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The Black Moor Goldfish is basically a black version of the Telescope Goldfish, though the eyes usually don't protrude as far as they do on the Telescope!
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kristen - 2004-11-10
I have 2 black moors and a goldfish in a tank together. I have had them for about a year now. The weirdest thing happened though. I had the two black moors first. Then I added a goldfish about the same size as them to the tank a few months later. Ever since then the black moors scales started changing colors and now one is completely gold, with only black around his eyes.(kinda looks like he has eyeliner on) Any way, they are great pets, they swim around a lot and are easy to care for.

Jaramia - 2004-10-24
I just bought a Black moor with a little 2 gal tank and tomorrow im going to buy a 10 gallon tank with about 5 more of them , the one i have now is named ninja :) they are awesome pets!!!!

Elizabeth - 2004-10-16
My black moor is very interesting. He OR she scavenges around for food all the time and eats a lot. Montley cracks me up! We have an angelfish, 2 plicos, an upside down catfish, a glass catfish, another goldfish, and 2 algae eaters. They all do fine together. They have NEVER fought and the tank stays pretty clean since there are 2 golfish eating debris and 2 algae eaters! He is easy to take care of, so I recommend getting a black moor if you want a pretty fish that is easy to take care of.

Rusty Breland - 2004-10-12
I bought my Black Moor about six months ago. His name is Burt and truly is an amazing creature. Sometimes he will swim against the current from the filter. I think he wishes that he was a salmon. He is King of the Mountain in the tank. Everyone should have at least one.

Tara Hickok - 2004-10-06
I love my BlackMoor. I named him sir poop-alot,cause all he does is eat and poop ALOT!!!

Madbaz - 2004-10-02
My Daughter was given a Black Moor for her birthday 18 months ago but it out grew the 2 gal hexafun tank, He/She now lives happily in my 120gal tropical tank but has the occasional argument with the plec.

Andrew - 2004-09-24
My black moor Shadow is sooo cute, he swims up and down in his tank all day and all night, it is like he does not rest. Thanks for all your help in taking care of him.

Elizabeth - 2004-09-22
I dubbed my fish Milton because his big eyes look like big nerdy glasses on. He (i like to believe he is actually a "he" because a girl named Milton would be tacky!) lives in a happy environment filled with colorful rocks, a flower, and a lily pad. He eats like a pig and has a very weird habit. He swims to the very top of his water and gurgles the water. Yeah i know...that sounds really weird! He makes noise splashing water around then he swims underwater and blows bubbles with the air he sucked up. I could sit and watch him all day.
I love my Black Moor!

Jane Kathy - 2004-09-15
i have a teliscope fish and his name is petey. he is great

Matt and Sandra - 2004-09-13
Sam, I also purchased mine at Wal-Mart. I honestly think an animal rights agency should check them out. There were about ten dead fish in his tank alone, and he was the only one out of about ... say 30 fish that seemed like he still had fight left in him. You could literally take your eyes off of him, go shop around, come back and immediately recognize him. That is how pathetic looking the other fish were. It was almost as if he were frantically swimming around trying to free him(her?)self from the death trap fish tank.

Anyway, we named him "Tire" and put in a keychain that read "Population: Tire". He is still as lively as he was when we bought him and seems genuinely grateful for his newfound "freedom".