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The Bubble Eye Goldfish is a truly bizarre looking fish with big bubbles on the side of its head!
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Lora - 2010-09-14
I have a bubble eye goldfish. We've had it almost a year. It's bubbles have gotten stuck in the filter on several occasions. Each time the bubbles refill and grow back. This last time however, the bubble has grown back so enormous on one side that now the poor fish can't eat or move because the bubble keeps getting sucked into it's mouth. It's painful to watch... the fish looks like it's choking. It hasn't eaten in a day, since this has happened. I've tried helping it by putting my hand in the water and removing the skin from it's mouth. But the skin goes back in when he sucks the water. Has anyone had this happen? Is there any way to help this poor fish short of removing the bubble?

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  • Barbara - 2010-12-07
    Hi Lora, I was just looking for something like this... I mean, I got a Bubble eye goldfish and yesterday I found him with one bubble into the filter.
    So painful try to get him out without making him suffer too much, but thank God he is still alive, but with the bubble broken.
    Do I need to do something to repair it, or it will grow him self?
    I feel so bad for him :-(
    ( Sorry about my English, I'm writing from Italy :D )
    Thanks to anyone can help Bob
  • Elise - 2010-12-22
    I probably can't give you some really good suggestions and it may seem mean but it may help. Maybe you can get your fish to pop the other cheek. It may help even though I doubt it myself.
  • Elise - 2010-12-23
    Take it to the place you bought it from. Ask them if they can fix it.
  • Amanda Mesimer - 2011-04-18
    For crying out loud elsie over there thinks they are robots. I know the same thing just happened to buba my grey bubble cheek gold fish. I looked online. It does not kill them. Don't hurt his other bubble and keep him away from dumb hungry fish because they'll try and eat the popped bubble. So just let time heal it and keep him safe. They also said it grows back. It's ok. he'll be fine.
littlepooh0301 - 2011-03-08
I might get 5 bubble eyes for my birthday.On my birthday I will turn 10 and will also get a sprint cell phone.I will name the fish Annoying Orange,Tangelo,Tangerine,Flash,and Jaime.

Ashley - 2011-01-24
My goldfish is 5 years old. It is floating like it's dead on the top of the tank, but is breathing and alive. It survived like this over night. Thank god! But there is a red bloody bubble like thing comic out of it's 'poop' hole. I thought it was dropsy because it fit the symptoms, so I cleaned his tank and used Epsom salt in it, but it really didn't relieve a lot. Please if anyone knows what I should do help me. I love him. I have had him since 6th grade. :(

Kiera - 2010-09-04
I currently have one black bubble eye goldfish with a catfish and they're doing fine in a five gallon tank. I am getting about 1-2 more bubble eyes and there's plenty of room in the tank, I just can't keep many plants or else it'll be too tight,

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  • Elise - 2010-12-22
    Every month I change the theme of my tank. (Example) one month a tropical island and then the next spongebob and so on. You can put different plants in each month.
  • Kortlin - 2011-01-21
    Your fancies will get to 5 or more inches. I wouldn't add anymore goldfish to a 5 gallon. In fact I would move the one goldfish into a much larger tank. 5 gallons are good for things like bettas and tiny tetras.
lexy - 2008-09-18
I have a bubble eyed goldfish. I think he's getting close to dying because he just lays down at the bottom of hes tank and he just quits swimming. I'd like to know why he does this? We think he's lonely or just tired.

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  • Selena - 2011-01-20
    Well, I had a betta fish who just laid at the bottom of his tank and just yesterday he passed. I am pretty sure he was sick. So your bubble eyed goldfish may be sick.
. - 2010-12-29
I have had a bubbled eyed gold fish for about 3 months we recently switched it into a larger tank and it got it's bubble stuck in the filter twice within 20 minutes, we got it out but I don't know what 2 do its one cheek is deflated, and it looks like it is having trouble swimming, I heard that the fish can get infections when its cheeks pop, I would like 2 know how 2 prevent that, any ideas?

none for safety - 2010-04-20
I want one but I'm afraid about its cheeks since they're puffed and if they might die if their cheeks get popped, since they can get popped easily.

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  • dawn - 2010-06-03
    About 6 days ago my fishes bubble popped and he got it stuck in the filter. I had to shut it off and pull him out. His bubble is now a hanging piece of bloody flesh but after a few days rest he is back up and moving. He survived that he can survive a simple pop lol
  • kuldeep - 2010-08-30
    Yes, you are right.
  • matthew murray - 2010-08-30
    I've had one for 7 years now, his bubble got caught in the filter tube when he was about 2. I thought he was gonna die cuz it ripped it off but he lived. It patched up and he's great now. If they get popped just medicate him a little and he should be fine. I recommend getting this fish.
  • carly - 2010-11-06
    Get one they're great! Don't have to worry 2 much about them popping their cheeks, just make sure there are no sharp objects in tank and when taking them out to clean tank, I pick mine out gently with my hands as the net may damage them. Mine actually reacts to me calling his name lol!
  • Elise - 2010-12-22
    To make sure the cheeks don't pop nothing sharp can be in the tank. Plus they're eye sacks.
Anthony - 2010-08-04
I have a bubble fish in a 10 gal tank with two goldfish I got at the fair, a dragonfish and an albino and regular red-tailed shark, and it does just fine. In fact it eats the most out of all of the fish in the tank, haha.

honeybee61019 - 2010-07-13
I recently bought a bubble-eye and an Oranda, they are together in the bowl, but they are constantly at the top of the bowl opening their mouths and making bubble noises. I read here to fill the bowl half way as opposed to full due to surface area. Please any and all suggestions.

Stephan - 2010-04-15
Hi, I just recently bought a bubble eye. One bubble got stuck in the filter intake. It is all shriveled up. Will it grow back and if so how long on average?

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  • Alicia Hill - 2010-06-26
    Hey , I have had my bubble eye fish for a while and I named it cheeky. Today I saw him near the filter and he was stuck both cheeks! My dad pulled one out and eventually the second one out. Will he be okay? My other fishes were pushing him back up as he was going down. Will he live?