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The Black Moor Goldfish is basically a black version of the Telescope Goldfish, though the eyes usually don't protrude as far as they do on the Telescope!
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Lauren - 2006-06-20
Black Moors, like most other fancy varieties of goldfish, will grow larger than 4 inches. If genetics and care are right, they can grow to be 10" or more. If a full grown goldfish is only 4", it is stunted.

Harrison Fleming - 2006-06-09
2 weeks ago, I bought a black moors goldfish. Called him Shadow. Last night, he was dead, and I only had him for 2 weeks! :'(

RIP Shadow

BeB - 2006-06-08
I have purchased a black about 3 inches long. I was hoping it would grow to maybe 6 or 8 inches, but I guess they just don't do that. Baby is in an 1800 gal outside pond and seems to be doing well. I have 20 or so larger goldfish, but Baby seems to be holding his own.
Hope it continues. Beb

jessica - 2006-06-02

Tiffany - 2006-05-27
I just purchased a Black Moor today, and have named him/her Shadow. This is my first experience caring for fish, and I'm like an excited new mommy. I think the Black Moors are just so stinkin' cute, and this fish seems to be really cool, not afraid of anything. I'm beginning to wonder though if I should have named him Hoover, for his vacuum-like qualities. I also purchased a companion goldfish (species unknown) for Shadow, and named it Saint. It's white with red on top of his head and dorsal fin. Saint is a little skittish, but I'm sure he'll warm up to me once he figures out that I feed him! I've had them about 3 hours, and find myself hypnotically watching them. I'm sure I'll find myself wondering how I could have missed out on this for so long!

Wellsy - 2006-05-25
I have had a Black Moor for 8 months, called 'Suzy'. She was tiny when I purchased her and is now nearly 4 inches in length and well fat! I have just purchsed another one this weekend, whom we have named 'Sonny'. He is a little toddler but such a quick learner as he already knows when it is feeding time. I would recommend to anyone to get a Black Moor as Suzy has so far lived through several bouts of Cotton Wool fungus and now looks amazing!

Anonymous - 2006-05-14
i have a black moor his name is bubbles. i had a him for 3 yrs and hes 4 1/2 in and when i bought him he was black but now he is completely orange.

Barbara - 2006-04-25
I bought a black moor this weekend. when I came home I noticed that he's got only one eye! although he looks pretty strange he acts like a normal fish. The problem is that his only eye is a bit blurry. I heard that their eyes can pop... I hope that's just a joke 'cause Captain one-eye can't miss another one!

Anonymous - 2006-04-20
I have a black moor fishy called pepper. hes in a samllish tank whith snow (a white goldfish) and carrot (an orange goldfish). but since my comet died (angel) he has been a bit sad because he used to protect angel. she was the smallest and the other two were mean :( now pepper is sick because his poor big eyes i think have been popped. im trying to figure out whats wrong but i will cure him! he's my favourite fish and if he goes then i'll get another black moor. when i get a BIG tank like my dad promised i'll get like 5 black moors hehe!

Mike the Munkey - 2006-04-17
We have a big black moor in our aquarium, named E.T., measuring about 5 inches from tail to nose. I know this site says that they only grow to 4 inches, but the lady at the petstore said that E.T. might double in size if he keeps on living. He got really really sick and his scales fell off and he turned all white and red, but he managed to stay alive. Be careful! Ours ate one of our neon tetras! Just one big gulp was all it took.