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The Bubble Eye Goldfish is a truly bizarre looking fish with big bubbles on the side of its head!
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Jeremy - 2006-06-19
I just got my new fish the day before yesterday: 3 goldfish and a bubble-eyed fish. But today i saw him stuck in the filter! I got him off and aside from a little redness and swelling and sideways swimming he was fine. But then his tail-fins got stuck in the bubbilator intake and got shredded!! I had to honorably discharge him in the toilet. I need a way to keep the filter intakes covered so they still take in water but not my poor bubbly!

calai - 2006-05-21
one of my bubble eye fish's cheek deflated and it's turning black and it does not want to eat. i have six of them in my aquarium and the other five were attacking her. i decided to put her in a small bowl, but i think she is not happy and she feels lonely. You know what they say, when a fish is not happy right, you are not happy too... i pray she will get better, so i can put her back in the aquarium and be happy again... get well fish!!!! *-*

Cat - 2006-05-18
I got two bubbled eyed fish about a week ago. They are quite sensitive, one of them did not cope with being moved and only lasted about two days. The other one is looking good. They are cute little fish and they love eating. I think they're great pets to have!

Lydia Borilovic - 2006-04-30
It isn't a swimming upside down floating action, rather it's a full on food-seeking, backflips, very controlled swimming. Both my fish are still absolutely fine and dandy. Yaaayy!!

A Shah - 2006-04-18
I've kept a black bubble eye for over 18 months. his sac have never gave him a problem. when they are young they look clumsy but with age they learn speed is needed to catch the flakes before the faster fishes. i agree they do get infection easily but a very friendly fish, loves eating.

Zoey Sanders - 2006-04-06
I just got a Bubble Eyed Goldfish today, and I have never had one before; so, I don't know for sure how great a pet they are. In the past though, I have had TONS of different types of freshwater goldfish including the Black Moor, Fantails, ext. So far, she is doing excellent with the other fishes in the tank.

Diana - 2006-04-04
I have had goldfish for a few months now - they are beautiful fish with real character. However I would not recommend these fish for beginners as their bubbles are so delicate. If you do decide to buy one of these fish, PLEASE make sure your filter intake is covered with nylon so they do not get their bubbles sucked in and deflated. Also, sharp decorations and rocks should not be present. If possible keep these fish only with other bubble-eyes or celestial goldfish as they have a hard time competing for food. Although it may be cute to see your fish swimming on it's back, this is a sign of poor water quality or incorrect diet so please make sure you do your homework before buying any fish. Bubble-eyes can live for up to 15 years (and over!) so please make sure you research and provide the best possible environment for your fish.

Jenny - 2006-03-31
We've had our Bubble Eye(Cheeks) along with some regular goldfish, a koi, a betta, and a sucker fish for about 2 months now. They've all gotten along swimmingly! We pretty much jumped right into the "fish tank" thing, but I've had no problems with Cheeks. I did however, notice that one of his sacs is deflated! Not sure how it happened, but from reading the comments left on this site, I have nothing to worry about! But, I just had to say that as a beginner set of fish, they are excellent! I recommend Bubble Eyes!

Kali - 2006-03-13
I today found out that our little bubble eye fish was stuck to the filter. It took a lot for me to pull the little guy off and he is still alive and swimming around like normal so I think he is gonna be ok (I hope so). His little bubble was deflated but I noticed its getting a little bigger again, I hope he'll be okay. They are such cute little fish.

michelle - 2006-03-08
I Have a bubble eye fish (Daisy) and a feeder fish (Flounder). they get along VERY well. I had Daisy first. I originally had two bubble eyed fish but one died so I wanted her to have a companion, thats when I got Flounder. Daisy swims on her back a whole lot then when its feeding time she does these cute little flips eating the food while Flounder is zipping around the tank eating his. they are a lot of fun to watch. when Daisy first started swimming on her back I thought she was dead the first time I saw her, but now I get worried when I see her upright too long. Its been going on for about 6 months now, love the fish!