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The Black Moor Goldfish is basically a black version of the Telescope Goldfish, though the eyes usually don't protrude as far as they do on the Telescope!
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Katie - 2005-10-08
Our aquarium is my husband's hobby, not mine, but I always stop by the fish tanks at the store - just to look. When I spotted the black moor, I put my face near the tank to get a better look and I swear, that fish interacted with me! He oggled me, acted all cute, and said "take me home"... so I did. Since my husband's Oscar died, our Calico Fantail was all alone and "Moory" immediately became best friends it. Now that I have a fish of my own, I decided to do some sprucing up in the tank and whenever I put my hand in there to move something around, Moory swims right up to me and nibbles my fingers. He allows me to touch him. The 3rd day, he was taking food from my fingers. We just love him!

I laughed at Laurens comment here, our moors doesn't see the food at the top either! The fantail is eating away and Moory knows there's food but he can't figure out where it is. He gets all excited like "where'd mine? where's mine?" I didn't know they had poor eyesight.

Now I'm looking for more peaceful, friendly fish. I think I have just found a new hobby. :)

drew - 2005-10-02
i got a black moor fish with no eyes! i thought that it just had like flat eyes instead of bulgy ones but it has no eyes i was so sad.!

jerry denman - 2005-09-24
its a very friendly fish and looks cool

Alex bailey - 2005-09-16
Got Milo last wednesday, tried him in a goldfish pond but he didnt seem to fit in and wasn't active so i moved him into a goldfish pond (4 - 5 litres). Soon as i didnt this he was a happy little guy swiming around and blubing as they do, the castle i got him hes loving and the plants work well so all should be good. I was wondering are they really outdoor fish? he didnt seem to be well or it mayb have just been the other fish didnt like his big eyes. haha

>>)))))@ A. - 2005-09-14
I just received a new Moor from some friends and he is the most active fish I have ever seen. I decided to do some research on Powderpuff, (that's its name), and I think I am going to buy more so that Powderpuff can have some friends. He does all the usual stuff like swimming to the top of his bowl and sucking in air. But, what's intersting, Powderpuff likes music..when I have my music on, he has extra energy..he just doesn't stop moving 'till I turn off the music! So cute and thanks for all the advice!

madpea - 2005-09-07
i also have a black moor and a calico fantail, Blackie and Goldie. they must be about 3 months old now. Goldie is such a bully, whilst Blackie is so laid back, and lets Goldie chase his (her?) tail about, after a long chase, they both swim side by side. Its so nice to see how their relationship is growing, they're such a cute couple. :)

jessica - 2005-09-06
Hey. Me and my best friend Elyse got a black moor fish about a month ago. She has been living well. We also just found out she was pregnant. My friend Elyse thought these fish didn't lay eggs. But i thought they did. And so i looked it up here and found out they did lay eggs. Oh and by the way our fish's name is Pimp. Now that we found out its a girl we should call her Pimpette. but i like pimp. Well, thanks for the information!

From Jessica.

emma - 2005-08-30
I have had my Black Moor for some time now, and he has three very funny habits. first is he swims up to the filter, opens his mouth and gets pushed away...he does this for ages, second is he likes to feed swimming upside down and backwards along the bottom, and last but not least I have a bubble curtain and he swims into the curtain, fills his mouth with bubbles then swims away and blows bubbles. he is by far the most comical fish I have ever owned and I love him!

pat - 2005-08-29
I've got a black moor named popeye. i got him about six weeks ago. his favorite food is sinking mini sticks. he's kind of shy and small,(that's why he hides in his castle a lot).

Tania - 2005-08-20
I have a black moor approprIately named 'google' :). I have had him for 4 years now, and he was only 1 inch when I brought him home to meet the family. Its great seeing him grow so huge - he is now 12 cm long and very chubby! LOL. He has out grown two previous tanks and because I love him so much I have upgraded my tank everytime so I dont have to sell him. I love black moors and they are so sociable beautiful looking fish, very theraputic to watch :)