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The Bubble Eye Goldfish is a truly bizarre looking fish with big bubbles on the side of its head!
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Sarah - 2005-11-03
I just got my first bubble-eyed goldfish. I have named him Buddha. He is adorable. I thoroughly enjoy watching him swimming around and running into the glass. It's hilarious.

James - 2005-11-02
I got a bubble eye fish just 2 months ago, his name is SpEd for Special Education. He is my dorm room friend and is still alive! everyone makes fun of him, but he has character i think, and he outlived my roomates fish! so i am happy...

Brandi - 2005-10-09
I have only had my Bubble eye for a few weeks, but he is so cute. I have him in my dorm romm in college, and I fell in love with him the first time I saw him. He keeps me company. I talk and sing to him, and he likes it. His name is Simon.

Mary - 2005-09-30
I adore Bubbleyes, but they are so vulnerable. The first thing you must always do is protect them from getting sucked up to the filter with their bubble sacs. I have found the best thing for that is to cover the filter tube with a piece of panty hose secured with a rubberband. I had it happen one time and luckily caught it in time, detached the bottom of the tube, brought it to the surface and put my finger inside the tube and slowly and gently pushed the sac back thru. That will never happen again!

annonomus - 2005-09-25
I have only had my bubble fish for a while and she is doing well. she is very social. she has easily and quickly adapted to her new environment. She is hardy and is a good pet to keep me company. I highly recommend this fish!

Ann - 2005-09-23
I love my bubble-eye POPZ. he's my best friend!

Ian Zapczynski - 2005-09-06
My favorite type of goldfish. Our current bubble-eye, "Bubbles", has been with us for about a year and a half now, but he hasn't grown past about 2 inches. These fish may be difficult as beginner fish, but as long as you make sure to have an appropriately sized filter and avoid any decorations with even remotely sharp edges, you should be able to keep their eyes safe from harm as we have.

Karen - 2005-09-01
Our bubble eye named Bubbles got sucked into the gravel cleaner and his bubble deflated and his eye looked like a black eye. It took awhile but the bubble grew back and is now the same as the other eye again. I can't even tell which eye was damaged, but he doesn't swim so close to my gravel washer anymore. These fish don't do well with other types of fish as they cannot compete for food, since they can't see or swim very well. Also I have had other fish that seemed to pick on him alot so he's got his own tank now.

Lauren - 2005-08-15
I love my bubble-eyes so much. they're so funny looking that you just have to love them. they're names are Cheeks and Seymour. they swim really neat because they cant see straight so they almost swim upside down. i was going to get guppys, but i saw the bubble-eyed fish and i fell in love!

Tom Butcher-Smith - 2005-07-29
My bubble eye gold fish really seems to get along with the other fish.