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The Black Moor Goldfish is basically a black version of the Telescope Goldfish, though the eyes usually don't protrude as far as they do on the Telescope!
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J. James - 2006-02-06
I bought 2 Black Moores and added them to my tank. Within minutes the other goldfish and parrots started picking at them. We were worried but we left them alone. In the morning we found only two white still breathing torsos. Their fins and scales were completely gone!! IT WAS HORRIFIC!! We havent bought them since then.

Laura - 2006-02-04
hi, i have just bought a black moor. i havent named it yet. i just wanted to thank you because your site has been alot of help. thanx.

Kim - 2006-01-29
Well my black moor Fred died tonight. He had been sitting in the bottom of the aquarium for a few days and tonight he floated to the top and over on its side. I don't know what happened to him. I think maybe one of the other fishes in the tank might have been picking on him. He had one of his front fins missing and he was no longer velvety looking but gold in many spots. I loved my Fred , he was the most entertaining one to watch in the tank.

Katie - 2006-01-28
I've had my black moor for two years..his name is i recently bought a new black moor for him to be friends's so cute watching them together..i called the new one Junior..he follows Onyx all around the tank.. monkey see, monkey do!! so adorable!

Joe beane - 2006-01-27
today i just bought my first fish a black moor and a calico fantail. i named my moor Steve and i named my calico Bruce. steve i think is smarter because when i put the food in bruce caught on that there was food some 30 min after steve.

Anonymous - 2006-01-22
my black moors name is clayburn. I call him clay for short. Every morning I put my finger in the top of the fish tank and clayburn comes and suckles my finger. as of late, he has only been dwelling in between two rocks and his skin is starting to become gold, not all black.

Shaun - 2006-01-21
I have a black moor called Jet, and he has the breeding tubercles on his gills and on his front fins. He is in a tank with three goldfish, a chocolate fantail and a comet. I can't help but feel sorry for him!He might breed with my fantail but I doubt it!

skye - 2006-01-19
I love my black moore I named him EYEPOPER

Chickenneck - 2006-01-18
I love blackmoors. I think they are the best kind of goldfish species there are! I just got mine a a couple of days ago. His name is Blackbear. He is just a little one. Well i hope hes a boy at least. Hes a little pig. He eats a fish flake whole! He is so cool.. I am a Blackmoor fan for life!

Anonymous - 2006-01-17
I think that the Blackmoor goldfish is the best kind of goldfish I have ever had. Thay are really cool. My Blackmoors name is Blackbear. I just got him/her last weekend. I hope its a boy!!!!!