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The Bubble Eye Goldfish is a truly bizarre looking fish with big bubbles on the side of its head!
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Lydia Borilovic - 2004-06-02
I never thought I would be into fish but when I saw the bubble-eye I fell in love. They are the funniest little fishies, who would have thought that fish could be so entertaining? I could watch their swimming style and the way they rub their little bubbly cheeks against each other every now and then, for hours on end.
I think it is really cool that their eyes are at the front of their face and that they can look straight out at you from the tank.

These fish have personality plus. I have two and they are called Cherry (short for Cherub) and Cooky, because he is. Cooky is cool because he swims upside down in the tank scanning the gravel... Amazing!!

Holly Blankenmeyer - 2004-05-16
My poor fish got one of his sacs sucked into the filter. it is now completely gone. I am assumming that they do not grow back. It is possible for the fish to survive with only one sac and no dorsel fin.

dana - 2004-05-14
My goldfish "Bubbles" has become "Bubble" I came home one day and
discovered one of his sacks stuck in the filter. The bubble has
periodically grown back but it keeps deflating. That is a great idea to put some nylon around the filter end and I am putting it on today!
The poor guy would really look bad if he lost the other:(

Alyssa - 2004-02-20
bubblefish oh my adorable!

Karla Weiss - 2004-02-15
I LOVE this breed of fish!!! The eye sacs are SO delicate that GREAT care must be taken to assure there is nothing sharp in a tank (no pointed rocks, shells, drift wood, statues--even firm dead plant stems are a danger)! Likewise, be VERY careful with filters--it is so easy for an eyesac to be "sucked into a filter tube! I cover all my filter openings with fine pieces of nylon cut from old pantyhose; this saves my bubble eyes. My favorite bubble eyes are solid velvet blacks and bright calicos.