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The Black Moor Goldfish is basically a black version of the Telescope Goldfish, though the eyes usually don't protrude as far as they do on the Telescope!
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cake - 2011-09-05
I love the pretty black moors. They are nice..easy going well with other nice fish..Black moors.always happy-not picky. Best fish to have. Please feed sinking foods or soak the floating foods so the black moors don't bloat from too much gulp of air. They be healther and live well too.

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    Hamad - 2011-08-04
    Hello ,,

    I just got 2 black moor in aquarium , what is the good type of goldfish that can live with black moor?

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    • Charlie Roche - 2011-08-04
      The telescope goldfish is an ofshoot of the Black Moor so they should get along really good. I would think almost all off the goldfish would do fine as long as you have a large enough tank. Think a 10 gallon tank for 2 black moor so a larger tank would be needed f you add additional fish. Just look for the fish to be about the same size and to grow into the same size as adults.

    • Hamad - 2011-08-04
      Thank for your quick advice ,,

      I am planning to add common goldfish as size as my black moor. mM aquirum is large to contains some good collection of fishes.
    • Lily Mae Flynn - 2011-08-12
      A comet or common goldfish is a good companion.
    • samiran roy,india - 2011-08-26
      comets and common goldfish would nip the fins and out compete the black moors for food.good tank mates for the black moor are the fantails,bubble-eyes,ryukins,ranchus,orandas,lionheads,etc.
    Brett Mason - 2011-07-08
    Will it harm my moor if I put him in a heated tank 24 deg? And will comets,tetra or guppies hurt my mate?

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    • Charlie Roche - 2011-07-09
      24 C.degrees for your moor is fine as recommended temperature is between 22 and 24 C. degrees. Your moor is your mate? My bird is mine. The Mor should be fine with the other fish as he is going to be the biggest guy in the tank. When you put him the new tank do it when you are home and you can watch for any agression - on any of their parts. OK? Got to be careful.
    • Jenny Rybacki - 2011-07-31
      I would be concerned about your other fish nipping the moor's fins. If anything, it might cause him unneeded stress.
    • Jessica - 2011-08-24
      you CANNOT put a gold fish in a heated tank!! it's a gold fish it needs to be in a cooler tank or the fish will DIE
    • Jessica - 2011-08-24
      Plus gold fish do not get along with those other fishes..I work at the pet department and we keep them in separate tanks because goldfish don't get along with those. Plus tetras and goldfish have separate temperatures for tanks. Tetras are suppose to be heated and Goldfish are suppose to be in a cooler tank
    • samiran roy,india - 2011-08-26
      as the black moors are not a wild type,they swim slowly. the comet goldfish is closely related to the wild type goldfish so they are fast swimmers and have a bad reputation of being fin nippers and will out compete the black moor for food. as for guppies,they are also fin nippers. tetras can be readily kept. and the temp is OK.
    sarasmith - 2011-08-24
    I walked in to my grocery store here that happens to also sell fish looking to get some and I got 2 moors and about 2 other fish. They lasted just past the 30 day guarantee then all but the 2 moors died so I went back to the store while I was looking through the tanks I noticed A LOT of dead fish like more than I've ever seen in a collection of about 13-15 tanks and when I looked closer I noticed that the ones that were still alive had what looked like injury's they were mostly white but with red irritated openings in the skin/scales (?) and around the white whatever it was there was a puss like goo coming from the fishes. My moors are doing great but I can't help but to feel bad for the fishes in the tank they only swam up a little and then let themselves fall back to the bottom of the tank. What I want to know is there anything that can be done about something like this? I know fish don't have much for animal rights but it's sad and I'm sure some people find it pretty gross. I tried to talk to a store clerk but they didn't really seem to care....

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    • Charlie Roche - 2011-08-25
      It is hard when you see this and it is a very definite good reason to buy only from reputable established fish stores -
    Leslie - 2011-07-31
    I have a black moor fish that I got 7 months ago and since then has been by its self. I would like to get it a friend. Would that be a good idea or do they do better by them self , since its been by its self for 7 months? I am scared to risk it! I had it for the longest time and I come to adore it. Thanks!!

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    • Charlie Roche - 2011-08-01
      Many like having different kinds of fish in the same tank and I have to admit it does look gorgeous - especially with some of the more colorful and larger fish. You have the black moor and they are attractive - you should be able to add another black moor without any probelms at all. Then yours has someone to nag out with when your not there and you have double the enjoyment. You need at least a 10 gallong for two moors. OK?
    Nicole - 2011-06-30
    PLEASE HELP! My black moor goldfish got trapped behind the filter. I'm not sure for how long but I got him out and he seems fine except that his right eye is now swollen. Is there anything I can do for him to make it better or to help the swelling go down?

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    • Jenny Rybacki - 2011-07-31
      Water quality is key to a healthy fish, so test it regularly and do partial water changes as needed. Be sure your fish is eating for nutrition.
    Misty - 2011-07-19
    PLEASE HELP! :(( I have a black moor fish that I have had for about 6 months-year and yesterday I noticed his gills were swollen on both sides. I have searched and searched but can't find any information on swollen gills or what could be the problem. He looks normal otherwise but has been acting very strange. He will sit at the top of the water level with his face in the corner, won't eat until the food sinks to the bottom. It seems to have a hard time breathing and sometimes swimming. I want to help him and get him well before its too late and I hope I caught it soon enough. :(( Please if anyone has any information or has gone through this before, any information helps! I don't want to treat him or do anything that could cause him to die or get sicker until I am sure what his illness is.

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    • Charlie Roche - 2011-07-19
      Usually behavior problems (acting strange)is a result of the tank conditions. Behavior like sitting in the corner, not eating, gasping at surface etc. Check out all your tank conditions - temperature water etc.
      Next attached is article on Fish Diseases and Treatments - scroll down to you come to symptoms. I was looking at dropsy but another symptoms might be closer. You can see your little fella and I can't. Look at symptoms and determine what is condition and corresponding treatment is recommended.
    • Jenny Rybacki - 2011-07-31
      Ick can cause swollen looking gills. I treated with Coppersafe when our tank became infected once and sadly only one out of 4 goldfish survived. We had a black moor, 2 fancy, and 1 calico. The survivor was one of the red fancy. We have since replaced her tank mates with a single black moor and are debating on whether to add another friend in the near future. They are both thriving now. I waited a month after treating to purchase the new fish and look over the fish at the pet store every couple weeks to see how well they are taken care of and keep a rapport with the fish guy there.
    jessica - 2011-06-23
    I love moor goldfish..I'm sad..I want to know why my black moor died..I didn't feed him for like a week because I went out of town and forgot. So when I came back he was still alive but had to go buy food so I bought him at walgreens store. It's called "GOLDFISH flake food" the brand is "wardley". So the next day after feeding him he was dead and is turned orange and floating. Why did he die? Is it because the food I gave him was not for him or he died of hunger?

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    • Charlie Roche - 2011-06-23
      I am sorry your little guy died but it doesn't make any difference as to why or how. There was probably food in the tank when you left and maybe he ate too much when you got home. Doubt it is the brand but who knows. Maybe he just got sick. Maybe there was a really cold or hot spell. Some things we just can't know but I am sorry.
    • Jodie - 2011-07-21
      Fish can live for 2 weeks without food so it wasnt that you weren't feeding him that he died or the brand. You said that he was turned orange, black moors turn orange in warm water so I think that the water was to warm for him or went up to quickly which is the cause of death. Sorry for your loss :(
    mark dunn - 2010-11-18
    Hi my black moor has like a blister looking thing on its eye, what is it?

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    • jaylen - 2011-07-04
      Well my black moor eyes are cut up and are about to fall out.:(
    • Charlie Roche - 2011-07-05
      There are several things it could be. I have cut/paste the eye problems from the Animal World Article on Fish Diseases and Symptoms. This might help but also read the article for further description as to what your little guy might have. The recommended treatment is also there.

      Eye Problems
      Symptoms: Cloudy cornea, opaque lens, pop eye, swelling, blindness.

      Cloudy cornea can result from a bacterial invasion. Antibiotics may help.
      Opaqueness can result from poor nutrition or a metacercaria invasion (grubs). Try foods with added vitamins and changing the diet to include variety.
      Pop eye (exophtalmia) can result from rough handling, gas embolism, tumors, bacterial infection, or vitamin A deficiency. Gas bubble or bacterial infection can be treated successfully with penicillin or amoxicillin.
      Blindness can be caused by poor nutrition or excessive light. Lowering the light level and a change of diet to include lots of variety may help prevent it.

    sue - 2009-07-17
    Help please, I own a black moor and love him dearly but he is sitting at the bottom of the tank all the time and only comes up for food. His eyes look frosty and he looks totally blind. What can I do as he is getting sores on him. We bought another gold fan tail but that one is too sitting on the floor and getting sore, please help

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    • john roscoe - 2010-07-01
      We have had 2 black moors for years now, we introduced 4 new fish into our tank and they have gone downhill ever since. All they do is sit on the tank floor floor and hardly move. We are at a loss what to do, we know everything regarding the water is ok, all we can put it down to is stress. We removed the 4 new fish and nothing has changed.
    • Maddy Morris - 2010-12-09
      Help my black moore fish has white stuff all over it's body and it keeps growing! Please help.
    • mands - 2011-06-28
      It sounds like your fish has a fungus. Check the PH levels of the tank. If the PH levels are too high (from ammonia (fish waste), they become stressed and develop a fungus called ick. It can be treated if you catch it early enough. Fungus can be fatal as it gets into their gills if left untreated. When they have this (from being stressed) they also tend to have fin rot with it (looks like tattered and shredded fins).