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The Bubble Eye Goldfish is a truly bizarre looking fish with big bubbles on the side of its head!
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jen - 2009-12-05
Mista Bubble Head the II is sick I think.... he got his tail stuck in the filter and it was all red and bloodshot in places. The next day, the dead tissue had fallen off and now he has like black marks on his tail, almost like bruising. His tummy is all swollen and some tiny blisters have appeared on his bubbles which are also going black in some spots. He's still swimming around quite actively, and I think it's just stress. He's had his bubbles stuck in the filter before when he was little too. The first time it took like 2 weeks to grow back, the second time, 2 days. The dead tissue eventually fell off like parts of his tail and a new bubble was growing underneath to replace it.
He's my second Bubble eye, and my first had his cheeks stuck in the filter as well, and re-grew the same way.

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  • elizabeth - 2010-02-20
    My Bubble Eyed Goldfish also has had his bubble cheeks stuck in the filter three times now! He is definitely a survivor but I need an alternative filter option because no animal deserves to suffer this way. Seeing him bruised up hurts me so much. Top Fin does not have a proper website to complain to. Any ideas?
Renee Rhoades - 2010-01-26
We got a bubble eyed goldfish last weekend from the pet store that floats and swims upsided down and at the top. The owners told us it has air in the tummy, like constipation for 2 months but other than that it is healthy and will live a long time. But it looked pathetic and we felt so sorry for him.
So we looked here on this website for suggestions and read that feeding it "frozen" cooked Peas with the skin taken off might work. Well it did! I dropped about 4 unskinned, cooked peas in the tank the next morning and by the afternoon he was normal! Thank you so much for the suggestion!!
The Rhoades Family

jam444 - 2010-01-02
I just got 2 bubble eyed fish and have had them for three days w/out a filter. I just moved them to a 10gallon tank with a filter but both have each gotten their bubbles in it once already. I got them loose, both bubbles seem to be intact except for swelling, but I'm worried how can I stop that from happening. Turned the filter off for tonight.

Ally - 2009-12-23
Im getting bubble eye fish today, i havent checked the ph or ennything but the tank has been running for over 4 days now.

Is it ok if i stil add my bubble eye to the tank?

Editors note: It would probably be better to add a bubble-eye after the aquarium has cycled. Regular goldfish would be better to cycle the fish tank with since they are inexpensive and hardier than a bubble-eye goldfish. It usually takes about 5 weeks to cycle an aquarium.

Charlie - 2009-11-15
Our fish is called bubbles, he is a lovely little fish and my son loves him very much. We have him in a tank with eight other fish and he seems to get on with the others very well. We would recommend a bubble fish to anyone, as they make a great cold water fish.

Anna - 2009-09-18
I decided to buy a bubble eye goldfish today to add with my other gold fish.. big and sad mistake... the poor lil bubble eye died unfortunately...

Katie - 2009-07-17
My Bubble-Eye fish is named Darcy. I was never that keen on having pet fish, but one day my friend and I went to the pet shop because she wanted to get another fish. I wasn't going to get one, but once I saw this fish I loved him! He has such a personality and I'm glad I deceided to buy him!

Olmec - 2009-06-15
I recently got a bubble eye goldfish. At the pet store he was swimming very energetically. But when we got him home and his bubble got stuck in the filter 3 times. Now he just sits at the bottom.He also has a broken back. He is probably soom to die. ;&

Denissa - 2009-06-06
I got a Betta fish and I put it with my other beat, and they went bolestic on each other...

logan - 2009-06-01
I have a bubble eye goldfish that I recently got. He was getting along and swimming just fine until one day I noticed him on the bottom of the tank (almost upside down like he was dead). I moved him and he went crazy. He comtinued this process for a very long time until he got up in one of our decorations. I then was thinking for sure that he was dead! The next morning when I got up one of his eyes was sucked up into the filter. I freaked out, released him, and put him in a separate bowl in my room. He is swimming around better now, but his poor little eye! He sometimes still goes into his "upside down position". I love this little guy and I don't want him to die. I am very worried and sad for the little guy, but we are kinda just waiting for him to die... help me please!