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The Black Moor Goldfish is basically a black version of the Telescope Goldfish, though the eyes usually don't protrude as far as they do on the Telescope!
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shimon shtrenhell - 2010-08-18
I got a black moor, comet goldfish, and 3 common goldfish. My problem is that in feeding time, the big common is hurting the black moor. The black moor also got a shrink-ish eye. Theres some ways to cure the eye and stop the big common?

betty - 2010-02-22
What do black moore eggs look like?

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  • courtney - 2010-08-05
    Hey they are white and small almost see through. You will have literally hundreds of them.
Jenn - 2010-07-16
I have a question. :O
Both of my Moors have been
swimming on top of the tank and
stick out there mouth they close it and open it
I thought they where hungry so I fed the flakes.
And they still kept doing that. Is that normal?
Help D":

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  • Robyn - 2010-07-19
    It's how they breathe; Don't worry!
  • Jackie - 2010-07-21
    How high is the water in your tank because that means that they don't have enough oxygen. You need to have the water half way or else your fish will die from lack of oxygen or something. It happened to me also and my sister was worried that I didn't clean the tank properly or something so we decided to look up why my Moors have been doing that and it said that the water level needs to be halfway from the bottom to the top.
  • Jeff C - 2010-08-01
    Goldfish can breathe this way. However, if your tank is not established, the fish may be at the top because of high ammonia levels. If this is the cause, then they will stop when your tank's biological filtration gets going and ammonia comes down.
Bailey Jo Jarrett - 2009-12-29
Hi, i have recently (last week) purchased 2 Black Moors, the pet store guy who helped me was kind of clueless and i had a few things i wanted to ask. The guy told me they could go with regular goldfish, the $0.25 goldfish but when i put a goldfish in there with my Moor's, it started eating them! I had no clue what to do so i stuck it in the tank i had downstairs. Can i put goldfish with them because i don't want them to be eaten alive, PLEASE HELP!

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  • Justin - 2010-07-28
    The same thing happened to me, I had one Black moor and I bought a goldfish, the goldfish kept eating and nudging the moor, he eventually jumped out the tank, I was lucky enough to have found him while he was still alive but not moving, he seemed 90% fine back in the tank but by the next day he jumped again and died! The goldfish is evil but instead of getting rid of him I bought 2 more black moors, and the goldfish hasn't hassled them not once, he now gets along with the black moors.
sexy_rexie - 2010-06-23
My name is rex and I got my first fish yesterday at walmart. I bought 2 black moor fish and I named them twiddle'dee and twiddle'dumb ^_^ they are the most beautiful fish and are so friendly. When they see me coming up to the tank they approach me hehehe ^_^*

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  • Anonymous - 2010-07-15
    Hi my name is brandi.. I just bought 1 black moor fish from walmart and it died...I'm sad I bought it for my son. That is the 3rd fish that died from walmart...I don't get it.
Daniyelle - 2010-07-04
I absolutely love my black moor fish, Chet. He is so full of life and really makes me happy. I am moving him from a 1 gallon tank (with an air pump) to a 10 gallon tank. As we speak, I put gravel, a silk plant, a filtration system, and 1 tsp of Aqueon water conditioner in the tank. A few questions remain, however...

1. I've been feeding my fish Wardley Goldfish Flake Food. I heard that brine shrimp & blood works are excellent for my fish - what else is good for Chet? I want to know exact brands I should purchase...

2. The lady at the pet store said that since the goldfish produces a lot of waste a Pleco would be perfect to clean the gravel. I've been reading on forums that if the tank doesn't have enough algae, the pleco might go after my fish! It says on the comparison chart that goldfish & pleco can usually cohabitate. The worst thing would be for something to happen to Chet...

3. Chet is only about 2.5 inches (he was so small when I got him!) - and since I have a 10 gallon tank, should I give him a partner? Another black moor? One pleco? Any suggestions?

4. How long should I wait to move Chet from his home now to his new home? I ran the filter overnight and put the water conditioner in about an hour ago...

Thanks for all your help! I'm trying to do the best I can!

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  • Paul R. Pedigo - 2010-07-11
    NEVER put a pleco with goldfish. Plecos tend to eat the slime coat off the goldfish which might introduce a disease. A cory dora specifically the Sterbai Corydora would be a good option.
allison - 2010-06-29
Please help! My black moor fish blackie has been swimming at the top of the tank, acting as if he's not getting air. It seems he has some white coloration on him-not saltlike spots-more of a cottony white film so to speak. He lives with his friends tiger-a common goldfish and freckles a shubunkin goldfish. Those two are fine. Please help me fix blackie. He is eating fine, :(

Syd - 2010-06-21
Hi my black moor ( Story ) is a handful so we are considering an aquarium but I have no idea what fish to put with her. I don't want her to get eaten so which fish are the best with her?


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  • Noah - 2010-06-23
    The best tank-mates for your black moor would be other fancy goldfish and other cold-water fish that won't compete for food.
  • Anonymous - 2010-06-29
    I got a black moor the other day and I got her a comet gold fish friend to play with and they are great together.
kitty bell - 2010-06-12
Hi my name is kitty bell and I just got my new black moor fish they are still small but they are adorable! I wanted to start my very own club.

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  • rose - 2010-06-15
    Oh that sounds so fun I wish my friends liked fish I have one is name is bubbles and he has a girlfriend named sunshine they live in a happy purple tank from petsmart they are very active and every morning they are up at the top ready for some food they are so so so cute.
  • Junior Cummings - 2010-06-23
    Hi, when and where is the club, if you start one I would be interested as I love fish, especially the black moor and telescope goldfish. Thank you.
Debby - 2010-06-08
As my black moor has grown, it has remained black on the fins and back, but is increasingly orange on the belly. The notes I read indicated that a higher temperature can cause this and is it reversible if the temperature is lowered? How low? The 50-gallon tank has been kept at 74 degrees.

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  • Suki - 2010-06-18
    I recently bought a black Moor and within 2 months his body is turning copper, my temp. is 68-70. What's the deal? He's not very pretty orangey/copper. Is there a verity that is easier to keep that nice black color?
  • Noah - 2010-06-23
    The biggest factor in the color of a goldfish is its bloodline. There is a 100% chance that the black will go away if the bloodline was unstable to begin with.