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The Black Moor Goldfish is basically a black version of the Telescope Goldfish, though the eyes usually don't protrude as far as they do on the Telescope!
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joe - 2009-04-10
Never, never ever! handle a brand new goldfish with a fish net unless it likes and is used to it's environment. This could result in stress and fish could also get a rare disease. Take good care of your goldfish! and take my advice. I got over excited and wanted to look at it, so I grabbed it with my net and the next day my favorite fish was in the fish bowl in the sky.

Andrew - 2009-04-08
Hi, I had a black moor then it's eyes got really big, then they fell out and he died.

greg - 2009-04-07
I recently purchased a small Black Moor at the local Wal-Mart. My daughter quickly named him Marley after watching the dog movie only tens of times. Anyway, we took Marley out of the bowl to clean it and he got hung in the net. After gently removing him and completing the cleaning, he is only hanging around the top and swims only limited amounts. Be careful, their pointed fins get caught easily in netting.


Dougie - 2009-03-28
I can appreciate this as I had 2 black moors too. One was bigger than the other. The smaller one died soon after the bigger one was chasing it round the tank. The one that is left is growing bigger and is developing grey scales and a gold stomach. Don't know what is going on!

Jillian - 2009-03-28
I have had my black moor now for almost a year. His name is Vader and he has almost tripled in size since I bought him. He is so big now he's starting to bully my other fish. I am not sure what to do because he's one of my favorites. He eats everything and before I read up on them, I would have never known they had troubles seeing cause he chases the same fish all day long!

Hector Lo - 2009-03-22
The day I wrote this is on 22-3-2009, Its the Big Day and the sad Day.... Adwerd and Iricse are 1 months old, with Fintail and 2 Ryukins, Une and Lordy. But, recently Adwerd and Lordy are sick, fighting maybe! Poor fish! Adwerd died on its Full Moon Party and I buried her near the flowerbed. Lordy is having problems, its not long for it to live. Pls pray that it will be alright!

Dj Javi - 2009-03-17
I was given a Black moor for my birthday yesterday. I named him BJ as he was given to me at the BJ's Brewery restaurant for my birthday. I put BJ with my other fish and the other fish beat him up horribly. I believe he may be blind in one eye! His eye looks popped and his top fin is shredded and has a silvery looking gash on his side. Poor guy! He didn't even last an hour in there! I had to pull him out of the tank and get a separate little tank to put in my office. So far he looks happy. Let's all hope BJ hangs in there!

Hector Lo - 2009-03-17
I'm back again! My 2 black moors, Adwerd and Iricse, are almost 1 month old in my tank. Almost 2 weeks ago, I bought another Black Moor. I named it Fintail, although its not a fintail goldfish. I am sure this was female, because its vent is convex and rounder, and bigger than the others, 3.5 inches I think. As I put it in the tank, Iricse keeps chasing her around the tank. It is a mistake, Iricse is too young! But some sites said if you put a female into a group of fish, the male will chase it and the females will show no interest. So I think that Fintail and Adwerd are females, and Iricse is male! I have to switch their names around, but NOT! LOL! They're very happy and energetic!

Anonymous - 2009-03-15
Hi, I just bought a black moor and I'm trying to figure out whether they are bottom-feeders. I don't know whether it is male or female, so I named it tumor.

Joy - 2009-03-15
A few months ago I bought a black moor which I have since dubbed "Shogun" So far he has learned quickly from my comet goldfish "Cosmo" to come up and eat the food from my fingers. Just a few days ago I bought a new buddy for them, who is a orange and black fantail who in body shape looks similar to my black moor I rightfully named him "Geronimo" because he has a black streak going up the center of his head and three black spots on his right side. I love my gold fish and have kept them since I was about sixteen they are indeed fun to watch and have personalites all their own.