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The Black Moor Goldfish is basically a black version of the Telescope Goldfish, though the eyes usually don't protrude as far as they do on the Telescope!
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ROSIE - 2009-08-27
Hey, I have read all this information and have just gotten two new black moors called coco and louis. I absolutely love them but am worried that the tank is too small. It is about 12 inches in diameter.

chris - 2009-08-22
I have a Black Moor and a Fantail Goldfish in a 12 gallon eclipse tank. I had lots of problems with the tap water I used. Even with chemicals I got red algae, but the fish still thrived, very hearty. I started using the filtered water from the fridge and still adding chemicals, and the results are fantastic, didn't know my tap water was so bad. So if you are having problems in your tank and chemicals are not working try filtered water. Both fish get along great, I really love to see them sleeping in the back corner of the tank side by side. They get all excited when ever we come over to the tank. Can't say enough good things about the Black Moor.

bob - 2009-07-16
The rule of thumb is i inch goldfish for each gallon

kitty Noirot - 2009-05-13
My Black Moor is 1 1/2 years and is a big fat piggy! He lives in a 20 gal. tank with a Ryukin. Recently he was transported to the pet store. I was having trouble keeping the tank clean so instead of buying bigger the pet store said that I would have to donate them for pond people. I stood there with the two in a big bucket and announced that I didn't like that idea. "What will they do with them come winter", I had asked them. They responded with, well, goldfish are normally just pond fish. Then the gal lifted the blanket off the bucket and said, "These are beautiful. We will make sure that you have credit for these two. I told them an interesting story of how we came to get the goldfish. They took pictures of them. I went back every day for about 5 days. They told me they would be giving me $30-40 for each fish. I missed them but thought that I would start over with babies. I was told that they have gone to shows all over the nation and no one can get the black moor belly so huge and round, very difficult she said. She promised to sell them together and tell the story about them to the new owners. They were also impressed about the size of the ryukin. Then, an appraiser from the store suddenly said that the team cannot try to sell them together and that the most they can give me is $10. So I took them home. Trouble is that the black moor had one foggy eye, which has since cleared up. the other eye looks rusty. I have been trying to read as much as possible. As far as I could tell he wasn't bumped when I brought him home. It has been a week now. He and his buddy are eating and seem happy. I am getting rid of sharks in a 40 gallon aquarium so they will have a bigger playing field. Any suggestions for the eye problem are greatly appreciated. Poor piggy, I send him away and them upon his return there is something bothering his eye. Is there a more velvet net that should be used when moving this type of fish? Please send any comments. Thank you in advance.

Trevor - 2009-04-27
My Black Moors are 10 years old! I know they won't live forever and I'll be sad when they pass on.
One of them has odd patches of Orange on him now, his black coat slowly disappearing.
Someone told me he's the male of the bunch.
They're all very entertaining and guests love to look at them.

HECTOR - 2009-04-19
Finally, after all of fish floating on the tank, the tank was habitated peacefully by 2 Black Moors and 2 Ryukins. at 3 inch, 4 inch, 3.5 inch and 5 inch respectively. The black moors once got white spots, which I thought were bubbles at first, but when I held them out in the net, the spots are still there. I follow this site advises and they are now healthy again! Thanks ! One ryukin, bought on 18/3/2009, is shy at first, not really hanging out and always hiding from me! But now it always comes out to look at me, although I still can't touch it. Honestly, the small black moor is the sweetest and the cutiest in my tank. I tried an experiment before, I look at it from far and it swam in the middle of the tank, I go near it and look from above. As soon he sees me he swims up the tank searching for food. My big black moor is blind, I think. Poor thing! The only problem now is the BIGG RYUKIN! It is getting very FAT and keeps swimming sideways (siwm bladder problems) I know this will happen as she eats almost all the other fish food in a few seconds. How can I stop it from eating much? Why do my plants in the tank keeps dying? Now my tank is empty but the surface is full of plants not dead yet! They keep coming off from the pots. What to do...

Anonymous - 2009-04-18
Goldfish need 10 gallons per fish, and the common and comets need 20 per fish. If your fish is on its back it most probably has swim bladder problems, which is very common in rounder goldfishes. Plz put goldfish with goldfish only.

for more help contact me on

i will be more than happy to help you

Giovanni - 2009-04-14
My black moor Tonks had eggs with out a male. Sadly the eggs died. If your Black Moor lays eggs add a Moor from the pet shop with white bumps on his head and put him at the surface and gently squeeze his stomach so a liquid comes out. Visa versa if you have a male and eggs will come out of the female when you gently squeeze her. Then keep the eggs in the tank at a temp. of 18-20 C (64-68F). The eggs will hatch if you don't move the tank at all in 4-5 days.

Elizabeth - 2009-04-13
I have had my Black Morr, Macbeth, for a few months and everything was going great. He originally had a tank mate, a spotted calico, but she died and he was doing fine by himself. Then one of his eyes started to cone out and get cloudy, he stopped eating. Now his other eye has started the same thing and they both look like they might explode. He has stopped swimming actively like he used to and floats in one spot. I am pretty sure he is blind, though I don't know what happened. The lady at the pet store said it sounded like a fungal infection and gave me medicine to administer once a day. It doesn't same to be working! Is he blind? Can somebody help me? What do I do with a blind fish? I was planing on getting him a friend, but not if it will worsen his condition.... PLease Help!!!

joe - 2009-04-10
Listen, many of your goldfish are mating. If a male pushes a female into a plant, it means they are mostlikely to have eggs. They only do this when they are about 4in. long. If they are being injured it means they are not compatible, with the fish killing it. HOPE THIS HELPS!