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The Black Moor Goldfish is basically a black version of the Telescope Goldfish, though the eyes usually don't protrude as far as they do on the Telescope!
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tina - 2010-03-02
I find that moor goldfish are pretty nasty... I have a bunch of fish and the tank gets extremely dirty very fast. So I put him with my bad betta, that probly killed about 10 fish so far.

Bethany - 2010-02-16
Have you tried Ich medicine? A few of our freshwater fish died from it (although ours was manifested in white spots) before we figured it out. You have to buy some medicine for your tank to get rid of it. Do it fast, because the Ich is actually a parasite that kills the fish, so that may be why your smaller fish died first.

rebecca richardson - 2010-02-14
Hi, I am new to keeping fish and I've found this website very helpful in answering a few niggley questions I've had by reading your info and from peoples questions that have been answered. Great website, keep it up, Bec.

J. - 2010-02-01
Laylovv,.. they need water changes too! I have mine in a nice tank with a heater and a filter for him and he is doing great!

Also, I have my black moors (2) in with a Gourami, Fantail goldfish and a regular goldfish. Just because they have bad eye sight doesn't mean you have to have them just with black moors or just alone. All fish are different and don't always hold true to the "standards" just like dogs. My black moors are doing great, they chase the others around, dart in between all the decorations and plants. They like to sit back and watch the others pick up the rocks and spit them back out. I love this site...!

rose - 2010-01-25
HI, I just recently got a moor but how big will it get, I don't really have a big tank. My friends say they double their size in a month!

Holly - 2010-01-16
My black and gold moors were all black with little bits of gold on them but over the months the have now gone all gold and no black left. Is this normal?

Jeni H. - 2010-01-11
I have a 4 year old Black Moor Goldfish and in the past 3 months, he has started sinking to the bottom belly up. He has a good appetite, what could be the problem with him?

Carly - 2010-01-10
"If you are too busy to change 20% of the water each week then get a betta"

I resent that. I have a betta and you have to completely change their water every week. Please don't post something if you are ignorant. You can still make your point without posting incorrect information.

jesss - 2009-12-23
How can i help my goldfish, it has a shredded tail and is swimmin on its side at the top close to the corners? i took the fish that shredded its tail out but left my 2 new goldfish in is that ok. one of my new fish is the black moor, do you think it will suggest my injured one is to weak & hurt it more?

Editors note: First of course, you should remove the fish that is getting beat up. If he is bleeding, then some antibiotic treatment in a hospital tank would help. Something for fin rot as well as a stress releiver like Stress Coat couldn't hurt. Usually fish are aggressive because they are territorial, not because the other fish are injured. Sharks are an exception of course because they see the other fish as food and an injured or sick fish is easy prey.

sam - 2009-12-18
Hi,its sam. i havr a black moor goldfish which is bout 2months old and i am worried because he doesnt eat his food properly.could you suggest some ways to make him eat his food.