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The Black Moor Goldfish is basically a black version of the Telescope Goldfish, though the eyes usually don't protrude as far as they do on the Telescope!
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carmen - 2005-06-11
My mom purchased a Black Moor and it likes to follow the other goldfish around the tank. The Black Moor, along with the other fish has chosen the bottom left side of the tank as their hang out spot.

Zac - 2005-06-10
2 days ago I got a Black Moor goldfish and my brother Malcolm got a Fantail. These are the first fish we have had and they seem to be getting on with each other. My fishes name is Shark Bait and my bro called his Gumpa. Today I thought he was blind or something because he wouldn't eat his food, except I did some research about the fish and found out that it usually waits at the bottom for the food to drop down. Now I am happy and oh yeah my brothers fish, Gumpa, is really small and cute. not saying mine isn't ok, they are both really cool. C'yall.

Ryan - 2005-06-04
I've been the owner of a Black Moor Goldfish for awhile now. They certainly are a beautiful fish, and when they swim it's like black velvet thru water. We call our fish "The Darkness", cause he's got an almost perfect coat of black.

Russell - 2005-06-02
I bought a Black Moor recently, later adding 3 zebra danios, 3 long fin white cloud mountain minnows and a gold weather loach. There's no doubt which is my favourite! When I was naming him, i thought, well he's black, so i decided on Sam, after Samuel L Jackson who is my favourite actor. He's such a lively fish, never still, always scavenging around for food on the bottom or hoping for a few scraps at the surface hehe. He gets on really well with all the other fish, although he does sometimes mistake the loach for food because its usually lying dead still on the bottom! typical loach!

Shelley - 2005-05-30
I purchased a Black Moore about 4 months ago and I couldnt love a fish anymore then I love her. Her name is Eowyn' Yuna. My tank is built around her and everything she likes. She loves alot of attention. When she comes to the front of the tank she is always looking for love. She gives me a kiss through the glass every morning and night. You can say for the first 2 weeks I slept by the tank just to make sure she was ok. She is in a tank with a Pleco and live plants. Ooo I almost forgot a Mixed molly to. I recommend a moore to anyone that loves a show of the fins and color. Remember they give lots of love too.

Kirstenmarie Hagerman - 2005-05-27
Well, I am hoping to purchase some Black Moors soon as I understand they are very easy keepers and would look good also with the two Calico Fantails. Just a quick thought though.....I am a knowledgeable Betta Splendens breeder and one should NEVER, EVER keep Bettas and Goldfish together. For one, a Betta is a tropical and Goldfish a coldwater. The second thing is that Goldfish are much to aggressive to be housed with Bettas simply because Goldfish are pigs and eat everything in sight and as a result, are bullies, esp. towards smaller fish, also if your'e able to keep them together, it means you tank arrangements are MUCH TOO cold for Bettas....Bettas are actually quite unhappy if kept under 70 degrees F.
Kris (In Anchorage, AK)"Aurora Betta Stables"

Catie - 2005-05-15
I just got two Moors today. I named the one "Fools Gold" because he has a scar on his side and you can see a gold color underneath. The second I named "Road Rage" because he goes crazy around the tank and reminds me of my husband when hes driving. They are in a tank with an upside down catfish named "Dude". They are really quite neat!!

Anne Fuller - 2005-05-12
I got a black moor and a Speckled moor on May 7th. I love them both! They're hilarious! the black ones name is bubba. He swims around and sticks his lips out of the water it's so funny! The other one's name is shannon. She's more mellow. The other day she would lay on the gravel for 5 min and then swim to the other side and lay there for 5 min. she did that for like 45 min then she swam aroud some more. their great fun and easy to take care of!

asp - 2005-05-09
i bought my blk moor last week. i put him with my betta. i named him arthur. he is very busy swimming and stealing food from my betta. he's really cute. i watch him swim all over to the top looking for food like crazy. i feed him twice a day. i think he must be italian lol. i hope he lives for along time!!!

Tracy - 2005-05-04
Our black moors name is Stubs and he is the newest member of our 55 gallon goldfish tank. He is smaller than the other fish but he seems to be fitting in rather nicely. Stubs is the star of the tank. He may be small but he is fiesty and friendly. He does not take any guff from the other fish and he is always swimming with one of the others. He seems to be very social and learns quickly. We got a feeding ring to control their food a bit better and he figured it out before any of the others. Now he is taking food right from my fingers. He is not scared of me at all. He is by far the most entertaining fish I have ever had and I have had many fish.