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The Black Moor Goldfish is basically a black version of the Telescope Goldfish, though the eyes usually don't protrude as far as they do on the Telescope!
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Mike - 2006-03-26
i just got one, named damien. he is an excellent pet and seems awful friendly, although the pleco i keep to the tank clean loves to latch onto him.

Lona - 2006-03-06
I just got my black moor today. He is the neatest thing I have ever seen. I only have one in a five gallon tank. He is so active. I have a filter in it and he will go to where the water comes back in the tank, wiggle and then jumps out of the water!!!! I was worried about this and took his water level down. I named him Harvey. I do hope he is a he. lol Thank you

mBoy d2 - 2006-03-04
its the best fish ive ever had. because there always active

Amber - 2006-03-04
Black moors are by far my favorite type of pet fish. They are beautiful to watch and have a lot of personality. I've had many over the years, and they've all lived quite a long time. They get along great with calico orandas! They love burrowing in the stones at the bottom of the tank, even if they're not looking for food. They're not really skittish (like some fish) and are pretty calm. I always complain to the staff when I visit Walmart and see Black Moors inside a tank with aggressive tail-nippers! The little girls I baby-sit call them "Black Mambos!" I would recommend Black Moors to anyone who is considering purchasing one!

kooly - 2006-02-26
i just bought 2 black moors and they are so kool! i love them. they're going along with my other gold fish!

Lizzi - 2006-02-19
I got my black moor 3 days ago as a valentines present- the best present EVER. I have called him Milhouse, he is very small and cute but i am a bit worried about him because he seems to love swimming at the top of the tank. I have never had a fish before so this may be normal but one thing's for sure he is SOOO KOOOL. i love Milhouse!

nick - 2006-02-10
I am Nick I am four years old.I got a new moor goldfish that I named Spacey!. He lives in a tank that has a filter, and it is orange, with a little decoration of a funny shark. It says NO FISHING ALLOWED!>

written by Nicholas

J. James - 2006-02-06
I bought 2 Black Moores and added them to my tank. Within minutes the other goldfish and parrots started picking at them. We were worried but we left them alone. In the morning we found only two white still breathing torsos. Their fins and scales were completely gone!! IT WAS HORRIFIC!! We havent bought them since then.

Laura - 2006-02-04
hi, i have just bought a black moor. i havent named it yet. i just wanted to thank you because your site has been alot of help. thanx.

Kim - 2006-01-29
Well my black moor Fred died tonight. He had been sitting in the bottom of the aquarium for a few days and tonight he floated to the top and over on its side. I don't know what happened to him. I think maybe one of the other fishes in the tank might have been picking on him. He had one of his front fins missing and he was no longer velvety looking but gold in many spots. I loved my Fred , he was the most entertaining one to watch in the tank.