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Josh Keaveney - 2012-04-21
I had several coments in a tank together... I got them all at the same time from a store for .13 each... every morning I wake up and theres at least 2-3 dead?? I have checked everything and its all in the perfect range... the temps perfect... they are showing no signs of stress... scales, tales, and eyes all look perfect... they are perfect looking fish??? I just dont know what to do?? I was wondering if they could have a disease from the pet store? I treated the tank with Tetracycline... and havent lost anymore since I have done this... Any ideas what could be wrong?? Thanks, Josh

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  • Jeremy Roche - 2012-04-21
    These comets normally come in horrible conditions and a lot of the time full of disease. They are mass shipper primarily for feeding other fish.
  • Jeremy Roche - 2012-08-25
    These fish are breed in mass quanities and a lot of the time in poor quality and used as feeders for larger fish.
  • Dan - 2012-08-24
    It could be that you added to many fish at once and therefore the ammonia levels shot through the roof. This may have caused your fish to die of ammonia poisoning.
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Li Na - 2012-08-24
I have 2 Redcap Orandas and the first 2 days I got them they were healthy but after a few more days they didn't eat their food. Someone told me it was probably because of the water, so I changed the water and added conditioner. But they still wouldn't eat their food(which is like tiny round brown stuff). They don't swim much, all they do is stay in one place.

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Alyssa - 2010-03-06
I have two bubble eyed goldfish, while one is an excellent swimmer the other always floats to the top. I think it may be because his bubbles are too big for his body, but I feel so bad for him. Sometimes he even gets flipped over onto his back. :( I don't know if there is anyway I can help my poor little fishy. Any suggestions?

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  • Kiley - 2010-03-08
    you say your bubble eyed gold fish is having some bad problems humm....
    I have a bubble eyed gold fish her name is bubble and she has perfect bubbles.My advice to you is you ither go to Big Al"s and get fish treatment aquarium water conditioner its for tap water and can also heel infectinons.We have 4 fish and put it in each tank.
    hope your little fishy gets better Kiley
  • Dakota - 2010-05-26
    If everything else fails....Gosh, I hate so much to say this but maybe you should try popping the bubbled so when they grow back they are smaller.....I really feel horrible for your fish and I don't like telling you to do that but if all else fails you have to try :(
  • Momoko - 2010-07-08
    Hello! I hope my reply isn't too late... but are you sure that it isn't a simple swim bladder disease? It causes flipping. It can be avoided by feeding your goldies one or two cooked green peas (without their skin). A day of fasting before feeding peas does help a lot too.
    And I wouldn't try to pop his bubbles on purpose, the risk of infection is too high IMHO.
  • Elise - 2010-12-23
    Like Kiley said you should ask a person cleaning the tanks at a store that sells fish if he can help you.
  • corli - 2010-12-30
    Hallo alyssa
    I have exactly the same problem. Did you get any information for the problem?
  • ososeksi - 2012-08-22
    your fish needs to fast...drop a few peas in the water...i put the fish net in the water with the peas and the fish to help from floating all over the place until he gets better.
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Mich - 2012-08-20
Guess wot! Carlo my dragon eye was missing today! wtf how does a fish go missing! Well it seems he jumped out and was hiding under the fishbowl leg for at LEAST 2 hours, he musta kamakazed. I was at work, lol I CANT BELIVE HE IS ALIVE. Michael did a bit of rescues, he wasn't breathing when he saw him in a pool of water so he prodded him and he jerked. Michael put him in the water and moved the water through his clever hubby saved him xoxoxxo AMAZING Carlos is even eating................I hope he survives!!!!!Michael took water out of the bowl so hes not tempted to do it again, he is a little quite down the bottom of the tank hmmm :(.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-08-20
    Amazing - takes a little creativity, smarts and some reaction and all things are possible.  Hope all is well.  Pat Michael on the back for me.
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arvin - 2012-08-12
Please help my fish's scales are falling of. What's that about, is it a disease or something?

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  • Jeremy Roche - 2012-08-13
    Check you ammonia levels.
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Patricia - 2012-08-10
I have a black moor gold fish that is just over 10inches long and still appears to be growing. About 1 year ago I bought him a new tank but width wise I dont think it is wide enough although he seems happy. The length of the tank is approx 3ft long,he does have a companion who swims by his side always.Both fish are happy Im just worried the black moors will get bigger than the tank and if this happens I will have to find him a new home,something I dont want to do. Is it possible he will grow longer? I have hours of fun and relaxation just sitting watching them along with my husky pup.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-08-10
    If a fish will fit in another fishes mouth - it will be considered food. 
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maria112 - 2012-08-04
I was cleaning out my fish tank then when it was time to put the fish back in I was trying to on the filter but it did not work so I put water in it but it still did not work.what should I do?

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    joydeep de dhara - 2012-04-10
    I am a breeder of gold fish,carp,angel etc.and also supplyer of this type of fish. If any body want to bulk purchase of this fish then contact with me.....

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    • Randall King - 2012-04-15
      I am interested in purchase of small bulk mix of orandas...
    • Marco Arida - 2012-06-01
      Would like your price on different fancy orandas
    • lakshman - 2012-07-06
      I am interested in breeding gold fishes. I am from india i have bred them but I would like to know the feed for them without giving them live food.  Any other dry food and how to make them look plumpy and grow fast.  Hope to get some help from you as a hobbyist
    • Randall - 2012-08-04
      If you are abreeder of orandas I would like to have a price list.
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    ann - 2012-07-30
    I have two fantails and both of them chase against each other along the tank cuddling against each other n going behind one other chasing along their tails,usualy the water of my tank turns milky white so i need to wash the tank mostly which i shectic. I dont get what to do...... usually I even see milky white round bubbles around the surface of tank too..... I think them to be eggs n stop cleansing..

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    sarah - 2012-07-29
    I just got a shubukin gold fish yesterday how could tell if its a male or a female?

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    • Charlie Roche - 2012-07-29
      You really can't tell the difference with great accuracy.  However, when they reach maturity the male looks thinner than the female.  During breeding time, the male will get white sorta (looks like salt) prickles on his head and gills.  If it lays eggs, it is a female.

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