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The Black Moor Goldfish is basically a black version of the Telescope Goldfish, though the eyes usually don't protrude as far as they do on the Telescope!
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Anne Fuller - 2005-05-12
I got a black moor and a Speckled moor on May 7th. I love them both! They're hilarious! the black ones name is bubba. He swims around and sticks his lips out of the water it's so funny! The other one's name is shannon. She's more mellow. The other day she would lay on the gravel for 5 min and then swim to the other side and lay there for 5 min. she did that for like 45 min then she swam aroud some more. their great fun and easy to take care of!

asp - 2005-05-09
i bought my blk moor last week. i put him with my betta. i named him arthur. he is very busy swimming and stealing food from my betta. he's really cute. i watch him swim all over to the top looking for food like crazy. i feed him twice a day. i think he must be italian lol. i hope he lives for along time!!!

Tracy - 2005-05-04
Our black moors name is Stubs and he is the newest member of our 55 gallon goldfish tank. He is smaller than the other fish but he seems to be fitting in rather nicely. Stubs is the star of the tank. He may be small but he is fiesty and friendly. He does not take any guff from the other fish and he is always swimming with one of the others. He seems to be very social and learns quickly. We got a feeding ring to control their food a bit better and he figured it out before any of the others. Now he is taking food right from my fingers. He is not scared of me at all. He is by far the most entertaining fish I have ever had and I have had many fish.

Liam Wilson - 2005-05-02
I got two Black Moors yesterday. I think the dark ones a boy and the silverish ones girl. Anyway their names are Ying and Yang. Yang is very protective over Ying. Yang often will sit on the bubbles from my pump, slowly float to the top of the tank and sink again.

Sent by: Liam Wilson

chris - 2005-04-24
yay!! i just got two black moors. they are so cool! their names are bubbles and baloo. thanks for the advice, especially the breeding;)!

Jody - 2005-04-18
I recently bought a black moor and i named him "seamor" my friend baught a calico fantail "gilbert grape" but he died a day later. seamor is still kickin and he loves to flutter around his tank then burst into high speed for short distance. i love him and i hope he doesnt end up like gilbert!

christina - 2005-04-17
I had black moor fish years ago. I had about four of them in the same tank with other goldfish they get along really well with other fish. I loved them very much. I named one of them pepsi and the fish used to go by the filter and do fan dances lol and they would come up to the side of the tank if you tapped on the glass. I have a cat now so she would probably go after them if I got any more.

Anonymous - 2005-03-31
I bought my Black Moor, named Piglet, a month ago because I instantly fell in love with their cuteness. My Black Moor is very active and friendly, trailing behind my female fish wherever she swims in the tank. When I first brought him home, he ate a full algae tablet in less than 20 minutes once he found it. He chews his flake food, spits it out, and then eats it.

Cameron Oliva - 2005-03-30
I have a blackmoor called squirt with 2 comets. they get along with each other and like to hide in the trees and decorations. Most of the time squirt swims near the top with his little tail waving around. the 2 comets swim down at the bottom, but sometimes squirt comes and joins in. They like to chase each other around the tank. Squirt is a beautiful fish and likes to follow my finger when i put it against the tank.

Lisa - 2005-03-29
I recently bought three Black Moor - Google (one very protuding eye), Monkeyfish (coz he is cheeky) and Bob (who I have now renamed Pyscho Bob due to the incessant chasing of the other two fish). I am completely mesmerized by them, the television doesnt get a look in anymore!!