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Fran Stoll - 2012-10-11
One of my Comets in my pond filled with eggs earlier n the Spring. She hasn't been able to expel them. Now she's so large she can't swim well, isn't eating, and stays on the bottom away from other fish (koi, other comets and a couple of shebunkins. What should I do?

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  • Clarice Brough - 2012-10-11

    Having a goldfish get egg bound is very uncommon, but it has been known to happen. Signs that the female is in trouble include being very swollen, having trouble swimming, no appetite, and spends most of its time on the bottom.

    There is one treatment that is said to sometimes help a fish to either expell or reabsorb the eggs. This is giving the fish a bath in water with Epsom salts. Goldfish keepers use 1 tablespoon of Epsom salts per gallon of water, and leave the fish in for 15 minutes once a day, and no more than that. Also consider keeping the fish in a hospital tank during this time and treat with Maracyn, as it helps prevent infection from any retained eggs.

  • Fran Stoll - 2012-10-15
    Thanks for your comments. My comet seemed somehow in more imminent danger of dying than trying the Epsom salts for a few days. Unfortunately I was right as she died yesterday evening. This is the 2nd sarrasas comet I've had to get egg bound and I lost them both. But now I know to do the Epsom salts bath at first notice of a problem.
  • Clarice Brough - 2012-10-15
    Sorry for your loss.
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adarsh - 2012-05-26
i have a oranda redcap, i think he is male, bcoz bigger hood,long and double telfin, but a problem his hood is bigger and covered both eye so he can't see anything plz suggest what can i do for his big hood. Plz send email on

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  • Valarie - 2012-10-20
    If your oranda's wen is still covering his eyes you need to trim it. There are several sites that demo how to do it. I trimmed my males wen in the summer and he is able to see and eat perfectly now. I used clove oil to sedate him-5-10 drops/ gallon of holding water tank with an bubble stone for 10 min. Then removed him to a wet soft towel and trimmed one side of his wen with sharp hair trimming scissors. The wen cuts easily but make sure you watch his eyes, so they are not injured while trimming his wen. I placed him back in the aerated water after a few min to reoxygenate him. After the trimming I held him in his tank until he woke up able 5 min making sure he was in breathing.
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George Bee - 2012-10-18
My red oranda is about 3 years old. It has developed a fleshy protrusion on its body near the base of the tail. It is flesh color about the size of a pecan nut. It has not had any effect on the orandas activity. Can anyone help me on what this is? Thanks

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  • Jeremy Roche - 2012-10-18
    It could be a variety of things.  More of a description would help.  Could be a water quality issue or maybe parasites?  Start with the simple thing first and test your water.
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Anonymous - 2012-10-14
I have an absolutely beautiful 5 year old Comet who shares a 30 gallon tank with one that is about 3. They are buddies. All of a sudden the 5 year old is looking very lethargic and laying on the bottom of the tank or going to the top and hanging lengthwise down while its mouth is on the surface. I've read about all the diseases and except for this terrible lethargy, I can't see anything wrong. The 3 year old keeps right near his buddy and tries to make his friend swim around. Sometimes he does, but then drops back into his listless behavior. Please can you give me some advice how to help him? It's breaking my heart to watch this and I don't want him to die. Thanks.

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  • Clarice Brough - 2012-10-15
    I'm sorry to hear about your comet. Water quality is very often the problem when a fish becomes lethargic. But other things can contribute like a changes in the temperature or a change in water flow (for example if you moved the filter to another area of the tank), possibly some type of bullying problem, or there could be a parasitic problem. You can't always see these nuisances, but you can see behavioral changes in the fish

    I'd do a significant water change to start, check the tank parameters, and keep an eye on the fish to see if you notice anything else. If there's no change, then I'd look at treating. A simple treatment is to add aquarium salt (or any non-iodized salt) to the water at a ratio of  1/2 teaspoon per gallon. Also, there's a product called Pimafix you can use in conjunction with the salt that helps alleviate some of the trauma effects for the fish. A medication can also be used, at the pet store try to find a product match for the symptoms your seeing. Good luck!
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Michele - 2012-10-08
Hello, I have a Black Moore that is the size of a cricket ball. He is gorgeous but I have noticed that he has a blood spot at the bottom of one of his eyes now, on the inside. Possibly an injury??....I dont know, and am worried. Can anyone give some idea of what to do....if anything ?? Thankyou, Michele

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  • Michele - 2012-10-09
    Hi, thanks for that, although I do a water change EVERY Monday and all tests are OK. Could you tell me how I medicate the tank for a goldfish? I also have Discus and have an idea how to medicate them.....same ????
  • Jeremy Roche - 2012-10-08
    Because of the Moors large extruding eyes they are very easily injuried.  Once injured this fish easily the can get bacterial infection in the injuried eye.  This can also be caused from poor water conditions after an injury.  Try a water change and maybe medicate the tank.
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Rene\' - 2012-09-28
My calico fantail developed a protozoan parasite problem which I have been treating with Quick Cure for almost a week now. It has been successful in ridding him of the 'gunk' on about a third of his body. Question: how long should I treat with this product and is it safe to try lightly rubbing with cotton tip to remove the gunk? I've been changing his treatment bowl...about a gallon...every night since it gets cloudy. Is this a good practice till he's well?

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  • Clarice Brough - 2012-09-28
    Most parasites have a life cycle, if you know what the parasite is, maybe you can find out what its cycle is. That would give you a good idea how long to treat. Also, maybe you can find out from the manufacturer suggestions for how long you can safely use their product.
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cooper - 2011-12-24
My bubble eyed gold fish(Bubbles) won't eat. I really need to know what the problem is. I took out one of my fake aquatic plants and he's starting to swm around and eat a little bit but I'm not sure and it scares me becues he might have a desease and he's in with my coy(golden). I just want some advice so i can do somthing to help bubbles

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-12-24
    I don't know there is anything wrong with your buble eye but they don't see well - which might be why you don't think he is going after the food. However, if he is not eating or behaving unusual in any way remove him from the other fish and put him in another tank ASAP. Then you can watch Bubbles and see his eating, pooping and swimming behaviors and make sure he is not ill. If he is ill you sure don't want it to spread.
  • Jeremy Roche - 2012-03-14
    These fish will usually pick at the food off the bottom as well. Doesn't sound like there is a problem. What is the tank temp?
  • AliceinWonderland - 2012-03-14
    Hi, bubby eyed goldfish can be difficult to feed because the bubbles block their peripheral side vision, and their eyes are often faced upwards, rather than on the side, like normal goldfish. Try dangling some blood worms from a tweezer in front of its mouth or some other food using a tweezers that would normally sink. They will eat the goldfish flake from the top of the water as that floats, but rarely food that sinks because they won't see it.
  • SHARON - 2012-09-15
    I have telescope fish, Black Moore, Celestial all with big eyes. My fish sometimes do not see the food. So I simply feed them from my finger. I have six in a 33 gallon long tank, 48' x 12.5 x 13.5 High with 2 filters a 30 and 15 plus to 2 air pump stones. My fish come right to me to eat off my fingers. This way I know they are fed. I keep my tank exceptionally clean of poop and amonnia with frequent water changes. This is so necessary with these fish to keep them from disease. I use the Master API liquid tester. These fish require a lot of observation daily to keep them healthy. I also I use spring bottled water with conditioner and stress zyme. So far I have not had any sick fish compared to friends that use tape water and change water only every two weeks. The most important thing with these fish is to keep a tank free of amonnia and poop, short tank to top for oxegen, and make sure the PH, Nitrite, nitrates etc. are all in the correct balance. These fish are very intollerable to water that I call not perfect for them. I love my big eyed fish and it is time consuming making sure they are healthy, but well worth it. I suggest two filtrations in a tank. If you have a 30 gallon, put a 30 at one end and a 15 at the other. If you have a 20 gallon, put a 20 and a 10. I use internal slim filters. Now using the New Internal Filter by Aqueon which is hard to find because it is new. I found it at Pet Smart and it works really great and very easy to use. Noting to put together. Sponge fliter is in cartage with carbon and pulls out easy to change. My tanks have never been brighter and clearer than they are now. Works for me so far.
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Bee - 2008-11-03
My (male) Ryukin is now a little over three years old and beautiful, but lonely :) I'd like to get him a tank mate but am hesitant to get another goldfish as I would like to get more tropical fish once this one "moves on" some day. So I have two questions: a) how old do Ryukins get? b) what type of other fish can co exist with a larger Ryukin. He's in a 30 gallon tank and happy, although eventually I want to upgrade to a 50 gallon tank. I am not a big enthusiast, just love the fish and it's the kitty tv in my house. Hours and hours of entertainment.
So, any suggestions? I've tried (2) platies before, and one of them (m)turned out to be very aggressive. Kept nibbling on my Ryukin's tail. Thankfully a friend "adopted" them from me. I would like to avoid any more trouble. So, Will I just have to bit the bullet and get another goldfish or are there any other freshwater or even tropicals that would do well.
Thanks in advance!

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  • Katie - 2010-03-04
    Unfortunately, even though your fish can tolerate warmer tropical temperatures and is unlikely to bother other fish, many fish will nip at his long fins. You might just have to "bite the bullet" as you said and get another goldfish. However, you will definitely have to upgrade to that 50 if you get two, because you'll need at least a 36 gallon for 2 full grown Ryukins.
  • Linda - 2010-11-01
    I have a beautiful veiltail ryukin who is at least 11 years old. I read varieties live up to 20 plus years. Mine is still going strong but has a cataract in one eye. As long as the 10 gal tank stays clean, she stays happy. I had her in with another standard goldfish once which she tolerated, but her friend died. She seems happier having the tank to herself.
  • Heath - 2011-09-19
    I have been checking around pet shops, talking with those who deal with these things all the time. As an owner of two very healthy and quiet large 2 yr old Ryukins I would also like to add a couple of tank mates but coming up with the same answer. Most other fish are just too teritorial to have a monster invading their space. Being very complacent to try even in a 120 gal. I am considering a couple of Gourami of the same sex to see if it is possible but it is an expensive experiment. I have read that some gold fish they live up to 25yrs in healthy conditions so all I can say unless you possibly enlarge the enviroment you're in the same boat as the rest of us and stuck for now. If I have any luck with the gourami I will post and detail the procedure
  • Chris - 2012-09-24
    Glow-Danios do well with goldfish. Also Neon Tetras and Guppies do well with goldfish also. If your Goldfish is over 5 inches long (from the mouth to his tail), make sure you buy the largest Danios, neon tetras and guppies you can (because a very large goldfish will accidentally eat tiny fish at night in the dark). If you get more than one Goldfish for a small tank, just get a good 'double power-filter' and do a 1/3 water change every other week. And change your Carbon Filters once a month. Don't get 'Bleeding Heart Barbs' as companions with goldfish. The 'Bleeding Heart Barbs' will bite at your goldfish's fins.
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sean - 2012-09-18
My shubunkin is fat. Is it fat because it is pregnant or just overfed.

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  • Jeremy Roche - 2012-09-19
    These fish tend to get over weight and will normally keep eating beyond what they need.  Small multiple feedings work best.  These fish will act like dogs and beg, not give in!
erik h - 2010-12-16
i know this is the comment area but i need some advice, i have a 20 gal tall tank, was given to me for free, and i currently have 4 small shubunkins in it. i noticed that they arent swimming that much and dont seem to respond to much when the food comes in. any ideas what this could be?

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  • Editor's Note - 2010-12-16
    Hi Erik, we also answer questions, its okay. Has the temperature dropped? Most fish are not as lively or hungry in the winter if the temp of the tank drops abit. Other things would be inadequate biological filtration resulting in ammonia or nitrite. If the aquarium is new (less than 6 weeks old) or has been thoroughly cleaned recently, you could check for ammonia with an inexpensive test kit from most any pet store. Hope this helps!
  • Kiah - 2012-09-18
    I finds it funny how people argue about what size tank you keep your fish in. I know this will probably bring some bad comments but I got two small fancy gold fish, three rosy barbs, three guppies and two bristlenosed cat fish in a 35 litre tank and they seem to be fine the gold fish and rosy barbs were originally in a 21litre tank but they still look small now in the 35 litre tank compared to the size of the tank and they haven't really grown a lot at all. The 35 litre is the only one I can fit at the moment and the only one I can have because I still live at home with parents but dad thinks its big enough for them and his been breeding fish for years. And freaky of it is so bad why isn't it illegal for pet shops overcrowding the tanks as they are suppose to set a example. I think if you want a fish you could try experiment keep the advice handy but isn't that how you get experience trail and error who knows the people my be wrong and you could surprise yourself. The same thing could be said about dogs trust me because I'm a dog groomer why get a long hair dog when your going to shave its hair off and people do it would be easier just to get a short haired dog or why move into a house that doesn't allow pets when you have one you wouldn't get rid of your kid if they were not allowed.

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