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The Black Moor Goldfish is basically a black version of the Telescope Goldfish, though the eyes usually don't protrude as far as they do on the Telescope!
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Natasha Corbit - 2004-03-18
I love my Black Moor! But he poops a lot. He has a big cataract so I can tell him from other fish. I only have one Black Moor, but soon I will get a Black Molly so they mate! He is fat because we just got a new fish tank so he is able to eat more. He is the best fish in the world. I love fish!!!!!!

Andrew Crabtree - 2004-02-24
this fish is very entertaining and is very easy to handle and i recomend it it 2 anyone. i have just got my tank and this fish was easy to handle.

Julie - 2004-02-15
I Love my Black Moor, Shinola, but he poops alot...hence the name.

dom - 2004-02-14
Cool site...

There fish really live up to 26 years! wow..did not know that...


Felix - 2004-01-28
I purchased my black moor in 1988, and they are still alive in my 10 GAL aquarium. My moor lives with a calico fantail, and they are a pair of old goldfish (theres a difference between a week in a bowl or 16 years in a fish tank). They are supposed to be very long-lived, and should live another 20 years or so. They are very easy to keep, (unless you keep them in a bowl in which they wont survive long), and be careful when handling them, because of their delicate eyes, and dont overdose when treating ich.

Angela - 2004-01-28
I was amazed to find a site like this. Too Cool. I have one wonderful Black Moor, named Hercamer. He is a fish with personality, I am so attached to it, that it got me to thinking of what the lifespan of these fish are?? I have had mine for a couple of years. Does anyone know the lifespan of these fish??? Any info. would be super.......

Happy Fishes...

Blanton Chapman - 2004-01-18
This is the exact site I was searching for! My first try searching for information about Black Moors-and I got it! I have two Black Moors and I really love them. They are very friendly fish. Every night before I got to sleep I lay on one side and observe them for about 5 minutes and then I go to sleep. Thanks again for creating this site.

Mary D. - 2004-01-03
I have a new black moor. I didnt name him quite yet since I got him yesterday. He shares the tank with a gold and white fantail gooldfish and a regular calico goldfish. They always hang out in trios. My fantail nips and pushes at the side of my black moor trying to get him to go to the other side of the tank. The calico goes to the other side of the tank to try to show him its ok to go up there! It is VERY funny to watch! I only have one problem with my black moor. When ever i feed them, the fantail and calico eat but not my black moor. I think that he is just a "scaredy fish" because he wont even go into the neon rock i bought! They are ALL just funny to watch together!

Paula - 2004-01-03
I have 2 Black Moor fish called Salt and Pepper who live with 2 fantail goldfish called Scampi and Chips!! They get on very well and I have found this site helpful - thanks!!

Weston - 2003-12-21
I just bought a Black Moor. They look very cool. His name is Marbles.
He lives with a common gold fish, two Sarasa Comet gold fish and a
gold fantail gold fish. They all get along GREAT!!!!!!!!!!