. Best to keep at least the gravel and/or whatever ornaments you may have.
Orland Johnson - 2011-03-18
3--18--2011-----I have had comets for about 4 or 5 years--"the Raccoons like them for lunch--

I have outside pond in Northwest Wa., and the comets have come through the ice and snow real well, they do well with the rain water, seem to be very hardy--I have about a 40 gal pond with a waterfalls-they are nice pets--really enjoy them--

Sam Tebi - 2010-03-14
I got my fish yesterday but it just swims into the wall of the bowl. Is it just lonely because I only got one?

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  • Dave - 2010-03-20
    All goldfish are social fish and do best in numbers.
  • Anonymous - 2011-03-09
    You shouldn't ever put a fish in a bowl, and you should keep at least two.
Mike - 2008-08-01
i was thinking what is easier to take care of comet or common goldfish?

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  • Isabel cormier - 2011-02-28
    It's about the same.
Juanita Fagan - 2010-11-22
I bought a comet goldfish and I really like it and I think that the comet goldfish is easy to take care of. The comet goldfish are very pretty to keep for a pet, so if anyone who ever wants a fish for a pet I would recommend them to get a comet goldfish.

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  • jason - 2010-12-11
    Not so they get bigger it will be harder to care for..after let's say 3 or 5 years try getting a 30 gallon aquarium.
  • Isabel cormier - 2011-02-28
    I agree. I have two comet feeder fish (goldfish) and they are doing great. I say that they are for ages 8+ so that they are feed properly and looked after. For those wondering they must be feed two times a day. If you have small flake food feed them as much as they will eat in two min.
Joel - 2011-02-02
I had 9 comets which were all about 15 cm long in my pond until the other day when two kookaburras decided to eat 6 of them. It was then that I noticed that I had about 25 baby comets swimming around at about 1 to 2 centimeters in size. Life goes on.. Take that kookaburra!

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  • jayden - 2011-02-25
    You posted this on my b-day.