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The Black Moor Goldfish is basically a black version of the Telescope Goldfish, though the eyes usually don't protrude as far as they do on the Telescope!
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kitty - 2005-08-17
We got our 2 black moor fish in March. They don't have real names. We just call them the fishes that make wishes. (I think they are wishing for names). One of the moor likes to sit at the bottom of the tank for 5 minutes at a time. It looks like he is sleeping but I don't know. I really like them and the other two regular style good fish we have. We feed all of our funny fishes regular flakes and sometimes pellets. One of our gold fish swam upsidedown once because the flakes made his air bladder funny. Anyway I really like those fishes of ours and they are not gross because of their eyes!

Abbee - 2005-08-14
my new fish bartholemu barnicle is awesome! HES SO CUTE and he loves his new tank. i'm thinking about getting 2 more fish for him to chill with <3Abbee

fishyfriend - 2005-08-12
One of my three black moors is named Lord Vader. He is bent on world domination.

hollie - 2005-07-27
I have just purchased a tiny black moor, he is gorgeous! I really like him, i have noticed he has now found his own little spot in the tank where he likes to scavange and "play"! Its near the bottom of the filter, moving all the stones around for lost food! His companions are a goldfish & a fantail. The faintail is smaller than my black moor, yet the goldfish is bigger than both of them. The goldfish loves to go up to the filter and be blown away...or so it seems?! I must say, i've only had him an hour and he is already bringing entertainment in to my dull office!

Shakeel - 2005-07-27
i have 3 black moors in my 3 ft tank, with my other 8 fishes, the smallest one always swimming around and following the other fishes while the mid sized and large one are always scavanging for food. They are such nice fish, their scales are black and look like velvet, and they sure do eat a lot! i would recommend them to any one wanting to start a tank because they are so easy to take care of and go well with other fishes except small ones. All you have to do is feed them once a day...and have good amount of filteration and oxygen.[WARNING!!!These fish will fight back and kill if needed, i've seen it!]

Lay - 2005-07-26
I have an extra large black Moor named Ali. He has one huge eye and one even larger one. He recently lived up to his name after a tragic accident that caused my fish tank to break. He suffered a few cuts and bruises, but Ali is a true fighter. He's with the store owner being treated as I get my new tank together.

I am going to add another Moor and name him Frazier! It may just be a Thriller in Manilla, who knows....

chris - 2005-07-24
i just got my black moor gold fish and he is perfect. his name is pop-eye because of his eyes. he is very lively and gets along well with my black ghost knife fish. i have a clear glass cup set sidways in my tank and he loves it. he is always swimming in it and it is were he sleeps. i have just started collecting freshwater fish, but surely he will be the funnest in the bunch.

Linda - 2005-07-24
My Boyfriend bought me a Black Moor for my 52 birthday today!
He or She is so cute what a nice gift. Thank you Mike.

scirracco - 2005-07-03
my fishes name is nightmare. it is the best fish ive ever had. it is so lively. it keeps me company. it cheers me up and does a good job at it!

Anonymous - 2005-06-27
I have two goldfish. Pinchy is the lionhead and Fat Tony is the black moor. These are my first fish and they are such easy pets to look after and very entertaining to watch. I got them both about 5 months ago. Fat Tony did a Nemo the first day I got them and got stuck in the filter - I pulled him out and he lived! He's eye is a little more outwards than usual though! Since I got them they are feeding out of my hand and let me pat them and pick them up. Both breeds are absolutely gorgeous, would recommend to anyone.