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The Bubble Eye Goldfish is a truly bizarre looking fish with big bubbles on the side of its head!
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Holly Blankenmeyer - 2004-05-16
My poor fish got one of his sacs sucked into the filter. it is now completely gone. I am assumming that they do not grow back. It is possible for the fish to survive with only one sac and no dorsel fin.

dana - 2004-05-14
My goldfish "Bubbles" has become "Bubble" I came home one day and
discovered one of his sacks stuck in the filter. The bubble has
periodically grown back but it keeps deflating. That is a great idea to put some nylon around the filter end and I am putting it on today!
The poor guy would really look bad if he lost the other:(

Alyssa - 2004-02-20
bubblefish oh my adorable!

Karla Weiss - 2004-02-15
I LOVE this breed of fish!!! The eye sacs are SO delicate that GREAT care must be taken to assure there is nothing sharp in a tank (no pointed rocks, shells, drift wood, statues--even firm dead plant stems are a danger)! Likewise, be VERY careful with filters--it is so easy for an eyesac to be "sucked into a filter tube! I cover all my filter openings with fine pieces of nylon cut from old pantyhose; this saves my bubble eyes. My favorite bubble eyes are solid velvet blacks and bright calicos.