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The Black Moor Goldfish is basically a black version of the Telescope Goldfish, though the eyes usually don't protrude as far as they do on the Telescope!
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Mary D. - 2004-01-03
I have a new black moor. I didnt name him quite yet since I got him yesterday. He shares the tank with a gold and white fantail gooldfish and a regular calico goldfish. They always hang out in trios. My fantail nips and pushes at the side of my black moor trying to get him to go to the other side of the tank. The calico goes to the other side of the tank to try to show him its ok to go up there! It is VERY funny to watch! I only have one problem with my black moor. When ever i feed them, the fantail and calico eat but not my black moor. I think that he is just a "scaredy fish" because he wont even go into the neon rock i bought! They are ALL just funny to watch together!

Paula - 2004-01-03
I have 2 Black Moor fish called Salt and Pepper who live with 2 fantail goldfish called Scampi and Chips!! They get on very well and I have found this site helpful - thanks!!

Weston - 2003-12-21
I just bought a Black Moor. They look very cool. His name is Marbles.
He lives with a common gold fish, two Sarasa Comet gold fish and a
gold fantail gold fish. They all get along GREAT!!!!!!!!!!

Matt Yates - 2003-12-18
I have two Black Moors - Barry and Dave.

I keep them in a round bowl filled with luminous pink stones, an luminous pink castle and some of my own luminous pink bangles. Due to this they have become very colour conscious and only respond to me when I am wearing luminous pink which is nearly every day so I am ok.

cindy holliday - 2003-12-18
I love my Black Moor. His name is Bubble, and he likes to keep my marbles at the bottom spick and span.

Stewart - 2003-12-14
I also have 2 Black Moors and they get along just fine. They are really active and fun

Lucy - 2003-11-23
i have two black moor fish and they get on very well with each other but they sometimes have their differences and stay at different ends of the tank. I have one male and one female but no babies have been born, YET !!

michelle - 2003-10-30
Black Moors are fun fish to look at I have 2 and they are truely entertaining