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The Black Moor Goldfish is basically a black version of the Telescope Goldfish, though the eyes usually don't protrude as far as they do on the Telescope!
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Anonymous - 2005-11-24
I have loved blackmoors ever since i saw them many years ago. I have had my current one for over a year and have named him Finlay the second, as i have had one called finlay before. He is very entertaining and i keep him with loads of guppies (most are young from my female guppies0, 2 neon tetras, two white cloud minnows, and a sarasa comet whom he usually swims besides and the two chase each other playfully.

Glynis - 2005-11-20
I have two bettas, one common goldfish, and a black moor. there names are Jim(betta), Dave(betta), Anna(common goldfish), and Amanda(black moor). Amanda's so cute. When you sneak up on her and she does not notice, you will see her playing with Anna and Dave(her roomies)

lids - 2005-11-19
i bought two black moors the other night. they have an interesting habit, they swim near the bottom and they eat aqarium rock and when they get it in their mouths they spit it like a sunflower shell. very entertaining...

james owen - 2005-11-19
i have two black moors, admiral accbar the 2nd and plough. they are both 3yrs old and are about, from mouth to end of tail, 16 cm long. they are very fat too. they share a tank with 2 goldfish who i bought the same day. these goldfish are slightly larger. i will have to to buy a larger tank soon. they keep spawning but the eggs dont hatch. i love moors and have about 9 in total but these are my biggest. they love tetra japan gold fish food.

Rick - 2005-11-17
I recently purchased a Black Moor, already have 4 common goldfish and one Red Lion Head ("Fat Head"). I love "Moor Money." He's super sweet and he knows how to get my attention. The corner of his tank faces my desk, so, when hungry or wanting attention, he wiggles his massive eyes in the corner up and down until I feed him.

Debra - 2005-11-16
I just purchased a Black Moor a couple of days ago. He thinks he is a SALMON!!!! He keeps swimming against the current of the water bubbles from the filter. Its like a game he is playing. He has actually managed to make it to the top of the water and pop his head out, then relaxes and floats back down to the bottom, only to do it all over again. I bought him and a gold fantail at the same time. When he is not pretending to be a salmon, he is swimming alongside his new friend.

martin - 2005-11-07
I got a Black Moor a few days ago. I named him Kai because he is cool! I know a kinda cool thing to do with your Black Moor. You can put a small bit of flake food on your pointer finger and let the black moor see it first and then you put it near the Black Moor's mouth, it will eat the food from your finger. if your fish has a GIGANTIC mouth don't do it!

Sonja - 2005-11-06
Just today I went out and got a Moor! I named him Xanthan (or Xan, and he's got this really nice little gold-ish tint to his black scales. At the present we're keeping him in a small bowl until we move; then we'll get a nice hexagonal bowl with a plate or under gravel feeder. I think he's the greatest!

We have bettas, but they're often too proud to be your friends. I plan on teaching him to eat from my fingers-I love my Xan!

Amanda - 2005-10-20
I just received a black moor goldfish for a birthday present and it is ridiculously adorable. My fish's name is Cherica and has a weird habit of putting it's lips to the top of the fish bowl and making smacking noises, it's really cute!

Ruth - 2005-10-15
I have a black moor named yang, and she's awesome! Unfortunatley, my roommates turtle attacked her...she seems to be ok...but has very little tail left, and her top fin is split. she's a real trooper, though, and now (a few hrs. later) she's swimming and eating (and pooping)! Black moore's are the greatest!