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The Black Moor Goldfish is basically a black version of the Telescope Goldfish, though the eyes usually don't protrude as far as they do on the Telescope!
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Kim Cartwright - 2004-07-21
We have two black moors, Miriam and Keef. They live with a goldfish named Daisy. We just love our black moors, they hang in the tank floating around. They use their little fins to walk along the bottom of the tank and with the sun on them they are the prettiest little things. So placid and happy, we just love them. We called one Miriam cause we were not sure if it is a girl or a boy and Keef cause our favourite saying is "My names Keef" We just love them to bits....

Kimberly - 2004-06-17
My Black Moors name is Schwartzie and he shares a tank with a calico fantail named Gefilte. He has a really unusual behaviour. He will lay at the bottom of the tank for minutes at a time just staring at the world through some glass rocks. I guess he likes the way it distorts the images or maybe its like glasses for him. I read that moors have pretty poor eyesight... Who knows? After he watches the world go by for a few minutes, he takes a few laps around the tank and then finds another rock to stare through. Very funny to watch!

Kris - 2004-06-14
Hi Everyone, I just got on June 8th a Black Moor named HERMIE and a orange and white Fantail named Elliott. (hope they are boys). I named them after 2 NASCAR racers. I have them in a 30 gal tank and it must be like a ocean to them since they are so small. I hope they like their new home. I have a Lion Head named PITSTOP that I got 7/1996 and I may add him to the tank. Thanks for a great site.
>)))))@ Kristin from Massachusetts

Candy - 2004-05-30
My black moor, Misha, is a constant source of pleasure for me. I came on the site to see how to best take care of her. Thanks for everything!

Sheila - 2004-05-22
I got my black moor today, I just got him settled into his new little tank, I named him Crush. Hes so fat and cute. I hope he lives for a long time but I also hope he does not grow to big for his little tank. Sheila

Irene - 2004-05-10
I recently purchased a black moor from a local petstore, for a science project. It is a sort of thing where you bring it to school and you have to make it survive for ten days! My black moor (Dudley) is very cooperative and lively, unlike the betta which my friend purchased.I love Dudley, he is adorable and he is always swimming around happily! I enjoy keeping him and plan to buy a few more in the near future!

Jamie - 2004-05-03
I got my black moor fish, seymore. Sadly he only lived 12 days since I bought him.I loved him.

Gwang - 2004-04-20
I had my black moor (Bento) for 10 days now. I brought her some new friends three days ago. A calico rykin (Taro)and a pure white ranchu (Ten Ten). They are very tame now especially Bento & Taro. They come and eat the food out of my hand!!! I never knew a fish could be tame so easily.

Gwang - 2004-04-12
Hi I am from Thailand and I just got my blackmoor yesterday.Her name is Bento. She is very cute and always hungry. I try not to overfeed her. Next week I am going to by a runchu to be her friend.

emma - 2004-04-12
I find that this breed of fish is very easy and i recommend that if anyone is thinking of buying gold fish they should consider buying a black moor as they are different than most gold fish types.