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Jason Harfenist - 2005-04-17
The Bubble-eye goldfishes are so cute to me!

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Fish Fanatuc - 2005-04-07
I am thinking of getting a Lionhead Goldfish, because they are totally cute!! And chubby man...who ate all the pies!

Mad Sad Bad Fish Owner - 2005-04-07
I already have loads of fish but the Lionhead beats them all!! I have 3 mini~sharks, two sting rays (believe it or not!) 5 piranas and 6 tropical warm~water fish but my collection is steadily growing! My house is becoming over~run with fish now!

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chris - 2005-04-05
I have a shubunkin who is a year and a half old, his name is Nemo (not very imaginative I know, but my friend named him).
He has so much personality and charm, and he is a very strong acrobatic swimmer. I am thinking of breeding him if I can find the right female!

joe - 2005-04-05
built a 9 x 4.5 x 2.5 pond last summer, bought 6 shubunkins, 5 survived, pulled or sunk the plants and put in a stock tank heater for winter (-20 f. usually coldest temp.) everybody is happy and hungry this spring. pond, fish and plants cost about the same as a tv, but much more enjoyable.

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Anonymous - 2005-03-31
I bought my Black Moor, named Piglet, a month ago because I instantly fell in love with their cuteness. My Black Moor is very active and friendly, trailing behind my female fish wherever she swims in the tank. When I first brought him home, he ate a full algae tablet in less than 20 minutes once he found it. He chews his flake food, spits it out, and then eats it.

Cameron Oliva - 2005-03-30
I have a blackmoor called squirt with 2 comets. they get along with each other and like to hide in the trees and decorations. Most of the time squirt swims near the top with his little tail waving around. the 2 comets swim down at the bottom, but sometimes squirt comes and joins in. They like to chase each other around the tank. Squirt is a beautiful fish and likes to follow my finger when i put it against the tank.

Lisa - 2005-03-29
I recently bought three Black Moor - Google (one very protuding eye), Monkeyfish (coz he is cheeky) and Bob (who I have now renamed Pyscho Bob due to the incessant chasing of the other two fish). I am completely mesmerized by them, the television doesnt get a look in anymore!!

Angela - 2005-03-27
today i got 2 Black Moor fish for an easter present. my friend Sierra got one and that is when i fell in love with them. i got a girl and a boy. the boy one is my brother`s, he named it Shark-bate. the girl is mine and i named her dory. I LOVE THEM, THEY ARE SO CUTE!

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DeBorah - 2005-03-27
We have just purchased two beautiful red cap oranda and named them Jensen and Jason. We are a little nervous about looking after them properly as we are newcomers to keeping fish. However we are keeping our fingers crossed that they survive and grow into strapping lads.

Deborah and Mark


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