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The Black Moor Goldfish is basically a black version of the Telescope Goldfish, though the eyes usually don't protrude as far as they do on the Telescope!
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kelsey - 2004-04-10
I have two black moor fish. the fish keep me occupied because they are so active i can sit and watch them swim around in the tank for hours at a time!! the fish get along really good (i have a girl and a boy). i just hope they dont have babies because i wont know wat to do with all of them. anyway i am going to ckeck up on them....

Corinne - 2004-03-30
My fish is really cute. He is a slow swimmer, he likes to swim forward and then backwords. But he is really cute so it makes up for his lack of swimming ability.

anthony - 2004-03-24
I hve a black moor i got for 1.88 cents. i am 12 yrs old. it is a easy fish to take care of

Natasha Corbit - 2004-03-18
I love my Black Moor! But he poops a lot. He has a big cataract so I can tell him from other fish. I only have one Black Moor, but soon I will get a Black Molly so they mate! He is fat because we just got a new fish tank so he is able to eat more. He is the best fish in the world. I love fish!!!!!!

Andrew Crabtree - 2004-02-24
this fish is very entertaining and is very easy to handle and i recomend it it 2 anyone. i have just got my tank and this fish was easy to handle.

Julie - 2004-02-15
I Love my Black Moor, Shinola, but he poops alot...hence the name.

dom - 2004-02-14
Cool site...

There fish really live up to 26 years! wow..did not know that...


Felix - 2004-01-28
I purchased my black moor in 1988, and they are still alive in my 10 GAL aquarium. My moor lives with a calico fantail, and they are a pair of old goldfish (theres a difference between a week in a bowl or 16 years in a fish tank). They are supposed to be very long-lived, and should live another 20 years or so. They are very easy to keep, (unless you keep them in a bowl in which they wont survive long), and be careful when handling them, because of their delicate eyes, and dont overdose when treating ich.

Angela - 2004-01-28
I was amazed to find a site like this. Too Cool. I have one wonderful Black Moor, named Hercamer. He is a fish with personality, I am so attached to it, that it got me to thinking of what the lifespan of these fish are?? I have had mine for a couple of years. Does anyone know the lifespan of these fish??? Any info. would be super.......

Happy Fishes...

Blanton Chapman - 2004-01-18
This is the exact site I was searching for! My first try searching for information about Black Moors-and I got it! I have two Black Moors and I really love them. They are very friendly fish. Every night before I got to sleep I lay on one side and observe them for about 5 minutes and then I go to sleep. Thanks again for creating this site.